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  1. Every 250-500 rounds. I want to keep my guns reliable. If somebody states after 5000 round I check on his previous post to look for his problems
  2. I see it as buying snap on or craftsman tools. Is the last 2 percent worth 25 percent higher cost?
  3. And it only costs you a buck and 15 minutes filing the notches. You still need to get the short arm in at the right angle ans make shure you dont pinch the spring to hard.
  4. I swapped the safety (both sides) out for a wide one and the forst 2 three times they were very tight. I had to tap the left side in with a hammer (tap not smack) Is the slide feels heavier is that because of mechanical drag or maybe now you grip the slide at the front instead of the rear?? Check if you bent any parts during the tapping.
  5. If i enter the part nr from the site I mentioned I only get 1 hit. Strange. I might drop them a messsge and ask some details.
  6. I see this part number for some time on the CZ shop site. Wonder if there are any european users have installed this and how it compares to a stock barrel bushing https://www.cz-spare.parts/barrel-bushing-precise-cz-75-ts-shadow2-sp-01
  7. It almost looks like some sort of chemical reaction. Why is the red paint safety indicator almost gone?
  8. I use a 1 dollar needle nose plier with a small half round notch filed in both jaws It hold the spring with almost no pressure and makes it very easy to push the spring in place Without slave pin its in in a couple of seconds.
  9. Using the CGW firing pin spring on the CGW long firing pin and on the stock firing pin dragged the primer on my S2 (and had a secondary mark on the primer) (this with the CGW light hammer spring) I use the stock pin and spring with factory Magtech, S&B and STV ammo and have no problems (but I shoot from SA mostly)
  10. English is not my first language. Would somebody explain to me what "prepping the trigger" means. Thanks!!
  11. Hansb57

    Shadow2 magazines??

    Strange. My s2 came with 3 19 round mags (17+2) https://www.czub.cz/en/cz-shadow-2.html
  12. Mrvip27; Thats exactly the reason why I dont use an idiotic light trigger any more but go for trigger break and reset quality.
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