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  1. I've been running into that, too, am at just about the 1 year mark. Thinking I may try making a new top out of aluminum, and see how that works and lasts.
  2. Oversized barrel blanks for revolvers let you machine features like the lug for the ejector, and a sight base.
  3. Yep, should work just fine!
  4. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing fine for the length of time you have in. Lots of good advice already from others, I just wanted to say " Don't beat yourself up." As you keep trying and working on it, you WILL improve. Incremental progress comes over time and with effort. If I might suggest some reading material, Ben's book, and Lanny Bassham's " With Winning in Mind" are great motivators, and will help you find good ways of thinking about practice and competition.
  5. I'm maybe 5-6 months in on using the APP, and it generally has done what is asked of it. Had to loctite the fasteners for the two vertical guide rods, once, but other than that, no real issues. Mostly I'm using it as an inexpensive bullet sizer. Not bothering with the automated feed set up, I just pick them up one at a time and toss them in. Swager seems to work ok, although I don't use it much. The casefeeder from Lee works, maybe at a 90% rate? It's faster than one at a time, for sure, but there's occasional fiddling with cases that tip or hang up. For the money, I'm pretty happy with it.
  6. AA2 has been a great back-up plan for me. I do like the recoil impulse better with TG, but Accurate is pretty solid, too, and seems to most always be available somewhere.
  7. Holosun got back to me, apparently I'm getting an upgrade, but they are waiting for stock with about a 6 week lead time. *shrug* understandable, given all that's going on. Glad you got something sorted out on yours, @Warrior75, hopefully the EGW will be an improvement.
  8. Thanks! I run a LnL progressive, so only 5 stations. ( Does have a casefeeder) Works out ok, though, as I process brass in one run, with Hornady one-shot lube to make it run smooth, then wash, prime on a Lee bench primer to get em seated nice and deep, and then there are enough stations to load with separate seating and crimp dies,and a lockout die to catch squibs. It's a bit more work, but I'm happy with the finished product, and the brass always looks new. Everyone has their own details... *grin* I hope you figure out something that works for you!
  9. I've been working on loadings for .45 ACP to use in my 625 revolver for the coming season. Have found that slugs that I can crimp into either a crimp groove ( like .45 LC) or ones that have 2 lube grooves allow me to make ammo that can be reloaded into the gun rapidly without hanging up on case mouths. So, today, I started with ladder tests ( accuracy work, simultaneously, by shooting groups over the chrony) and established several powders that can be used as alternates in this time of scarcity. Target was ~ 650 fps with a 230 grain slug. Once that was done, and the data recorded, I s
  10. I know it's an old post, but on the topic of shaving lead, my fix has been to run a Redding flare die that properly sizes the inside of the neck, and makes a good profile of bell, and a separate seating die ( no crimp) and then crimp it on a separate die. Never could get the combination seating/crimping dies to not shave, since they all start crimping AS the bullet is being seated. Even backing off the crimp part of one of those was ineffective. Bonus side effect, my rounds gauge at a much better rate, now.
  11. This may or may not be applicable to your situation, but I had an HE508 mess up such that even at the max adjustment, it was putting bullets in the dirt at 25 yards. It had previously been working quite well for the entire previous season, so it was a sudden change. Shipped it off October 9th, haven't heard a peep. ( Your post reminded me to send them a follow up email.) Have you used the sight on other guns? Might be worth trying it on a different gun to see if it can be sighted in properly, and/or sight with a laser bore pointer, so you can see what it's doing. Could be a proble
  12. My best solution for easy moon reloads on my 625 has been using bullets I can crimp the case slightly into either a cannelure or the top lube groove. I do have a slight chamfer on the cylinder, but normal .45 ACP rounds still had a bit of a lip there that occasionally hangs up. Current recipe for 142 pf rounds ( everything except USPSA major) is: handcast Lee 452-228-1r bullet, sized to .451 after Hi-Tek coating. 3.5 grains of Trail Boss, whatever primers I can get, which are mostly CCI and Winchester lp, and seat it so that after a firm taper crimp, there is no gap between the case mouth an
  13. The Trail Boss tip is a good one. I got my ladder test done just in time to load ammo the night before the small local steel match, and the minimum TB load was perfect. I'll probably try out Bullseye at some point, too, but for now I've got a huge improvement. Using the Lee handcast .452-228 bullets, which are a round nose 228 grain with two lube grooves. Coating them with Hi-Tek, and crimping into the top lube groove makes them fly into the gun for reloads. At 625-650 fps, you can about see the bullet in flight, but these rounds were quite accurate. The max load makes 170 pf, probably good
  14. Somebody recommended Trail Boss, and that powder worked great for the local Speed Steel match, today. Did a ladder test for the whole range from min to max on .45 ACP, the minimum makes 142 pf, with what feels like no recoil. Still seems to shoot pretty flat at the ranges I'm shooting at; no difference in poi between 18 yards and 25. Using a Lee handcast bullet in Hi-Tek, their 452-228-1r, and crimping the case just into the top lube groove. Nice reloads, they just drop right in. Going to have to try some of the other powders, especially Bullseye. The flake powders didn't meter well for me
  15. If you want to put me on your list, I'll definitely be interested in buying one of these kits, when they come out.
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