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  1. I use a 550B, set up to reload .45acp. Factory ammo at my club is £30 ($50) per 100. My reloads work out at £9.50 ($16) per 100. We're not known as 'rip off Britain' for nothing!! I reload for the custom loads, but Shooting is my sport Reloading is my hobby. I'm not ashamed to admit I like reloading !!
  2. That's a nice room/set up you've got there. I ain't gonna bother trying to post my SMALL effort! - not worth the trouble !! I need to move to the States, don't 'spose anyone wants to adopt me eh ???? I'm house trained !!!
  3. That didn't work ! Can anyone tell me how you post a pic. in a post? i've uploaded the picture to Yahoophotos, but when i try to post the link to it i get a dynamic links not allowed message. ???? Thanks. Doh! i've just found the help i am asking for ! Never was much good at finding things right under my nose.
  4. I'm almost too embarrased to post this picture having looked thorugh this thread at some of the reloading benches you lot have! This is fitted in my loft. Bit cold/hot depends on what time of year, but it is secure up there.
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