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  1. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    I traded my 650 and I'm also waiting on an Evo. I can't wait to install my newly bought Mighty Armory decapping die with decapping pins. By the way, I had a call from Wayne (of Mighty Armory) the other day and had a great conversation about my needs, his products and reloading in general. He's a stand up guy with a stand up product.
  2. Redding and I second the above. On my (now traded) 650 I was more concerned with OAL. As far as I can tell the Redding Micro dies are accurate enough for government work!
  3. quiller

    Gun safes

    Second this. Off the ground will allow air to circulate and the golden rod will keep the inside nice and thoasty.
  4. quiller

    Hey Everyone!

    Harvard (HSC) is a great club. I joined for the 200/300 yard and MG ranges. Got qualified on the 200/300 and discovered USPSA....the rest is history. I keep talking about building an MG but brass rainbows will have to wait a bit longer....besides I'm having way too much fun practicing USPSA.
  5. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Judo....too late. I would have hung onto it but we just moved from a 2'700 sq/ft home with an additional 1'000 sq/ft of storage into a 1'200 sq/ft 2nd floor apartment. Its an interim downsizing move. I simply refuse to pay for storage as it only encourages hanging onto stuff.....in the hope that one day you will need it. I was amazed at what people bought at the two yard sales we had! Anyhow, as you can imagine space in the apartment is a premium, so out with the old and (yes) I will make space for the new. For all the short comings of the 650 I sure hope that Mark 7 corrected them all, and from reading here and elsewhere it sounds like they have. Besides, I'm a plinker reloaded compared to others on this thread so I'm certain the Evolution will meet and exceed my needs....even pulling the handle.
  6. Years ago when I was welding for a living we used temporary screens so we would not flash anyone. Its like a shower curtain but on a stand. Simply arrange as you like. The bonus is when you kick all the cars out you could use them to set up a practice stage! Double duty is the name of the game. Here's a link.
  7. quiller

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome AquaScape. I'm west of Boston and shoot a little of everything also, but recently its 9mm in USPSA Open. Where do you shoot a little of everything when you shoot it? I'm a member at WSC and HSC.
  8. quiller

    At home kit for custom ear plugs?

    Indeed, mine were cheap at $4,400! ReSound linx, not the latest but one generation old. Bluetooth so I can have my wife in one ear and Siri in the other and ignore two woman at the same time....ain't technology grand! But I have to ask what do you get for $6,500?
  9. That was more of a knock on Kimber than what I do in reality. My defensive guns are iron sights all day long, every day. I guess I will have to chat my shooting/machinist buddy to see what we can come up with. I think I'll buy the Kimber anyways....just because its such a sweet gun with an even sweeter trigger. I really like my Micro 9....so I'm kinda fond of Kimbers in general. Thanks for the info and happy/safe shooting.
  10. Ugh....I'd nearly return is all if they'd take it back...but no chance of that happening. I don't have the gun in front of me but I'm assuming you cannot remove the mounting plate and mount the Trijicon directly onto the slide? I understand that some machining would be required, but it is less machining.....is it even possible? One of the guys I shoot with is a machinist with access to a mill so I may be able to get it done locally. Man, that Kimber is looking real good now. The issue other than the round count is you need to turn on the Vortex.....kinda dumb....."see here old chap, kindly be a gentleman and stand still while turn on my red dot....theirs a good fellow"!
  11. I was thinking that lowering the optics would help....I really don't want to mill the slide. Optic ready should really be optic ready! I wonder if I could mill enough off the mounting plate. If memory serves me right its fairly thick. As an aside...I played around with a Kimber Aegis Elite (with Vortex) and had not issues with stance....I reckon $300 more for a gun will buy you a "real" optic ready set up....but way short on round count....I guess we can't have it all.
  12. I picked up a Walther Q5 Match for USPSA optics and installed a Trijicon RMR the other evening. I tested the gun before installing the optic and its very accurate with my stance, grip using the iron sight. Also my overall alignment feels very natural and relaxed. However, after installing and zeroing the Trijicon my stance and grip are is all messed up. If I draw the gun and hold in my natural stance the dot is not visible. I need to break both wrists down and to the right to see the dot. In other words the dot is very high and left in my natural stance. It almost feels like I'm holding the gun too high and shooting down! As you can imagine it feels very unnatural and I'm not sure that any amount of practice will make it feel any better.....nor do I think its good practice. By comparison my Open gun with a CMore in my regular stand is very easy and natural to pick up the dot. What did I do wrong on the install? I have read all manner of posts here and elsewhere about co-witnessing iron sight and red dots but can't really see/find a solution. Any Walther Q5 Match/Trijicon RMR owners have any ideas? For reference this is the optic I have: RM05G: RMR® Dual-Illuminated Sight – 9.0 MOA Green Dot
  13. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    I asked DAA for an update on my Evolution order and here's what they said "Your 3rd on the list." That's 3 better than when I asked on June 2nd. If this trend continues I should have it the first week in September.
  14. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    I think I'll be upgrading to the Evo Pro when funds allow....perhaps at a future Black Friday sale! My typical reloading sessions are no more than an hour on my 650 as that's all the time I have. So I don't mind yanking the handle....however, recently I'm getting to the range more so I will have to up the supply!
  15. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Just a tad under 3 months. I guess if mine follow the same tend it will be the first week in September before I see it. The silver lining is the kids will be heading back to school and things will start to settle down again......actually give me time to reload!