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  1. If you shoot a lot, its bound to happen to you sometime in life. Its a fact of life with those sprung yoke screws. I don't know what the red coloured sealer is that S&W use on the yoke screw but however if its gone then I replace my screw with a new one. The damage on the end of the yoke can be dressed off with a file. Rather than mess around trying to get the yoke replaced you can weld them up and dress them down.
  2. Results are on the ICORE site. 471 scores submitted. 38 Clubs shot the match. 6 Countries. Thanks to all of you that took part. PK
  3. Results are pending. Waiting to hear back on a couple of confirmations. Hope to have it all wrapped up in the next few days. PK
  4. The 2015 Postal Match should be available for download on the ICORE web site in the next few days. Similar format to last time, runs 1st August to 31st of December. Why not give it a try this year. All the info is in the match package download. Regards PK
  5. Picture looks consistant with erosion caused by leakage around the primer. I had a similar problem with my super. My brass was exrememley tired and I suspect the primer pockets were not as tight as they should have been. Thinking about it now the brass I was using had been in constant use for about 8 years and probably reload over 50 times. Fixed mine OK. Kept the same load, fitted a new bush and went to new brass. All good now. PK
  6. Full results should be on the ICORE site in the next few days. 460 scores submitted from matches held in Italy,Germany,Canada,New Zealand, USA and Australia. 104 Open 217 Limited 124 Classic 15 Rimfire Thanks to all competitors that took part and special thanks to all the Match coordinators that made the effort to run the match at their various Clubs. PK
  7. Around 300 scores submitted to date and around 2 weeks to run. If you have not shot the match then why not give it a try. Please ensure all scores are subitted before January 1st. PK
  8. Around 200 scores submitted so far. About 6 weeks to run. If your reading this then you must be curious............... if you have not shot the match then why not give it a try! PK
  9. Around 120 scores submitted so far including some RF. You still have around 10 weeks to get a score in......so get too it ! PK
  10. This Annual ICORE International Postal match is available for download from the ICORE site. All the information you need is with the download. 4 easy to set up stages. Includes .22 RF this year. Runs from 1st August to 31st December. Hope you find the opportunity to shoot the match. Make the effort to introduce someone new to ICORE PK
  11. Match results have been finalised and should be on the ICORE web site this weekend. Thanks to all that participated, hope you had some fun. I can tell you we had 440 scores submitted from 35 Clubs and 3 Countries. 88 Open 208 Limited 144 Classic Have a great 2014. PK
  12. Just over 400 scores submitted. If you need a match this weekend then download the package and give it a try. You have up to the 31st of December, so still a few days to go. PK
  13. One week to run with this match, 360 scores in to date, get out there, set it up and have some fun ! PK
  14. Zac.......... Nothing from Palmetto yet. Final Postal Results will be out 1st week in January 2014. PK
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