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  1. It sounds like the CZ is the gun for you. The most important thing about any chosen gun is that it will work and that you’ll practice with it. The weak point in our game is almost always not the gun.
  2. Carry Optics guns have to be on the production list. The 2011 isn’t legal at any weight.
  3. OdinIII

    ZEV OZ9

    I’ve never been a fan of Zev. It sounds like they are wondering why he is trying to shoot the pistol instead of admiring their aesthetic talents.
  4. OdinIII


    Almost always with a factory striker.
  5. They all fail. The DPP is hard to beat right now.
  6. I’m sure the OP isn’t mad that they are dead, he just wishes they had reversed the order of their killing.
  7. Guns, once used, don’t drop much in value. I prefer to keep anything that may be used in the future. Anything I don’t like or don’t see the possibility of future use gets sold.
  8. I don’t shoot 3-gun so I can’t help your there. If you want to try USPSA then check out River Bend in Dawsonville and Cherokee in Gainesville.
  9. Welcome! I live in the North Georgia area also. Good luck!
  10. There was definitely more fouling in the channel than I expected. I found only black powder and no hard pieces but it took 6 or 7 q-tips before they came out clean. The spring end was not at a split in the cups and I saw no evidence of the striker hitting the striker block. I do not have adjustable over travel so I guess that is good. I wish this was easier to test. I’m not sure I can make it to the range before the next match.
  11. Thanks to all for the tips. I was fully expecting the answer to be the primers so I haven’t pulled out the striker yet. Would it be obvious if fouling in the striker channel is the issue or will a tiny amount of crud cause issues? Keep in mind that I did clean it spotless with a q-tip and inspected with a light less than 1,000 rounds ago when I installed the spring. I’ve probably been spoiled by running stock Glocks and getting away with ignoring maintenance. The gun is box stock with lightened safety plunger spring, striker spring, recoil spring and guide rod. I followed an online tutorial and polished the trigger parts. I have no overtravel adjustment but did polish the plunger button. I’ll take it apart tonight and report back.
  12. I haven't been plunk testing the rounds but the failed round I recovered from the range plunks fine in my barrel. I'm assuming that eliminates out of battery issues due to the rounds. The trigger bar is stock. I replaced the firing pin safety and striker spring and polished the internals like I've done my other pistols.
  13. I forgot to mention that I found one of the failed rounds and there was a slight crease from seating. From my research that is a good thing.
  14. I'm running a 4.5 lb. striker spring with a factory striker and had 3 light strikes at a recent match. I think the gun has about 700-1000 through it with the lighter spring. I'm new to this game and want to nip this in the bud. I really like the trigger now but I like a reliable pistol much more. What is the recommended frequency for striker spring replacement? Also, I'm using CCI primers because I ran out of Winchesters. Will Winchester primers fix this issue or is something else going on? I can only find the Federal mag and match primers in stock. Should I try these or just buy the easily available Winchesters?
  15. I run the +0’s. The are supposed to be production legal but I’ve never tried to put it in the box.
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