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  1. Longer barrel makes more PF. This could be important if you load for multiple guns and don’t want 2 loads.
  2. I’ve always found it odd that the people who tell us that we are wrong when we say 3.5 lb connector will happily admit 4.5 lb isn’t accurate either but for some reason the 3.5 lb wording triggers them.
  3. I thought the system uses the 6 most recent scores for initial classification. This would only count the classifier match scores ignoring the previous scores. Then the classifier match scores are ranked in descending order so the classification would be (90+80+70+60)/4. Of course, I’m probably missing something.
  4. I may be wrong but won’t you loose the chamber coating? I know we’ve had uncoated chambers for centuries and it probably won’t ever hurt anything but it would bother me. It would also bother me to have to get rid of the rifle. Not a good situation. Good luck.
  5. I know nothing about this subject but shouldn’t the case gauge find a long shoulder or anything else above the maximum spec?
  6. Yep, thanks for taking the time to post this information. Is it common to try to capture fired bullets to verify that there are no reloading issues? I had not thought of that possibility before. I’ve just ordered 7000 125 gr BBI’s and these will be my first coated bullets. I’ve been loading JHP’s and I’m both excited and worried about moving to the BBI’s but I’ve got to figure out a way to reduce cost or reduce rounds fired. I’m got to try the cheaper bullets first.
  7. I have several interesting things to report. I switched the new mag tubes I had bought specifically for the +5/6 base pads with my older non-ambidextrous tubes that I'd been using for production and it was definitely easier to load the 23rd round. I had high hopes when I went to the range yesterday that it would be better. It did seem better because the fired case always left the gun but it still would not push the round out of the mag. I then chrono'd my ammo and averaged 129 PF with 3.95 gr of Unique and the 147 gr Zero JHP's. I then went 5 for 5 with a functioning 23+1 configuration with the first round being WWB 115 gr and 5 for 5 at 23+1 with the first round being Federal 115 gr FMJ. I then tried the 147's with my old Gen 3 34 and it worked also at 23+1. I guess this means that I'm just on the borderline with this Gen 5 pistol with my current load. I didn't pay attention to which brand it was but the factory ammo averaged 133 PF for the 3 rounds I shot through the chrono. I'm not too concerned now that I know how to make it work but I do plan to switch to a more mainstream powder and coated bullets so I can hopefully continue to afford to shoot. That last 8,000 JHP order is sadly almost gone. This experience makes me lean toward either 124's or 135's. Hopefully whatever I settle on will work with the topped off mags. I still plan to buy a backup pistol soon so I won't have to quit after a dot failure and would have already bought another G34 if I hadn't held that X5 Legion the other day. I've already bought the parts to duplicate the current G34.5. If I get another Glock it'll be interesting to see if it behaves differently.
  8. I recently bought 2 of the extended factory versions (8794) and wish it was a little longer. Mine is in a Gen 5 gun but I think that part of the frame is identical. I need more time with the gun to see if this is an issue for me. There doesn’t appear to be any great options that are plastic.
  9. 3.9 gr of Unique with a 147gr Zero JHP. I actually averaged closer to 4.0 for 5 dumps when I checked it the other day. That is a hair over 900 Ft/s in my Gen 3 34. It looks like I need to verify I’m getting something close to the same in this new Gen 5 pistol. This same ammo is out of a ~1500 round batch. 500 of it went through the Gen 3 pistol with no issues but with only 10 rounds loaded for production. I tried last night and had to strain to get the topped off mags to seat in the older gun.
  10. It was a little dirty and dry during some of the failures with the factory recoil spring. I had just cleaned and oiled it before the shooting session with the 13 lb spring where it still would not feed from a topped off mag. I think the 13lb spring fixed everything but feeding from a mag with 23 rounds loaded
  11. That’s definitely concerning! I know that I can feel the grip give when I grip my G48. I can see it deflect when gripped with no mag. I hope this isn’t the case but gripping the G34 may be changing the mag to slide interface. I still don’t see how it would matter enough to stop the slide without being stuffed completely full of ammo.
  12. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree but thought I’ve read here of issues with 147’s being too soft for the factory recoil spring. I just thought since I need to switch to cheaper coated bullets anyway that I may be able to get more energy into the slide with a lighter bullet at the same power factor. I’m not sure it works that way though.
  13. I’m 99% sure the first failures was from minor 147 loads with the (over sprung?) factory recoil rod and spring. I know for certain it would choke with 23 rounds and the factory recoil spring with my hand very far away from the slide. I haven’t had any failures with less than 23 in the mag with the 13lb spring. I only tried 3 times with 23 in the mag after the spring and rod change with the same result each time.
  14. I haven’t shot any factory mags yet. It was unfired about a month ago when I put the dot on it. It’s got about 800 through it now. I’ve fired about 300 since replacing the factory spring with the ISMI and have had no issues with 22 or less in the mags. I was surprised to have issues with the factory spring but found several post here about problems with the factory spring and 147’s at lower PF’s.
  15. My new G34.5’s slide is failing to go all the way back when fired with 23 rounds loaded. It leaves the fired case in the barrel. The slide does go back but not far enough to eject. I’m running 147 gr bullets at 132 PF with a 13 lb ISMI spring. I should also report that I had the same type of failure with the factory recoil spring with various numbers of bullets in the mag. I haven’t crono’d in a while but I did verify that my powder charge has not changed. The 23rd round is very hard to load and seat the magazine. I’m assuming this is normal? Should the gun work as is? Any magic spring or follower work that should be performed? I need to change bullets anyway to coated to help with cost. Will 147 gr coated bullets change the energy in the slide from jacketed? Will 124’s or 135’s help? It seems that we’re having a lot of low 20ish round stages with steel and I really want to figure out how to make it run with 23+1.
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