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  1. I use a blade tech holster on a boss hangar and daa race masters, bullets out. 6 total pouches.
  2. I picked up a 1911 in .40 off the classifieds here with enough mags, so I just had to add a holster and convert my racemasters to single stack. I was watching some videos on youtube and single stack looked like a lot of fun. I'm hoping to use this till I can eventually purchase and wait for a SVI dream.
  3. Ooh, thanks for the post! These look neat, so I picked up a set. I'm very excited for them to come in.
  4. I run a 510 and an offset 507. This sounds great!
  5. Thanks! Yeah, i signed up on PS. I didn't know I could withdraw on the day of. Thanks for your response!
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong section... I'm a new shooter and just signed up for my first local match. The match starts at 5:30pm and has 4 stages, 4 squads, 10 spots in each. What I'm wondering is what is the correct procedure/etiquette for being unable to show up? I get off work at 4pm, but there's always a chance I get forced for overtime. It's a small local match, but I'm still taking up a spot if I'm unable to make it. Is it better to just withdraw and attend when I have a full day off? I won't know if I can't make it till I get to work that day. Should I try and make contact if I can't attend? I don't want my first exposure to frustrate whoever is running it.
  7. I've been fully satisfied with a Viper, and I shot out to 300. However, it sounds like you really want the Razor, so get what you desire! If you don't mind used, I've seen the Razor 1-6s go for under 1k.
  8. I just joined this month. I was asked if I wanted a magazine, but I was unaware of a price difference. I got the magazine and paid $40
  9. Thanks for the review. I was looking for a good shoe recommendation, so I ordered a pair!
  10. I believe Josh Froelich uses the titanium compensator on his JP. Less weight on the front of the gun is always nice. I haven't heard anything bad about the stainless comp though. However, I do believe that JP is coming out with a new PCC focused comp in 2020. It has 2 ports on top compared to the current style. Short stroke is definitely the way to go, though I'm not too versed with different loads and weights. Extended mag release and short right side safety are great choices. Also new for 2020, their standard trigger will be able to accept their modular trigger shoes. I'm not sure if it's up in the rifle builder yet though.
  11. I have relatively small hands, and the HK VP9 is the most comfortable grip I've tried, especially with the interchangeable sets of side grips and backstraps. They just came out with an optics ready version for 2020.
  12. Seeing an open gun for the first time at a range got me interested in trying out the sport myself. I never get tired of seeing all these different space blasters.
  13. Our new pup! Still in the house training phase
  14. What's the title of his latest book? Would you call it more catered to an experienced audience? Or is it also beginner friendly?
  15. jowbow

    scale modeling

    I used to love snapping together Gundam/zoids as a kid. I bought a HG kit not long ago and had a lot of fun with it. Certainly a lot cleaner than my work as 10 year-old. I currently have a backlog of about 8 model kits... But don't backlogs define people in to plastic models?
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