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  1. I, too, have that issue with extended mag releases. I have meaty hands and the palm of my left hand just below my thumb will press the button constantly. I usually forgo an extended mag release, but have had some success with the round ones for 1911s. Outside of that I will drop a mag often with most other types.
  2. How was the accuracy comparison between the two? Is the Brownell barrel worth the price with an increase in accuracy? I would be interested for sure if the accuracy gained a bump up.
  3. Might post this down in the gunsmithing section. One of those guys might be able to look at the pics and see what might be happening (not me...). Who made the pistol? Not flaming them, just wanted to know if it was a mass produced pistol or a custom.
  4. 11MM

    New Limcat Grip!

    That looks really nice! I dig the logo in the center of the grip as well.
  5. 11MM

    New Limcat Grip!

    What the line per increment? Looks fairly large. Did someone sa they checkering comes in a smaller version??
  6. 11MM

    ZEV OZ9

    I got my hands on a ZEV at the NRA show this year. Man, they are the best custom Glocks on the market. I just wish they didn't cost soooooo much. I just dont know, for me, if they are good enough to warrant the price. They do feel great in the hand and they have good triggers. Just cant justify it I guess.
  7. 11MM

    MOS or Milled slide

    Sheepdog, Honest question, how does milling keep the threads from stripping?
  8. WOW! That is a heck of a gift. Congratulations!!!!
  9. I have a 17 MOS and do not see a single benefit to machined over the MOS. As stated in another post, strip a screw, just replace the MOS. Strip a screw in a machined slide and you are out of luck.
  10. 11MM

    MOS or Milled slide

    Cost and resale I would go with the MOS.
  11. He used the typical type grip squeezers, just really heavy sprung. I could do the #2 model, but you couldnt budge the #3...
  12. Another vote for the Dan Wesson. Best factory 1911 these days in my opinion.
  13. I would suggest back-up sights on a CO firearm in the event the optic takes a dump. There is another thread going on the forum on that very topic.
  14. 11MM

    GEN 5 Finish

    That very well could be. I wonder why/how one Kydex is rougher on finishes than another?
  15. I think you are overlooking the rotational pressure applied to those "hinges" by the wrist which allows for increased downward torque of the hand. Not saying it should be "the" grip, just curious as to why it hasn't been explored more.
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