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  1. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Height is the thing I have. One of the first accessories I got for my 650 was a Dillon Casefeeder. It’s simple a must have so I’m going back now. I have no experience with a Mr Bullet feeder but looking foward to using my left hand for scratching my rear end rather than feeding projectiles to passing brass!
  2. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Thanks for sharing but it looks the same as any other press set up. Assuming the dims on Mk7 site are correct. It will be a tight squeeze but I’m really good at getting 10 lb of you know what into a 5 lb bag.
  3. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Evo manual owners. I really pressed for space but I think I can carve out enough room inside our temporary apartment for my new toy (went it arrives). According to Mk7 site the Evo dimensions as follows: Overall machine dimensions are 37" tall (94cm) X 27" (68.6cm) wide x 18" deep Can someone please verify the overalls dimensions and let me know if the above are correct. Thanks all
  4. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Ha...for sure!
  5. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    He didn’t say how many but the last time I saw a photo of a pallet full of presses on Mk7 Facebook page there were quite a few on there! I’m more excited than ever at this point. At my age it don’t take much to get my heart rate up!
  6. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    He mentioned the powder drop which is in lots of post here, also as things get tested/upgraded they will become available. We chatted mostly about the press and Mark7 in general....and its all good stuff.
  7. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    I called and spoke with Jay. The (current) website is a little confusing and it appeared that the PowderSense would work on an Evo manual.
  8. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    I called Mk7 on my drive home and talked to the owner (Jay). Jay indicated that the shipping calculator is not working correctly. While I had his ear I got an update on my press. It's on the assembly line and will be on a pallet to DAA soon enough. I also learned that this batch will have many updates over previously shipped machines. Jay seems like a stand up guy and we chatted for quite some time. He's committed to putting out a first class machine with first class customer service. After our call I feel he is achieving both.
  9. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Thanks for your comment. I was going to call them but was hoping to hear if other people felt like shipping costs were high. Perhaps it changes once you get a serial number and can create an account. Also, I'm fairly certain Mark7 is keeping an eye on a very popular thread on a site that is full of possible customers. Cheers
  10. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Shipping costs from Mark7. I was thinking of picking up a few items while I wait for my Evo to come in. However, UPS ground is the cheapest option on Mark7 site at a cost of $31.40! Seems a tad high for shipping two Extra Spring Kits and one Mark7 PowderSense Complete Sensor (total cost of parts $144.89) from FL to MA. I shipped via the shipping department here in my office an entire Dillon 650 with accessories in its original box and a Dillon Case Feeder in a separate box from MA to CA for $33 FedEx ground....that was for both boxes! I can see paying $10, possible $12 for what I want from Mark7, but $33 seems very high. I'd like to hears from others on this thread but feedback/explanation directly from Mark7 will be greatly appreciated.
  11. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Thanks for the info. Seems like Evo Pro shipping direct from Mk7 are coming out a faster....which kinda makes sense, more money = move up the time frame.
  12. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Good for you. I'm trying to get a sense for when I can expect to get my shipping notice. I ordered and Evolution from DAA on June 6, 2018 and I'm located in MA. Do you mind answering the following: What press did you order, what date did you order it, where did you order from (Mk7, DAA, Shooters) and where are you located? Thanks, Alan
  13. quiller

    Custom made earplugs

    When I got my in the ear hearing aids they made a mold locally but the aids where made elsewhere. Might be the same for plugs.
  14. quiller

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    I started practicing with the local USPSA last winter with a Sig 226, no belt, holster or mag pouches. I soon when out and bought a used STI DVC Limited. Got a great deal as the owner was using it as a carry gun and soon found out it was a tad big! I did handle and shoot one prior to buying it so I knew I would like it. Once we moved outdoors in the spring I realized my eye were useless at anything outside 20 feet! I simply could not hit anything accurately. At that point I considered putting an optic on the DVC but everyone I talked to said "Go Open". So, I started looking and within a few weeks I found a 2011 open gun in 9mm here. Again I got lucky, as this time the owner was getting out of the sport and only have around 1000 rounds through it. I make an offer and we meet in the middle! I sold the STI locally, keep the mags and still made money on the deal. I shot the Open gun all summer but unfortunately my schedule is beyond crazy so I still have to make a match. However, I absolutely love the 2011 platform (not that I can hit what I'm aiming at) and worked up a major load. The recoil is very manageable (even for a little guy like me < 165 lb typically). In the middle I picked up a belt, holster and mag pouches. All were used with the exception of the pouches. IMO running and shooting is a blast (as I shot bullseye for years), and shooting Open Major is icing on the cake. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  15. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Did you order directly from Mark 7 or elsewhere. However, I'm assuming all orders will be delayed including from DAA (where I ordered from). I honestly don't mind waiting assuming I will be getting a better machine.