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Found 11 results

  1. Mark your Calendars! The 2017 Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge will be held 16-19 Nov 2017. This year we will guarantee that we will have at least 40 guns on the prize table! Registration and walk-thru will be on the 16th with at least 12 stages on the 17th- 19th. What stages will the United States Marksmanship Unit build next year?
  2. New to the forum, not new to shooting. Always looking for more places to shoot. That is when I make the time to hit a match. I've been mostly shooting USPSA, but have on the occasion shot some IDPA, and 3-Gun, and zombie shoots down in KY. For USPSA I typically run a Metro Arms MAC1911 classic .45 in L10, and a CZ scorpion in PCC. Any other shooting its mostly been a CZ P09, Bushmaster ACR, and a KSG.
  3. Will periodically post updates. This was posted to the facebook page last month. https://www.facebook.com/BenningMultiGun/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Update #1.pdf
  4. Welcome to the 2016 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship, to be held on August 19-21, 2016 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, Park City, Kentucky, U.S.A. We are pleased to say that everything is coming together nicely for the match. A ton of sponsors, vendors, competitors, and staff have commited to help make the 2016 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship another one for the record books. As usual, we are working hard to ensure that the Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship is the "must shoot" match of the year. The Match Director, Gary Welborn is working hard to create 15 fun and challenging stages, 8 for the Pros and 7 for the Ams. And "The Rock" has some new targets and toys on property that should make for some great competition. Registration is right around the corner, on February 16th, at 9:30 PM EST. The Stats and Registration manager, and evryones favorite by the way, Linda Chico will be following this thread with all of the inforamation you need to get registered to shoot the 2016 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship. The official match website is www.rock3gun.com and along with this thread, and the Rockcastle Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ShootTheRock will continue to be the official locations for information and announcements. Major Sponsor announcemnets will follow in the months to come. We look forward to seeing all of you at "The Rock" in August for some epic 3 gun fun!
  5. Its here, This Saturday 4.16.2016 CORE Shooting Solutions​ hosts the second match in the 2016 PRIME Ammunition​ Multi-Gun Series. All experience levels are invited to compete. This event is the 2nd match in the 6 match series sponsored by Seekins Precision​ Armageddon Gear​ American Precision Arms​ And Vortex Optics. Thank you to everyone who has helped push and develop this series into what it has become and huge thanks to everyone here @brianenos and Nick Siesser for all of the help and support. You can register at https://www.coreshooting.com/products/prime-ammunition-multi-gun-challenge-apr-16-2016?variant=13390993923 Below is a little taste...
  6. We are excited to announce that, for the first time in 3-Gun history, a ladies-only major 3-Gun match will be hosted in 2014! The Brownells Lady 3-Gun Challenge will be hosted by Atlanta 3-Gun at the South River Gun Club near Atlanta, Georgia on October 31 through November 1, 2014. Kay Miculek and I have teamed up as Match Directors and a winning team of match staff Sandra Orvig, Athena Means, Shelley Giddings, Candy Sugarman, and Janna Reeves. After our very busy and productive week at SHOT SHOW we learned how truly amazing the shooting industry is in supporting the growth of Lady Shooters across the nation. With their support we have built a prize table for this match that is beyond any we have seen! Please Share this with every Lady you know and encourage them to sign-up on February 8th. · Brownells is the Title Sponsor · Hosted By Atlanta 3 Gun at South River Gun Club near Atlanta, GA · 9 Stages · 200 Female Only Shooters (approx. 