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  1. I have seen a little bit on their facebook page. The system utilizes magnets to delay the opening of the bolt after the round is fired, then it uses the traditional spring. To the best of my knowledge your bolt must have a removable weight at the back of the bolt. There are a few videos of people that were sent prototypes and the system looks promising but I am a newb and just see what is new, I doubt it would help me that much. I would would see better results spending the money on ammo and time practicing on the range but it is tempting to look at all the new tech that comes to the market.
  2. Better to spray some paper towels in a plastic bag, then dump the cases in there and shake around. Then take the cases out, and let them dry before you dump into case feeder  I believe the dillon case lube needs to dry or have the alcohol evaporate off the cases, I am not sure the hornady aerosol spray is needed to dry the same way but I think I will try out your idea with rifle brass when I purchase the dillon spray. I hear horror stories about hornady one shot being used to size rifle brass
  3. This is great, I have 650 akro bins and plastic folgers cans and I will measure then spray in an aluminum pan with hornady one shot case lube then dump into the case feeder. Thanks for the replies.
  4. I was wondering about how many empty cases of 9mm I should start with in my dillon case feeder or maybe a min or max number, I also have the same question for a Mr. bullet feeder, I am currently loading coated 135 grain boolits. Thanks for any help
  5. I am going to try a low bench height and yes the case feeder running empty will be easy to figure out, and primers and powder are the only ones that have a safety concern or make a difficult to clean mess.
  6. WOW there is a lot of equipment in that photo. I do not consider myself that mechanically inclined, but I see it is possible. I might try building a bench 35" high almost 44 inches of space on top of the bench. I believe the top of the collator is 38" above the press and I might be able to dump small amounts of brass between the joists and maybe mount a small mirror to keep an eye on things.
  7. Maybe I could improvise something like that, would you be able to take a pic? thanks
  8. Thank you I was not aware of that, I will have to come up with another solution besides a mark7. Thank you for the reply
  9. I purchased a used 1050 and have low ceilings in my basement 79". I don't think I could fill the case feeder at a comfortable standing height I will be building a new bench mounted to the ceiling joists for stability and I like to load standing to look into cases to verify powder so my question is loading 9mm on a Dillon 1050 with a mr bullet feeder,will I hurt the functionality of the press by shortening the square haste feeder support and the clear plastic tube? In the future I might purchase a 223 conversion and this will have longer cases than the 9mm I am currently using, would this have any future effect besides selling a press that has been altered? I am sure I could purchase 2 replacement parts ( square steel tube and round plastic tube if needed in the future. Does this sound like more trouble than it is worth and I should build the bench for seated loading or try another option?
  10. I have mecgar mags already, so I think i will be looking at the cajun gun works magwell. I am not sure but i believe the cajun gun works magwell will NOT work with taran tactical extended base pads( I have heard springer precision extended base pads work fine with the cajun gun works magwell, but I only recall reading this somewhere and am not positive)
  11. I am interested in purchasing a magwell for my CZ SP-01 and a few mag extensions for 3 gun. I have only seen a picture of the Cajun Gun Works magwell that uses a replacement pin where the lanyard hole is on the bottom of the grip. I was wondering if there are other options, and if Taran Tactical extensions would work with any of these magwells or any other mag extensions would work with a specific magwell.
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