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  1. Anyone taken delivery of a grey Honcho? Curious to see the color. All I’ve seen posted are silver or black. I’m at week 21. I always feel like I should extend my pinkie finger while sipping afternoon tea when I spell ‘gray’ grey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 25.0 A2230 Hornady 55 FMJ REM 7.5 2.220” OAL Mixed brass. Mostly LC. 3007 FPS 15 shot average from 16” Stretch 16 Melonite. 3122 FPS 9 shot average from a Faxon 20” Melonite. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hello ktm. Nice port work. I bought an M3K in March of this year. Ran fine with 2 3/4 DR Estate and 3 DR Walmart Federal bulk pack for about 500 shells. Then started failing exactly as yours is now. Even had a FTExt with a 1oz 1500 FPS slug. In May I replaced the extractor and spring with Benelli parts. I also smoothed the edges of the extractor channel with a jewelers file. Little bit at a time until both upper and lower edges felt just slightly rounded instead of sharp. I have not had a FTExt or FTEject since. I even ran a box of Herters 1 1/8 oz at 1050 FPS LR birdshot loads with a full 12 round tube and 1 in the chamber. I'm not sure if it was the parts exchange or the smoothing of the extractor channel edges that fixed the FTE issue. But it is no longer a problem after several thousand shells of various brand 2 3/4 DR and 3 DR birdshot, and full power slugs.
  4. 'anyone have any issues getting their extractor pin out? im not sure it would be a good idea to add heat to the bolt head to try and remove it.' Hello DH, Are you sure you have the punch in contact with the top extractor pin and not the extractor itself? Only about 1/3 of the DIA of the pin is exposed in the pin access channel. I thought I was having issues with a stuck pin when I swapped my Stoeger extractor for a Benelli, but I was actually trying to push out the extractor itself instead of the pin. There's not much pin exposed in the channel and it is easy for the punch to slip off of the head of the pin and onto the extractor while tapping the punch.
  5. Gun was reliable with various shells down to 2 3/4 DR for about 700 rounds. Then gun started FTE about 50% with 2 3/4 and 3 DR shells while shooting trap. Cleaned/lubed per Openclassterror (?) in M3K thread and still random FTEs. Gently filed extractor edges in bolt carrier with no change. Even FTE with 1oz 1500FPS slug. Installed Benelli parts and no failures since. Three cases of Estate 1 1/8 @ 1145. Three cases of Walmart Federal. No faults since. Not 100% sure the Benelli extractor/spring fixed issue, but pretty sure. I have a newer gun with a from the factory very smooth mag tube. FTEs also occurred with Carbon Arms 10 shot single piece tube before Benelli parts were installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Maybe the "parts" needed are the Benelli extractor and spring. $23 in parts at Midway. $28 or $29 with shipping and NRA roundup. A 3/32" punch is needed to push a pin out. That's all I've done to my M3K other than a longer tube. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I checked velocity on three occasions using a load with N340 and it looks like the book may be a little conservative on velocity. VV test data for 6.3GR of N340, 165GR FMJ, OAL of 1.126 in a 5.5" barrel gives 1096FPS. My barrel is a 4.6" LWD. My load is: 165GR BBI (.400) 6.0 N340 CCI 500 OAL of 1.130. Averages of 8-10 shots were 1044, 1029, and 1066. SD for all three samples were in the mid-teens.
  8. I received some Extreme 220 GR plated after I had ordered some 200s. I decided to keep them and experiment. I searched the web and found some 220GR LTC-TJ (?) data for WSF on a website called Jeff Maass IPSC load data. I started conservative and developed a 40SW long load that averaged right at major PF with no visible pressure signs. The pistol is a G20 with a LWD 10-40 barrel and a 15lb recoil spring. All listed data uses: (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK) Extreme 220GR RNFP plated bullet. WSF powder at various charge weights. Wolf SPP. OAL of 1.175" 3.6GR of WSF (4 shots NOV 2013) HI 660 LO 605 AVE 631 This load failed to consistently cycle the G20 slide . 3.8GR of WSF (5 shots NOV 2013) HI 719 LO 666 AVE 693 4.0GR of WSF (5 shots NOV 2013) HI 730 LO 699 AVE 715 4.2GR of WSF (10 shots-NOV 2014) HI 744 LO 696 AVE 720 (158PF) 4.4GR WSF (10 shots NOV 2014) HI 775 LO 733 AVE 753 (165PF) I settled on 4.5GR and figured that should consistently be a major PF load. The 4.5GR load was accurate enough for me at 25 yards. I shot the 4.5GR load in some practice matches. Muzzle flip was subdued compared to my normal 165GR major load and the slide felt sluggish. I did not care for the slower slide speed. Some shooters behind me claimed to have seen light reflecting off of the base of the bullet during the night practice match. This was the first time I had noticed a significant difference in slide speed of any pistol I've shot with 'gamer' loads and I found I prefer a lighter bullet with higher slide speed. No load development was completed for a 220GR, 10MM load.