30 Sponsor Slots) · Approximately 35 Match Staff and RO Shooters (men who are RO'ing can shoot the match on Thursday for bragging rights ONLY) · Cost $225 · Registration Opens February 8th · Match Hotel - TBA · We will Operate By 3 Gun Nation Regional Series Rules · Divisions - Competitors will be able to shoot in one of the following divisions: o Tac Optics o Tac-Irons o Open · Match Staff o Lisa Marie Judy- Asst. 3 Gun Nation Pro-Series- Match Director o Kay Miculek- Team Smith & Wesson- Assistant Match Director o Sandra Orvig - Team Black Rain Ordinance, Stats and Banquet Coordinator o Larry Turner- 3 Gun Nation-Stage Designer o Chris Palmer- Owner, Atlanta 3 Gun- Range Master o Janna Reeves- Team Noveske Sponsor Coordinator o Candy Sugarman- Marketing and Social Media o Athena Means-Owner, GunGoddess.com- Sponsor Coordinator o Shelley Giddings, Editor, Gun Up Magazine- Press Releases · The Match will be announced next week at Shot Show · Pro-Am style Venue Breakdown Definitions of Pro & Am will be clarified before registration (Kay is thinking on it so we don't get any Sandbaggers!) · Banquet Location-TBA · There will be 2 half day Babes with Bullets 3 Gun Clinics on Wednesday October 29th Cost will be $50 · Babes with Bullets will provide loaner firearms and equipment
  7. Greetings and Merry Christmas! This will be the Official thread and information site for the 2014 AR15.com Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship to be held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, in Park City, Kentucky, USA. The dates of the Pro Am are August 22, 23, and 24, 2014. The website will be changing, and is anticipated to GO LIVE very soon. You will all be updated here and on the Rockcastle Shooting Center website, and through social medias when that happens. Here are some links: Web: www.rockcastleshootingcenter.com Twitter: @Shoot_The_Rock Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShootTheRock The AR15.Com Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship is now a part of a new Celebration of Freedom created by the Rockcastle Shooting Center that will be called "The Rockcastle Thunder Games." More than a week of shooting fun and celebration will begin with the 3 Gun Nation Regional Series on August 16 and 17 and conclude with the Pro Am August 22-24. In the middle, there will be a Rimfire Multi-Gun match, 3 Gun Training classes, NRA classes and events, conceal carry classes, the Rumble At the Rock Airsoft Challenge, AR building and reloading seminars, live music, and more. Registration for the AR15.com Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championship will take place on-line, as usual, around the middle of February. Details on exact dates and times will follow soon. Match Director Gary Welbron will be using this thread for all match information. We are very excited for another year of a great match, and so are our sponsors. Many of the prior match sponsors and several new sponsors have already signed up to support the match, and there are a ton of exciting announcements to be made. WE ARE TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! And yes, we are working on parking! For now, know the match is coming, and great times are coming with it. Have a fantastic Christmas and an excellent New Year, and thank you for your continued support of the Rockcastle Shooting Center.
  8. The Portland Police Association's Cover Foundation is sponsoring a 3 Gun match to raise money for Officer Paul Meyer. Officer Meyer was injured during training and is paralyzed from the waist down. Needless to say he has incurred numerous expenses not covered by insurance, such as remodeling his house. Please see officerpaulmeyer.com for more info on Paul and the link to registration. You can also email the Match Director at opm3gun@gmail.com. This match will be set up for law enforcement but any experienced 3 gunner is welcome. Law/Mil will be scored separately and we will have Limited and Scoped Tactical categories. Numerous businesses have donated to the prize table. Glock, Leupold, Leatherman, L.E.E.D, Remington, Thunder Ranch, Benchmade, Pumpkin Ridge Golf, Viking Tactics, and FLIR just to name a few. I do not have a total but it will be a great prize table. The prizes will be by random draw so grab your duty gear and come have a good time and raise some money for a good cause! The match will be held on August 25th, 2013 at Tri County Gun Club, Sherwood, Oregon.
