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  1. Update on my Evo's vacation to Mk7 in Florida. I mailed my press off to Mk7 for a rebuild a few weeks ago and it came back last week. If you read my earlier posts my machine is one of the earlier ones and I had all manner of issues. I had some time over the weekend to finish setting up and after some initial tweaking I ran 50 rounds through the press late last night. 48 of the 50 dropped into the cases checker without issue. The other 2 only sat high by less than a 1/32" but did seat if I pushed on them. However, both of those rounds plunked tested in my barrel without issue, so I call that a pass. The new powder dropper is great and fine tuning is much easier. Once set up I checked a few rounds and it was spot on. Overall the press feels great and I think it's fair to say it's working as expected and far better than before. I simply never got 50 rounds in a row off the machine that all case checked before! Attached a few photos of my set up. I build a 1" tube ceiling hanger with some stock I had laying around so I could get the case feeder and MrBulletfeeder off the press. I found with all that extra height up high on the press the whole press would vibrate when I cranked on the handle. This is in part due to table set up, but I'm too lazy to bend over any more and as this is an old Hamilton Drafting Table it will go up and down via an electric motor. Really handle for looking at something down low on the press! The concrete block add stability and the green tie downs lock the blocks to the base, but still allow the table top to go up and down. Normally the table top is in the all the way down positions. After initial testing this set up seems to be working fine. I'm very happy with all the help I received from Misty and Tom of Mk7. Customer service was/is top notch and they went the extra mile to get my press up and running. Just wish that more companies would follow Mk7's lead on customer service. Thanks again Mk7!
  2. I kept my original boxes so packing was easy. I'd like to go down for a class, but not flying with this virus business going around. Perhaps it will be cleaned up by the time they get my press rebuild. Be a nice treat to go somewhere other than the living room and bedroom! I'll update here on progress. Be safe.
  3. I was a bit concerned also as I bought...well paid for mine in Feb 2018, got it in November. I had a 650 so the Evo was like going from a Toyato MR2 to a Ferrari. I sure Mk7 will get it going good.
  4. My press is going on a road trip to visit Mk7 in FL. Got an email today from Anthony and he recommended sending it in. Mk7 will give it a good going over and hopefully it will be right as rain when I get it back. I'm very happy with Mk7's customer service, they're standing by their product and making me a happy camper. It was a bit of a pain to box it up since I just got it set up, but I'm okay waiting a bit more. Thanks again Misty and Anthony.
  5. Thanks so much for testing. Like you I have no way of measuring the amount of force, but its not low. However, if I compare to the 650 I had its much higher. I had the exact same set up but swapped to a Lee expander on Mk7 recommendation. As a matter of interest did the "latest updated mechanical powder measure" come with your press or did you have to buy it? Also, lots of folks on this thread had all manner of issues with this powder measure. It would be rather frustrating to solve the extra belling only to then have to deal with inconsistent loads, which I have already noticed with the few rounds I got off the press.
  6. More testing: I removed the powder drop, including die completely from the press. With a new piece of rolled rolled sized , casesized, swaged, primed and expanded with the Lee expander. I then hand loaded with 7.8 gains of HS-6 and placed back into the press at the (empty) powder station. Cycled the press a few times to place a projectile, size and crimp the round. Placed it in the gauge checker and it sat flush and fell out when inverted. I call this a pass. I did it one more time as its so much fun looking at my press (aka anchor) and trying to get 7.8 in a 9mm! Anyhow, the second one passed as well. By the numbers: 1. If I take a piece of bass thats rolled sized, casesized, swaged, primed and measure the case mouth its 0.3770". 2. Same piece of brass after the going through the Lee expander is 0.3775", which is just enough to get MrBullet feeder to do its job. 3. Same piece of bass after going through the powder drop station, adjusted so the arm almost make a full cycle up is now 0.3795". This is why the crimp is having a hard time and I'm getting so many fails on my case gauge. Photos in link below. Question and task for manual Evo owners: 1. Please try the following. With the tool head up and a piece of sized and expanded brass in your hand shove up on the powder funnel (from below) to simulate cycling the press, yes you will get powder, so be careful. I'm curious how hard is it to raise the arm on the powder drop by hand using the above method. Tip, if you place the brass on your index finger just in front of your (finger) knuckle you can use your thumb to as leverage on the press and shove up with you hand to cycle the powder arm through a full cycle. Mine is hard and requires what I consider a great deal of force. It free in the sense its not binding but theses a fair amount of resistance. Once released it will go back down. Another thing I notices and I don't expect anyone to try this. But with the powder drop off the press if I cycle the arm with when the powder drop is not perfecially upright the arm will not go back with near the same force, but on the press and mounted correctly is return with force. Movie here if you want to break out the popcorn and make a night of it! There you have it....I'm off to hang with family and watch TV. Cheers all....
