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  1. I'm in for sure. I like my RF100 over filling tubes by hand....but like all things Dillon it only works so well! If the price point is correct they will be on backorder for a while.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people and info here. Enjoy!
  3. I asked my wife for a 50 cal for Fathers Day.....I'm not holding my breath!
  4. I bought an Evo last year when they first came out. I waited 5 months for mine and in the meantime made a bunch of ammo on my 650 before selling it to pay for the Evo. I knew the second I took it out of the box that Dillon had some serious competition. The Evo and anything Mk7 makes is light years ahead of anything Dillon produces IMO. I don't shoot a whole lot compared to other folks on this forum, but I shoot more that you're twice a month to range people. The Evo was a easy choice for me as I have no issues pulling the handle on my 650 and I could not justify the cost of an automated machine. To be honest I started to set up my machine and them we sold our house. I moved it to a rentals space I have for my FFL but got side tracked by work and designing the renovations for our new house. I did have enough ammo on hand from my 650 to keep my trigger finger happy. If you shoot a ton go for the Pro upfront. If you are a more casual shooter the Evo is the way to go. Another thing to keep in mind is Black Friday sales.....you could upgrade down the road and save some money.
  5. I wonder does that mean prices are going up, down or staying as is! I also wonder who’ll be doing custom support?
  6. We are about to close on a new house and since I'm an architectural designer I'm drafting up the changes we'll be doing. Part of those changes is a new reloading/fun room for me. I decided to model up my MK7 Evolution so I could get a sense for where I will put it and how much room it will take up. I screen captured a few images from the owners manual and a few other I found online. In my drafting application Revit (which is really good at architecture and not meant for manufacturing) I imported and scaled the images to be 1 to 1. As Revit draws everything 1 to 1 I was able to mock up the press. Its close enough for government work and will allow me to very carefully set up the space. I will post additional images as I moving through the process but attached a few I created today. The application is 3D so it's easy enough to create views, however, you do need to put in the work of building everything. Call me a nerd but this stuff is cool.
  7. Do the instructions for Brass Juice say you need to use distilled water for the tumbling process? I looked on there site and could not find any detailed instructions. If yes, that's a non started for me as if would add cost to the process. Not that I'm cheap....but I use range brass for a reason! Thanks
  8. Wow, not giving then away! I think the "other third" is saving a bunch of money by converting one....better yet converting a used one.
  9. That's a neat idea. I'd say go on your favorite CraigsWrist, FleeBay, etc sites and I'm sure you'll find lots of options. When we were using one for its intended purpose we had one with inflatable tires and I found that running then a little on the under pressure side was more forgiving on dirt trails.....which is 99.9% of the ranges I know of. Something to keep in mind, we tested lots and a few were really back at going around corners, which is an issue when running, but we normally walked, but its worth noting. Some had a lock out on the front wheel to stop it from turning but all that extra stuff adds weight and even the one we had was fairly heavy. Don't forget at the end of a days shooting you are more tired and you still need to pack up.
  10. Thanks for sharing this. I bet you could hook a motor up to that in no time! Sure be easier than getting tennis elbow!
  11. Nice mods on your press. I was going to have my son print the case collator 3D part at school but decided that may pee off the powers that be! Was also thinking of buying a 3D printer to mess around with, but I like your mod. It looks like a piece of 1/8" plastic tube attached to the side of case collator. Can you give me some additional details on it. Thanks, Alan
  12. Assuming you mean "dot seems to go in a circular motion" when you shoot it. I know mine moves up a tad but I can't say that I see any circular motion. I guess if you are shoving on the thumb rest way to hard you would see this in where your shots fall. I'm also assuming you dot is on tight, you are using the correct ammo and there is nothing wrong with the position of the comp. If you think you are pushing too hard on the gas peddle (thumb rest) take it off and test fire....watch what happens.
  13. I handled one at a local shop and I really like the look, feel and for me it aimed really well. The dot was right where I expected it to be. However, no deal for me and I don't have the spare change for one right now. I did buy a Walther Q5 Match which I believe is legal in Carry Optics but the Kimber still fells way better.
  14. I talked to them about the Black Friday sale during the sale last year and I'm not ready to pull the trigger on going auto. I really don't shoot enough to justify the expense. Besides, we were in the process or buying and have since signed on a new place so I will definitely be hanging onto my pennies for now. However, the primer orientation sensor is of interest, but I'm going to hold till I set up my new reloading area and see if I can get my RF 100 to behave a bit better. That will solve 1/2 my problems!
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