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  1. Ive got one too if his sold already.
  2. If anyone is interested, im getting ready to post up a Gen 5 34 CO setup in the classifieds in a day or so. Gen 5 Glock 34 FS MOS - stock sights TTI GM kit Uninstalled Ghost Tac mag release and maritime spring cups. Double Diamond Tungsten guide rod with 13 + 15 springs Assorted trigger connectors 3 factory mags with TTI +5/6 baseplates + spare parts and extra springs 2x Leupold DPP 2.5 MOA BSPS BOSS hanger + 2 layer Amarok tactical comp holster. Also have a FAT wrench and tool steel Wiha bits for the optic bolts if requested Probably going to list it around $1150 net to get a quick sale before my surgery. PM me if interested.
  3. nick779

    Glock +6 pads

    I usually download mine to 22, but I can get a 23rd round in all 3 of my extensions by hand. Cant use the magloader. Honestly though, I hate shooting with no room for shot calling/make ups.
  4. I believe BSPS carries assembled Glock 17 mags with TTI +5/6 baseplates. You can also try 21 round pmags as well.
  5. Its funny you should say that. I have all of the OEM Glock connectors and experienced the same thing. I keep flip flopping between the TTI and the dot.
  6. Im just curious what you guys prefer in your competition guns. Im playing around with a rolling/smooth break or something more tactile with a distinguishable wall.
  7. I have the #13 from GS on the same GR. Im 99% sure they just clipped a few coils. Works fine even with an optic.
  8. Supposedly the TRS is more resistant to breaking in the gen 5 trigger housing, but I dont know anyone who actually broke a TRS in a Glock. Either way, I still agree with everything said here. Nothing worth upgrading if youre comfortable on a gen 3.
  9. nick779

    MOS Plate torque

    FWIW I degreased, applied some 243 blue and torqued incrementally down to 15 inch pounds. Still solid and holding zero at 1400rds.
  10. Ah, ive been on the hunt for a good pair of shooting glasses, but I dont really need anything super serious. I think Smith made some good clear glasses for about $80, but im still looking around.
  11. Are they impact resistant? I didnt see any verbage on their site that they were, but maybe I overlooked it.
  12. They said the same thing to me about a two months ago regarding mag springs. They asked for my address, I sent it, they asked for it again, I sent it, a month and a follow up email later...... nothing.
  13. Well, after 3 weeks of not sending a round downrange I shot a club match on Saturday, 5 stages + classy. 3rd match in CO, 6th match this year/ever. My allergies were freaking out and were super distracting, but it ended up being one of the best matches ive shot to date. I was listening to Steve Anderson on my way there and I unintentionally embraced the "think about nothing during your run" technique. Everything felt good, runs were smooth, stage plans worked, gun ran great. Came in 24th out of 87, 3 positions behind my class leader. (Paper A) 2nd in Carry Optics with a few division stage wins. I feel like my movement is so sluggish, but its definitely improving.
  14. Angelfire, Fenix, and Atlanta Arms 147gr loads are all same cost or cheaper than syntech.
  15. Thats definitely interesting. I thought the CAT was the one to go for now. Its definitely the most popular at our ranges. This one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ITAKG6A/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_Tvc8CbGE72CA0
  16. Thats good to know. 124s are $15 cheaper a 1000 too from my vendor haha. I still need to play around with it, but its good to know that its possible. I know I need practice.
  17. I need some more range time to make a decision on the load. Ive ran 124s since I started a year ago, and subjectively I see little difference between them and the 147s. I know that its mostly technique and timing, I was asking more if it was worth it running the 147s at the edge of spring weights that I can use. With the 11lb spring and double diamond tungsten rod/adapter, I fail the vertical lockup test with my DPP and 4.5# striker spring. Do you have an optic?
  18. USPSA Carry Optics min PF loaded 147s wont cycle on a 15# spring let alone the factory 17# Edit, I completely overlooked the other thread in this forum. I was more asking if it made sense to stick with 124gr loads since I dont have as many spring options with the 147s.
  19. Typically people go lower spring rates than factory, especially on mouse fart loads. Edit im an idiot. I had it stuck in my head that 130 was min.
  20. I wonder if anyone has tried "goop" Its this very sticky, flexible adhesive that kinda pulls off like those 3M command hooks. I use it on plastic and all kinds of other things, but its fairly easy to remove, clean and dries clear.
  21. Im currently testing a few different loads from different commercial reloaders to see what works best for me. Im split between 124gr and 147gr. As I test things around with double taps and double tap timing I keep thinking that 124gr is the way to go. On my Gen 5 with a DPP and a TTI spring kit, a 13# ISMI spring is as light as im comfortable going for reliable lockup. That cycles the 124s and 147s fine and gives me pretty good timing with double taps. The 124s will cycle with a 15#, but the 147s will not. Im wondering if its worth sticking with the 147s for no perceivable reduction in recoil and less tuning headroom for recoil springs. Im just curious what everyone else does here with their glock setups. Especially gen 5s with a slideride optic.
  22. I honestly contemplated soldering mine on one side. Imo that button/contact design isnt built for longevity because at least 3 of the legs need to be floating for the switch to work. Im curious to see what the new board revision looks like that "supposedly" fixes the button and dead DPP issues. Heard that was in the final testing phase at Leupold.
  23. I just found out that the Gen 5 MOS FS versions arent on the prod list either. That is so stupid.
  24. I was pretty impressed with the inner milling of the slide on my Gen 5. They did some neat stuff to keep the weight down but structural integrity high. Depending on what you want or plan to do, the TTI springs make the trigger REALLY nice. The TTI/stock (-) connector isnt bad if you like a rolling break, Ive settled on the dot connector for my preferred trigger feel with more of a wall.
  25. Its a standard cage pushed through a hole cut in a ballcap brim with a bolt as a retaining device. I asked him on his YT channel a while back
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