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  1. crash83

    75B - 8.5# Hammer Spring

    In your thread i read it more as a whole ...not as individual steps per say. But let me ask you this, can i do a reduced power firing pin spring, and a 13# hammer spring, with out the extended safety block lever? [located in the sear assembly]. Basically what im asking is this, what exactly can i do without removing the sear, or removing it with a slave pin and not have to disassemble the sear assembly. I'm not very comfortable with the teardown of the sear assembly just yet.
  2. crash83

    75B - 8.5# Hammer Spring

    Let me hijack for a second, if you change to the extended firing pin and reduced power spring and use the 11.5 or 13 # CGW springs ,don't you have to change out the sear or the firing pin arm or whatever it is called . the piece mounted in the sear cage? I'm asking because i was on the phone with CGW earlier today and they said in order for me to accomplish what i wanted to do , i had to change out all kinds of stuff. This has been a confusing evening...sorry guys i'm new to CZs as far as upgrading , and i'm really trying to grasp all of this as i go.
  3. crash83

    A few CZ questions

    Sorry i also meant to ask , by main spring , do you mean the hammer spring?
  4. crash83

    A few CZ questions

    Thank you, exactly the info needed!
  5. crash83

    A few CZ questions

    I'm new to the CZ world , and i have managed to pick up 4 over the last month , and while reading up on improvements to the guns , i found myself getting a little confused. First off i have a SP01 Tactical urban grey suppressor ready. 75B SS New edition SP01 Shadow And a P09 urban grey suppressor ready. I really like the triggers in all of them, but would like to lighten them , and possibly get rid of the take up [creep] on them all. I really love the Shadow trigger with the exception of the take up. And would like to do the same on all of the other guns and if possible improve the Shadow. I have looked over CGW and CZC but im not sure of what i need. I don't think i need an entire trigger kit. But which springs would i need? ETC. Mostly just plinking with some local steel matches here and there. Thanks in Advance!
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