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  1. I don’t think it works that way. When you declare that you are shooting major then you are limited to 8 rounds. If you load 9 then you violated the division rules.
  2. Loading 9 or 10 when claiming major is no different than loading 11 in production. It is a rule violation.
  3. I have no clue if you aren’t accidentally hitting the lock on the right side of the gun. I have a hard time with ambi-safeties in 1911’s myself.
  4. Is it a gen 5? All stock parts? I haven’t heard of any issues not related to improper spring seating or operator interference.
  5. The consensus with this pistol is that there are better was to spend the money unless your main goal is to have a cool pistol to show non-gun guys.
  6. OdinIII

    CZ Tuning

    It’s impossible to buy something that will require no work. If you are serious about shooting then you are going to shoot a lot and in challenging conditions. You’ll have to clean mags, change springs, slide stops, etc. there is no perfect gun or we’d all be using it. You can pay someone else to do it but whatever you buy will need maintenance at some point. With that said, just go shoot! It’ll all take take of itself.
  7. One problem is you are giving up 2 rounds and well over an ounce on the gun. There is a reason why most top shooters run base pads. I prefer TTI but others work just as well.
  8. OdinIII

    17 or 22 for USPSA

    Buy some of Steve Anderson’s or Ben Stoeger’s dryfire books and start listening to Steve and Ben’s podcast. Read the books and “get to work!” This will advance your classification faster than spending $3000 on a new 2011! The magic in this sport is in the person, not the equipment.
  9. OdinIII

    17 or 22 for USPSA

    I know how it feels to over analyze everything. I’m setting up a G34 for carry optics and keep thinking I should try a G17 for a backup just so I can try the shorter slide. My own advice from above tells me that it doesn’t matter and I should just get another G34 but it isn’t easy when there is the possibility of not making the best choice. Good luck, my scores didn’t noticeably improve but I very much enjoyed shooting the Dawson Fiber Optic sights more.
  10. OdinIII

    17 or 22 for USPSA

    Keep in mind that much of what is said here about the competitiveness of the pistols and calibers is mostly relevant to people who are at the top or very near the top of this sport. My last local match had 7 pistols shooting minor above the first Limited Major pistol. There is no reason to stress over the pistol when starting out. Limited Minor is fine for now. Do you have good sights in the pistol? I shot stock Glock sights for way too long.
  11. OdinIII

    17 or 22 for USPSA

    This is good advice, the gun is almost irrelevant as long as it works until much, much higher than B Class. Production will force you to develop your stage planning and gun handling skills a bit faster than Limited. That can be a good or bad thing based on your slant.
  12. OdinIII

    17 or 22 for USPSA

    What percentage of points did you shoot? I think somewhere between 88% and 92% would be a good goal to tell whether you need to speed up or slow down to meet those numbers.
  13. I’d go with the simpler option of the MOS plates. You’ll have more options for the future and I don’t feel the the extra sight height is a big deal.
  14. I would combat the memory stage issue by finding a stage plan that you can’t mess up. Even if it causes you an extra reload or shooting position that is fine. A mediocre plan executed well is almost always better than a failed great plan. After you build confidence and continue working on the memorize and visualize part of Steve’s strategy then you can work more complexity into your analyzing and strategizing.
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