  9. Wanted to create minor 40 load. Loads shot through a G20 with a 13lb recoil spring and LWD 10-40 conversion barrel. Both charge weights are with a 165GR BBI bullet, CCI 500, and 1.130 COAL. 4.6 GR, nine shots. Min 901 Max 933 SD 11 Average 916 151PF 4.8 GR, nine shots. Min 932 Max 959 SD 10 Average 944 155PF Loaded 10 rounds of each for a function and chrono check. Not sure what happened to the 10th shot of each string. Probably ESO. 79 rounds of the 4.6GR load left a light gray film around the chamber area that wiped off very easy. Bore looked clean. A not very scientific report would be ETR7 is a little cleaner than my usual load of 6.0GR of N340 or WSF for a 172+ PF load. Same bullet, primer, OAL. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hello GBB, glad you enjoyed match. I was in the saloon (stage 1) when Hazen was explaining how to run the stage to you and another tyro. Hazen is a good guy and enjoys helping the 'new to the club' shooters. You will learn a lot about gun handling and shooting if you are able shoot this kind of match weekly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Same load data as post #9 except I moved the COAL out to 1.200" just to see how much loading long would affect velocity. Average velocity was 200FPS lower with high extreme spread. I figured with an Edge you might load longer.
  12. 4.6" LWD 10-40 conversion barrel in a G20. 165GR BBI (.400) CCI 500 6.0GR N340 COAL 1.130 10 shot average over a CE Pro Chrono at 10ft was 1044FPS, 172PF. SD was in the low teens.
  13. 9.3 GR @ 1.255 with a Zero 180 JHP and Wolf LP primer gave me 1233 f/s through the OEM GEN 3 G20 barrel. LO of 1217 f/s with a HI of 1251 f/s with a 10 shot sample. No obvious brass bulge at feed ramp area. Primers still well rounded. I could see a very, very slight brass bulge in the feed ramp area because I looked for it. Brass had been loaded twice before. Brass was a mix of PMC, WIN, and Double Tap (Starline???). I have read that the standard internet 10MM Longshot load is, 9.2 GR of Longshot with any jacketed 180 GR bullet at 1.260 OAL will give around 1250 f/s. 9.0 GR should be a safe starting point. Or, start at 8.5 and load a few, 8.7 load a few, 9.0 load a few and see what you think. A chronograph is really handy if you don't have one. Crimp: Just remove the bell. Neck tension should prevent bullet setback if the brass is good and properly resized. Just for fun, I shot the 1233 f/s (222 PF) load at a practice match. One time. Total round count is usually 70-90 rounds. The matches are at night and the 10MM was about as loud as an open gun and a flamethrower. I normally shoot the G20 with a 10MM-40SW conversion barrel, with practice night loads averaging right at 165 PF. It was quite a handfull compared to the 40SW loads. Shooting a 165PF 40SW afterwards felt like a 9MM subminor load.
  14. I am using a similar setup. Glock 20 with a LWD 40SW conversion barrel. I have been using the conversion barrel in the G20 for about 18 months. That would be a minimum of 5500 rounds. I know. I need to shoot more. I am not having any feeding issues with the 10MM mags (4 with Arredondo 5 round extensions installed) running standard 40SW OALs of 1.120" to 1.135". I have used these OALs with Speer 165GR TMJ (1.120 and 1.125), Precision Bullet 170GR RNFP (1.120 to 1.135), and Xtreme 180GR RNFP bullets (1.125). I have loaded out to 1.175" with an Xtreme 220GR RNFP I received in error. I had ordered 200GR bullets. I decided to keep the 220s and play a little. Experimenting with the 220GR bullet indicated a max OAL of 1.185 in my barrel chamber. I backed off 0.01" for reliable chambering. With my pistol, conversion barrel, and magazines, I have not had any issues shooting 40SW loads with OALs anywhere from 1.120" to 1.135" for the 'normal' weight 40SW bullets, and out to 1.175" with a 220GR bullet out of the G20 magazines. Durdy1, if you are considering reaming your chamber for a longer OAL due to feeding issues, you may not need to. I have run most of my loads over a chrono and have no problems making major PF using WSF with standard book loads. If you are reaming the chamber for increased OAL in order to use what would be too fast of a powder at normal 40SW OALs to safely make major PF, then ignore my post.
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