  9. On-line Registration for paid shooters begins: Sunday October 20th 2013 5pm MST Paying competitors wishing to apply for the match: For those of you that have not yet participated in the on-line registration process using Match Director, the process is simple and straight forward. Simply access the website at: https://matchdirector.com/app/comp/match/view/bda05bab-ac51-42dd-9fb0-8e572803ccea Between now and Sunday October 20th 2013 5pm MST you may practice the entry process to become familiar with it. On Oct 20th, completing the same process will complete your registration process into the match. If you are told “Congratulations You have been entered in the match”, that is your confirmation that you indeed made it in the match which is contingent upon our receipt of your check along with the printed confirmation within 2 (TWO) WEEKS of registering. Send checks to: SMM3G P.O. Box 52770 Mesa, Arizona 85208 There are no-exceptions to the following policy: If your check is not received by November 3rd, 2013, your slot will be given to the next person on the wait list. Using the online registration, if you do not make it into the match because the match has already filled, you will be placed on a wait list automatically arranged by time of your registration attempt. Using the email address that you provide during the online registration process, we will keep you informed about the status of the match and the current wait list order. If people drop out, you will be immediately notified via email regarding the open slots. Wait listed shooters will be required to submit payment within ONE WEEK of being notified of the open slot. Approved Sponsored shooters will be contacted to sign-up using a different website. Approved sponsored Shooters may contact: Mick Bjelopavlic prizecoordinator@smm3gun.com for further registration info. Only one registration entry is allowed per person and a valid email is required for each shooter. Duplicate emails will not be allowed by the system. Email correspondence will be essential with keeping you up to date regarding the match. When you register, please have the following information ready. T-Shirt Size, Division you plan to shoot, Shooting partner full names, Preferences of an AM or PM start time, valid personal email to receive confirmation. We hope that you will enjoy the Match and hope that this automated process will allow us to keep you more informed about the match and make it an even more enjoyable experience. http://www.smm3gun.com/registration.html
  10. So, for those of you that shoot 3-Gun matches with shots out to 300-400 yards , how accurate are your rifles/loads or what would you consider acceptable accuracy? 0.5MOA, 1 MOA, 2 MOA, 3+
  11. Hey. I'm a long-time lurker and reader; I created an account to ask this question actually, as it's the first time I've seen a question that hasn't been answered. Has anyone given any thought to a multi-gun stage based upon Alvin York's CMOH citation? As a first stage, I'd like to design a stage based on Alvin York's Medal of Honor citation. As near as I can tell, someone posted it as a throwaway thought in a stage design thread, but no one's ever really discussed it much since. From what I've been able to glean from a bit of Google-fu, it sounds difficult even with modern optics and firearms. However, its distance (25 yards) and layout (I'm theorizing an L-shaped machine gun ambush), in addition to the fact that the feat was undertaken from a stationary position seem to make it well-suited for a rifle/handgun stage. So, there are 25-28 credited total kills for York's encounter, depending on whether the regimental account or the biographical account is taken. 6 handgun targets done far to near, per his diary, gives us 19-22 targets simulating machine gunners followed by six handgun targets. I do not know how many Germans it took to service a Maxim gun, but Wikipedia suggests a crew of four. This gives us 5 to 6 groups of 4 targets; let's call it 6 of 4 targets. All the machine gunner targets were taken with headshots; figure a clay disc or a decapitated USPSA target up against a berm at 25 yards could serve. Here, I am unfamiliar with the layout of machine gun ambushes. With two lines and six positions covering 270 degrees, is it as simple as two lines of three evenly spaced target groups? The handgun targets are a little easier for me to figure out. They were engaged from far to near while the targets were at a dead run from a distance of 25 yards. Ideally six targets with heads only exposed would charge upon completion of the upper array, but more feasibly, assuming Mr. York had a split time of 1 second (is that realistic?) we'd get an array of six USPSA targets with the bodies covered with black, spaced 2.5 yards yards apart; that means the nearest target is 10 yards away from the shooter. So the stage goes: Start with loaded rifle (five 5 round magazines if you want to be really authentic!) at low ready and loaded handgun. Engage 25-yard target arrays with rifle, one round each. Clear and abandon rifle and engage upper A-zone (perhaps this should be made clear with hard cover?) of the "running" handgun targets far to near. Does this sound sensible?
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