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  1. Nice, I was looking into getting one. Perhaps I’ll wait for an updated firmware version first!
  2. quiller

    Greatest teaching ever spoken by a Yoga teacher

    A few jobs ago the gym I attended had yoga classed. I can say with certainty its now all about laying around and relaxed breathing. Only thing worse was a Barre class I took.....once. A bunch of us just got out of a bootcamp class and said “what could be so hard, we just survived bootcamp”. I found muscles I had no idea I had. I challenge any mans man here to go try a Barre class and report back! All I can say is take pain meds before the class starts....
  3. quiller

    Mark 7 case feeder

    I don't know the details but I seem to remember reading somewhere that its was based on the Dillon design. I have a Dillon case feeder on my 650 and it seems to run well with the occasional back up's at the feed funnel. Beyond that it's a plastic hopper and motor. Not sure what if anything Mark7 changes on the overall concept.
  4. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    No worries and I was not making it a is one is better than the other either. I called Mark7 to talk about pricing and options as I noticed the price difference on Mark 7's, DAA and Shooters websites (where the latter two are/were the same price). Mark7 brought up the price difference but like a lot of folks I like to buy direct from the manufacture. However, the saving and coupled with the good service I have received before from DAA prompted me to buy again from them. My guess is Mark7 went to the most popular dealer of all things competition shooting and offered some sort of deal (which was mentioned in another post here). I'm also guessing that they did not expect the sales to ramp up as quickly as they have....or they did and see value in a supply and demand market. Either way I just made all that up and only Mark7, DAA and Shootes really know. Yes, its unfortunate that folks will have to wait, but until we know (and I'm fairly sure we will not find out) the whole story we can write about it all day. For me its a nice distraction....but now I need to go back to work.
  5. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Re: you ordered from DAA.... It was not a Coke or Pepsi decision. I have ordered from DAA before and called/emailed over the years. I only discovered USPSA this year and only recently Shooter Connection. I'm sure I'll be shopping from them in the future.... Re: sucks that those.... I called Mark7 and was quoted the regular price. I was told that DAA and Shooter had them at the pre-order price. Since I dealt with DAA in the past I email them a few questions and ordered. I can understand why Mark7 will be for-filling those orders first as its partly a numbers game and helps establish both as dealers. Beyond that its simply a question of supply and demand.
  6. quiller

    What to do with STI mags

    A few other thread said this and other things.....forums are great for an abundance of opinions! One thing I noticed last night was the MBX base plates fit nicely side to side on the STI tubes but back to front they have a bunch of play. Mind you when you load up the mags the pressure from the spring stops the base plate from moving, but when empty they sound like a kids rattler toy! Kinda annoying, but doable.
  7. quiller

    What to do with STI mags

    I see a pattern forming here! Okay and not to confuse the issue any more......but. I also took in 6 MBX 140mm neutered to 10 round STI Mags which will be very handy at certain times and in certain locations! Would it make more sense to hock the black nitride STI get real 140mm tubes for the MBX's? I know its good to have extra mags, but how many is enough in the extra department.....and before you answer my old reserve commander in Ireland used to say "you can never have enough.....of a good thing", and this is clearly a good thing!
  8. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    I ordered mine on June 5th so 4 to 6 weeks more seems reasonable. I was working up a load for my new Open gun and now that I have it dialed in I'm going to pump out a few K to get me over the hump and unload my 650. If I hear anything on my order I will update this thread. Like you I'm willing to wait for quality.
  9. quiller

    What to do with STI mags

    Great, more choices. I’m still fairly new at USPSA....but liking it. Just did a quick search for TT1. Good looking parts and like the rest of this hobby....not cheap. I’m not sure my kids will have an inheritance....but they will have a great gun collection and some sweet mags!
  10. quiller

    Switching to Red Dot - need help

    Assuming one would be looking at target with both eyes open....then do all the other stuff you mentioned...
  11. quiller

    What to do with STI mags

    Thats what I was thinking when one of my Strayers sounded loke a childs rattler toys after a mag change and it filled up with gravel! So you think MBX or Grams ir a combo. Lots of threads go each way on this.
  12. quiller

    Switching to Red Dot - need help

    I just switched to a red dot for the same reasons. The transition is not to bad as I shot Bulleye for 5 or 6 seasons. The parts I’m struggling with are; 1. Picking up the dot. 2. Kepping both eye open. 3. Squeezing off the shot. Practice will help all but I fall back on Bulleyes so 1 and 2 will require lots of work and 3 is a tough one as even Rapid Fire round in Bullseye you get 10 seconds for 5 shorts, which is a lifetime in USPSA! How do you get in all the “A Zones”, practice, practices, practice.
  13. I have 5 gen 2 STI 140 mm mags with standard internals and base plates. They also have a black nitride coating. Apparently the previous owner is still in his 80’s goth scene! They were part of a trade in I did. Is it worth getting better internal and base plates? I have some Strayer’s for my open, so these would be spares. Any ideas?
  14. I ran a powder check for a first few hundred rounds then gave up on it as I though to look into each case and make sure it had powder. Its easy to see if you have double powder or none....the rest is in the middle and should be within tolerances. I bought an LED light kit that lights up my press and is much easier to see into the case as they pass by. As mentioned before I learned on a 550 buy my friend also had a 650 and it was like going from a Mini to a Porsche. Get the 650 and a case feeder to start and you will be very happy.
  15. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Good news, happy to hear they will start shipping. I cannot wait to list my 650!