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  1. I’ll follow up to my own post. To say I’m happy with the high speed case feeder is an understatement. I ran a bunch of processed brass (de capped and tumbled) through it to roll size and I had to hit the reverse button twice, both times the issue (whatever it was) was addressed. I like it so much I sold the original (Hornady) which came with my Evo and moved to the 750 processing press on flee bay and I buying a second high speed.
  2. In Massachusetts the AG would call that a safety feature! Seriously and as mentioned it sounds like a warranty job.
  3. @FingerBlaster. Bless me father for its a few week since we heard from you last!! I'm off the boat Irish Catholic so I can say that! Any update on testing, seems you fell off the radar. Hope all is well. Cheers
  4. rmantoo, thanks. It took me about 1.5 years to fit out. I was busy doing work on the house restoration, knocking walls and painting. One thing I noticed in your photos was tour AC sitting on the bench. I have the same unit and vented through a window. The condensate line leaked and I moved it to the floor and vented through the wall. You can see it under the bench in one of smaller photos. When money allows I may install a mini split unit. I have the wiring in place just done want to drop the 4K now. All I can say is think ahead and build in all the options or at least set up for them; wiring, air lines, etc. If you think you’ll need 4 outlets put in 8. I even put some in the ceiling! Good luck on the build/fit out.
  5. I like the reverse and adjustable speed options. I hand crank my Evo so setting the case feed speed suit my arm will be nice. Good luck with the primer system and thanks for posting.
  6. My space is long and skinny (19’ x 7’). Its a strip I cut out of an oversized garage. I have a combination of cabinet (with door), cabinets without door and shelves on slat wall. I was on a serious budget so the slat wall was used from a golf pro shop($100), the shelves and shelf brackets from a store that was closing ($120) and all the cabinets came from a surplus building supply store ($90). I think cabs with no door are better at holding stuff, and look cleaner but are harder to find stuff at the back. Shelves are great, but look messy unless you keep up the house keeping. The slat wall is handy as you can hang hooks and other slat wall accessories. However, slat wall is very heavy. My safe surround is just plywood with a over fridge cabinets on top that I stained. Looks good and it was a cheap build. The lower cabinets on the walls are actually upper cabinets raised off the floor to allow storage under. I used old scrap pieces of MDF on top and trimmed it out so I could inset the same vinyl plant flooring we had left over from redoing the floors in the house. I had one of the red tool boxes and bought another to match. Next to the safe it’s the highest priced fit out item in my room at $400. The bench is old bowling alley ($120) that I had the flooring guy sand when he was here and I finished it. I did all the work bar laying the floor as the contractor did that when he was here. Not sure on the total cost but it’s worth every penny! Hope this gave you some ideas and good luck.
  7. Really one post but I printed a 3D stand for the extra head I have. Just like the Mk7 one, but a lot cheaper. Granted, it’s a tad tippy but it gets the job done.
  8. I searched but could not find any posts. If some are available please point me too them. I’m looking for reviews on Mk7 11” High Speed Case Feeder (https://www.markvii-loading.com/accessories/case-feeders/11-high-speed-case-feeder-for-apex-10-and-evolution.html). I have an Evo (first gen, really old) with the standard case feeder and it works great with a few hand full of brass. I have the 3D printed fix and that helps. If I put more that a few hand fulls it either starts jamming (clutch slips, yup, I adjusted it) or I get brass under the case plate. The latter happens less with the 3D fix and now that I have a C clamp on it not at all. However, at a hand full at a time it’s a bit of a pain. I don’t load a lot, but I like stuff to work. So, what’s your opinion on the 11” high speed? Thanks all and happy Memorial Day Weekend.
  9. That would definitely put a damper on my day. Related story, I was parking in a hospital garage years ago and forgot I was driving my brother work van. The roof racks hit the same sign you hit and I stopped. The parking lot guy came running out and said why did you stop. I pointed up and said I was going to back out. However, by that time I had 4 cars behind me. So I put the van in reverse and told the parking lot guy to go back and tell them to back up, nobody moved and in fact they all start honking. So them I told him he can stand behind my van and catch the roof racks so they won’t hit the car behind or I can take 20 minutes removing them. He chooses the first option. People are so rude was the lesson I got from that one. Later the doctor ask what my stress level was! I said not bad and told him the story. He was shocked but not surprised. Good luck with your repairs and at least now it’s officially broken in.
  10. No linux but have all the rest. If you make a video or document the Linux process I’m game for some beta testing.
  11. Excellent news...$350 verses 5k is good in my books and time to tinker I have.
  12. I guess I forgot the MA part. See the whole reg here but in short: Whoever not being licensed, as hereinbefore provided, sells ammunition within the commonwealth shall be punished by a fine of not less than five hundred nor more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment for not less than six months nor more than two years. I have absolutely no problem with free market, but buy all and jacking up the price is not fair...yes, I know fair has nothing to do with it....but! Now you can have an FFL and not an ammo sales license in MA and you can have both....I know as I started with an FFL and then got the ammo license....but gave up both a while back. Also, according to the Cabela's guy people are repacking ammo and re-selling. Again in MA, ammo much remain in the manufactured package from creation to use! Repacking is a big no no.....but this is MA and I need a permit to pee!!!
  13. I found two FFL with that name! One in Shirley, MA and the other in Ferndale, WA. I'm assuming you are referring too the one in Ferndale as the one in Shirley (which is only a few miles from me) is a home based operation. Getting an FFL in MA in a residence is hard as state law says it needs to be zoned correctly. Speaking of primers, I got talking to a sales guy at the Berlin, MA Cabela's the other day and he said they get in a few boxes but all sell out immediately and typically by folks who are listing them for sale and doubling the price. He also said that many FFL's are going in and buying up all the ammo and reselling it. Both are very serious offences and rather disgusting if you ask me.
  14. I haven’t seen a pair like that in years
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