  7. Wow...birds nest! Mine is not that bad...but I'm not getting anywhere with the suggestion from Mk7 so far.
  8. Crimp will take it out....but many fail the case gauge and the crimp does not look good. The bass is rougher and the intersection of the case and brass, and in some cases its has marks, gouges and flakes of brass.....not good. However, if I miss the powder station they will pass the case gauge. Seems to me that the bit in the middle...the powder station is the issue. Now, having said that since I'm cramming 10 lbs of powder in a 5 lb case (sarcasm) that may not be helping.....but the powder station should not be belling the brass just delivering powder.....and its rally hard to lob lead without powder! Hopefully Mk7 will point me in a good direction when they call today. I will keep you all updated.
  9. Did a little more testing late evening because I suspected I was getting an extra bell at the powder station. Removed the complete powder hopper station, emptied the powder, removed hopper and reinstalled it without hopper. I can pull the arm up to the top by hand, only tension is from the springs, once its released it will drop by itself to the bottom position. Having nothing to compare it to I can only assume the arm is working as designed. I removed the powder drop but left the die and the powder insert tube in the toolhead. I cycled the press with and without brass and the insert tube goes up and down as expected. I put the powder drop back on and with a new piece of brass adjusted it so I got a full cycle on the powder drop arm. I placed a new piece of brass that was rolled sized and primed, but not expanded and cycled the press. The powder station is definitely belling the brass. I'm also working with Mr7 and have a call today. Will keep you all updated. Thanks for all your help to date.
  10. Other than all the sizes I listed I discovered that the powder drop is also belling the brass. However, I cannot set the powder die low enough so the drum rotates fully or high enough so it will not extra bell the brass! Instructions say it needs to rotate fully. I really hope I'm missing something here as I'm almost 100% certain is was not doing the extra bell when the old shell plate was installed. I'm guessing the extra bell is causing the issue or at least not helping. So, how do you find a happy medium on....assuming theirs one to find!
  11. On the ones that passed. Below is the range of sizes where I pulled out 8 rounds from each head stamp. FC .3780 to .3785 Blazer .3780 to .3790 WIN .3775 to .3795 On the practice rounds. Keep in mind I placed all the practice rounds in one box as I'm not going to Chrono them. .3770 to .3795
  12. slavex, its alive! Here's the scoop. I installed the new shell plate the other day and spend some time readjusting the dies so suit. New plate is a tad thicker or sits a tad higher than the old one. I also swapped out the Redding Premium Expander die for a Lee Universal Expander Die with Mr. BulletFeeder powder funnel in it. Right off the bat it fed cases much better and looking down at the swage it appears to be aligned. I ran a bunch of test round, one at a time, no primer or powder, just sized, moved to expander, then skip the powder and then though the remaining stations. After I tweaked the dies I was getting very good results so I decided to give it a go and run a bunch through the entire press without stopping. Here's the breakdown of my results and I'm using the same process as before, mixed head stamp range brass wet tumbled and rolled sized to produce 9mm Open - Precision Delta's with 7.8 grains of HS-6 at 1.145 OAL. 141 - Total round 80 Rounds - Passed the gauge checker. Some remained in the checker when inverted, but the remaining rounds fell out easily with a slight touch. I randomly plunked tested several rounds without issue. Head stamp breakdown: 31 FC 14 Blazer 12 WIN 6 RP 4PMC 2 MKE 2 GFL 9 Additional rounds with all different head stamps 52 Rounds - Went in the practice bucket. Either they sat a tad high in the case checker of I was not happy with them for other reasons. Head stamp breakdown: 13 Blazers 12 RP 10 FC 3 CBC 2 PMC 2 WIN 2 Aquila 2 PPU 6 Additional rounds with different head stamps. 9 Rounds - Outright rejected pile. Most sat way high in the case checker or the I did not like the look of the crimp. 2 Blazer 2 FC 5 Additional rounds with different head stamps. My ratio of Passed to overall was 56%. Not sure I like that number but wanted to get some additional feedback...other than I need to start sorting by head stamp and only load FC and Blazer....which is not something I'm not looking forward too!
  13. Works like a charm. Ran about 500 rounds through with the above set up and did not see or get any issues. Thanks for the tip BinkSwans
  14. Thanks. I took it apart last night in about 4 minutes per the video Mark 7 provided. I'm going to give it a good cleaning (not that its done a lot of work, but it did sit around for a while), lube it up and wait for the shell plate to arrive. I will keep you updated.
  15. See above for what I did today with Mark 7 support. I was not getting any extra flare at the powder drop, just powder...thankfully. The crimp was hit or miss and I did notice while testing the other day that if I hunkered down and looked up at the crimp die as it was coming down it appeared to be misaligned. When I check today by looking down through the head at the swage alignment with the shell plate its clearly off. That's the same misalignment I (hopefully) see at the crimp station. Also, on some rounds I can see a dent (like its over crimping) on one side of some rounds, so thinking I had too much crimp I'd let off, but then I had too little! Lets see what happens in a week or so when I get the replacement shell plate.
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