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  1. I use two holders, both with two moonclips on them. One holder in front of the holster and one on the opposite side behind my hipbone. I use the top moonclip on the off side holder for the LAMR moonclip. Leaving 3 moons at the beep. I've shot many sanctioned matches including the S&W Indoor with this set up, no problem.
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen this? Not an end all, but interesting. http://www.victorygunblog.com/blog/barrelrace17
  3. Currently I have a 6 moa module in my C-more, but I'll probably try an 8 too.
  4. Contact Joe at MOJO http://www.mojocustomguns.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Mojo-Custom-Guns-499943136769886/ He has cut down and custom barrled revolvers for me and many of my friends!
  5. I use 160 grain Black Bullets International and Trailboss for my .38 loads in IDPA revovler and bug, plus ICORE classic. Love how clean it is. I've never dropped the power factor down that low, even at 120 pf in my K-frames it feels soft. Only issue is trailboss doesn't seem to meter that well!
  6. I think it's a good idea (though I do agree, we made it a long time with the current system)! When did shooting accurately become a bad thing??? I shoot USPSA, ICORE, IDPA and NSSF Rimfire, enjoy them all and shooting accurately is important in all of them. You say you'll have to slow down to shoot all "-0's" What about in Rimfire or Steel Challenge, there's no -1 or -3 to save you there? What about shooting minor in USPSA and shooting A's? Let's face it the people at the top are the ones that shoot accurately, fast! No matter what they wear! Sure at club matches or smaller sanctioned some shooters with mediocre skill can spray and pray their way to a classification win, but not a division win. Sooner or later they must shoot accurately!
  7. My BUG guns are a 3" K-Frame S&W and M&P Shield 9mm (without thumb safety) I also have a Colt Officers (3.5") 1911 .45 with some down loaded ammo it works great!
  8. Joe at www.thebrushcreekltd.com/ I've had action jobs done by some of the big names, but I'll tell you none are as nice as the job he did on my 627 a few months back! Since handling my 627, a few of my shooting buddies have sent their revolvers and have been just as happy! My 67 is there now!
  9. I use Wood Hogue Big Butt without finger grooves. They also make them in rubber. Bob at http://www.4wheelguns.com/NFrameGrips.htmlhas them in stock!
  10. Currently 78, blue skies and a light wind in Chico, CA (Northern California) Forecast for tomorrow's ICORE match in Richmond, CA 72 and sunny! Many things in California suck! The weather isn't one of them!
  11. North Mountain is the way to go! www.4wheelguns.com Bob is a great guy making a great product!
  12. +1 I wear the same Speedcross 3's both indoor and outdoor.
  13. Looks best crumpled on the floor next to the bed!
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