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  1. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    More progress. Still setting up but just wanted to share an update. Have a good weekend all.
  2. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    I'm still in the process of setting up mine, but if I get close to what you got I will be very happy. My goal is to be more consistent and with much less spillage over my 650.
  3. I never saw a need to tumble after loading. My order of operations goes like this: 1. Pick up brass at range (as I'm too cheap to buy it). 2. Sort. 3. Wet tumble (in a wet tumble I built). 4. Rinse, lay out on towel for a few days to dry. 5. Into and out of press. 6. Back to range and repeat process.
  4. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Finally getting around to settling up my Evo. Home and work life is keeping me very busy. We are also in the process of buying a new home....that will need a bunch of work. Even if I don’t make ammo in the coming months I’ll at least get the dies set up.
  5. quiller

    Am I too old?

    I'm 54, only started last year and have still have to shoot a match. I practice (dry and live) and have a blast. Recently I side lined myself due to an inner ear/dizziness issue but working on getting that fixed and getting back at it. Running with scissors is one thing....running with an open gun while dizzy is a whole other thing! Like everyone before me said "go for it" we are never too old to have fun.
  6. quiller

    Ultrasonic cleaner

    I build a wet tumbler and use stainless steel pins. Brass comes out nice and shiny. I have a ultrasonic cleaner but it would take 20 times longer to clear the same amount of brass. I can get 7lb or brass with (a little) under 2lb or pins in the wet tumbler. Set the timer for 1.5 hr, rince, separate, lay out to dry and straight into the press.
  7. My wife has two names for me “gear junky” or “accessory whore” depending on the item in question. Like rustychev said “she’s put up with me” in my case for 19 years.
  8. I just picked up some base plates and springs....
  9. Mind sharing the MBX code? Thanks
  10. quiller

    Screw broke on scope mount on DVC

    Back in my welding days if a bolt of screw sheered off we'd place a nut on top and fill the (nut hole) with weld. Then you just put a wrench on it and screw it out. However, on a gun I'd bring the frame to a machine shop or gun smith (who owns a mill) and have them (under size) drill it out. Both methods are quite easy.....assuming you know what you are doing. Good luck
  11. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    This was my understand after talking with the owner about 6 weeks ago. Coming from years in IT and software support it makes sense to me. Central location where user can get and share information and Mk7 can put out updates and other information. My press is still in the box...well truth be told I took it out and drooled over it as we are in the process of buying a house so I'm in a set up holding pattern. However, I got access to Mk7's site with my serial number and watched all the videos and read many of the threads. It all great stuff and I encourage all to post there as well. The only knock I have is waiting for approval on posts. IMO this should be a little more transparent, eg posts are live and Mk7 monitors and takes appropriate action. My last job was working for a major CAD software company (if you use CAD you used one of the apps they sold) and all forums were 100% live. We monitored and had ways of addressing issues....just like the monitors on this site and 99% of all other site I use.
  12. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Here you go https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZF74T7ZC5AeTXVzTR8PaIHi73kxMSar87cy
  13. quiller

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    You should buy one but not for Steel Challenge. I picked up a really nice used one about 6 years ago and shot Bullseye for 4 seasons. The 41 is a great Bullseye gun but way to heavy for Steel. Also, and as mentioned already, by the time you got to the second stage you would have to clean it! A Bulleye match is 30 rounds and I cleaned my gun after every match, if not it would fail to do something during the next match. Picky eaters don't even come close to describing them, however, its a great gun and I can easily hit clay pigeons at 100 yards, just have to hold over about a foot or so. Buy one and shoot Bulleye.
  14. I don't have the magazine in front of me but on Dillons web site the 650XL base machine looks the same and still come with standard extras. The web site was updated since I last visited. What's different in the magazine?
  15. quiller

    Mark7 Evolution

    Good stuff. Assuming all goes well with UPS I'll have mine tomorrow!