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  1. Sure hope this clears up sooner rather than later....but I'm not sure it will. Now that my son got the itch and bought his first hand blaster....well, it's in my name...he's going through my supplies like nobody's business. But, I'm delighted he's into it so I can't complain.
  2. Got it. You should ask first before you try incase you get push back. We had an RO at my old club that found fault in everything and everyone. Granted 3% of the time it was merrited....but he sure rubbed the other 97% the wrong way! Cheers
  3. It would be easy enough to print up a smaller version of a rifle one assuming one hat access to a 3D printer. My old club insisted on slides open and a piece of weed wacker string in through the chamber and sticking out the barrel...when guns are on the table. Where and when would you be using the chamber flag?
  4. Attached are a few things I printed. First one is tool head stand for my Mk7. Rest are an off chute funnel, connector pipe and an elbow to get the newly minted rounds into an ammo can.
  5. I picked up 3D printer recently and made a few press parts. As already mentioned it's plug and play if you buy a completely printer. I got a kit and my son and I had a blast putting it together.
  6. Have one in my 2011 open and my Staccato P. They work great.
  7. I figured that was the case. If you can find an STL file I should be able to print them. The STL file is the file format I need to send to the 3D printer. Beyond that you would need to know the exact dimensions, profile, etc and the thickness. Otherwise it would be guesswork and guesswork is not much use in a match. Cheers, Alan
  8. What kind of spacers? Where/how are you using them?
  9. As stated watch out for clickers. I have a snap on and it works great for torqueing the head bolds on your pals 65 Ford...but not so good on guns. I sheared a bold like snapping a stray on a sight mount a few years back. Not I either read the instructions....or let a gun smith screw it up!
  10. More accurate for sure....but many a lad or lassie were dead nuts with a rock tossing during the troubles in Northern Ireland when I was growing up in (southern) Ireland. My favorite was railroad ballast....those ones are just the right size for a rock flinging fest!!
  11. Whenever Mk7 comes up with and releases a skinny trimmer that will allow one pass on a regular tool head I'm going to try it. Currently I only load 9mm but I want to start on .223 and possible 300 blackout down the road. For me its about time....I'm too busy to handle the brass several times.
  12. We got one at the end of the summer and it works well. Mostly burgers and hot dogs so far but my better 1/2 keeps talking about doing some eggs and bacon on it!
  13. I have a twist on this one. In any type weather my feet are either freezing or sweating. Sweating in the summer is not as bad as in the winter as light shoes wick better. However, in the winter if my feet start sweating my hands get cold...which cause my feet (or at least it seems to cause) to get colder as they sweat more, which makes my hands sweat more and get colder...it's a catch 22. The quick fix at least while sitting at my desk is to flip off my shoes or swap out my socks and hopefully stop the cycle. Weird huh!
  14. I'll admit I have not shot in months....and I was only practicing with the USPSA guy when I was shooting. But there was a match last weekend and it was very quite. I'd say it was down 50%. But as mentioned above....all looked like hard core with lots of components on hand type shooters. My guess is no wheel kickers till the ammo shortage gets addressed, only seasoned competition shooters.
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