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  1. Sure, you could add one CP2000/1100/1050 for brass processing and then use your existing 650 for loading. Or just farm out the brass processing as @RIch22 said and you'll need to buy no additional new equipment. You'd just need to do a make or buy decision. Other than that, a bullet feeder and a primer sorter would be good to have.
  2. Sell the 650's for (2) 1100/1050's for the swaging capabilities. Keep one 1050 for brass handling and one for reloading. Automate both if possible.
  3. This makes sense. I looked on the Dillon website for 308 carbide dies, but they only had the 30 carbine and 30-06 carbide dies listed. In their catalog, they had a much longer list of carbide dies. I originally ordered the steel 308 dies, but Dillon was good enough to swap out the order once I learned that I could back order the 308 carbide and wait until they shipped. Once shipped, they would bill my credit card.
  4. I think there are two problems here: 1. Good enough spotting scope to see out to 300 yards 2. Digiscoping setup For the digi-scoping side, I think you need some sort of block off adapter for your phone in order to really see well through the spotting scope. Something like this to start: (Linky) I've tried the adapter to the scope (Linky) but I wasn't able to see much at all thru my Celestron spotting scope.
  5. I've heard great things about Steiner scopes, but they are pretty spendy. One of their 6x25 scopes was well over $3k if I remember right.
  6. So you're saying the Nikon is made in China? The Nikon is designed in the US and Japan, the glass is made in Japan, and it's assembled in the Philippines. I don't see where China comes into play. If you don't like the Nikon, then buy something else.
  7. Who says you have to buy Chinese anything? OP was looking for information and the goal of information is to weigh one's options, provide your own checks and balances to that information. Other than that, you're standing on a soap box trying to impose your beliefs and your frame of reference on the rest of the world. You say you don't want to buy Chinese crap, but I'm pretty sure that most of the technology you depend on is made in China. Crap or not.
  8. Social Justice Warrior! Righting the wrongs in an imperfect world.
  9. A review of <$1k scopes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcnikG1Vofc&t=321s The reviewer liked the Nikon FX1000 for the money.
  10. I think you're right that the dirty cases were causing the resizing issues.
  11. How much of a difference is it from a Dillon 308 steel die set vs a Dillon 308 carbide die set? I could see that the carbide dies would last longer with a better wear characteristics. For pistol calibers, I only want to use the carbide dies, but for rifle in either 223 or 308, does it really matter all that much especially with the lower levels of use?
  12. I'm going to look at a used 1050. 1. How would you estimate the total number of rounds loaded? From the casefeed tube, I can see that the there has been a lot of rounds loaded. But how many is too much? 2. What are the common wear areas to check first?
  13. I used two 3/4" plywood with the bottom being construction grade and the top being sanded, one side good. Ended up with 3'x6' of usable space. Also used a heavy covering of water based urethane which was god awful. Didn't sand and is definitely not waterproof.
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