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  1. I’m a Glock fan and want my CO gun to be similar to my carry guns so I use a 34. That said, the Sig Legion is the place to start if you are starting out and not tied to a platform. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the metal guns. It all boils down to the gun that you’ll practice with. Practice and it’ll serve you well regardless of the brand.
  2. No, it is not noticeable to me. YMMV I can definitely tell a difference when I get lazy gripping the gun regardless of the guide rod inside. I use the tungsten because common sense seems to say that it should help. Maybe it does.
  3. It doesn’t matter. Tungsten is heavier and more likely to break. SS is lighter and less likely to break. I run tungsten now but wouldn’t say there is a benefit.
  4. Are you shooting something that requires jacketed bullets? I just switched to coated at $.065 each and I’m getting better accuracy than my old JHP load. I’m sure I should have spent more time tuning the jacketed loads but I’m tickled with the new bullets performance and significant savings.
  5. I know the short chamber is a thing but I’ve had zero issues with the same loads I ran in Gen 3s.
  6. Just wanted to chime in again and warn everyone to avoid instructional welding videos. You can burn your eyes.
  7. I bought a really good set of headphones and I’m in the same boat. Now I can only watch videos of Prod and CO shooters. No more Open shooter videos for me!
  8. I’d go Gen 5 but honestly you’re not missing anything with the Gen 3 unless the finger grooves don’t fit your hand. The Gen 5 requires an adapter for the guild rod that isn’t needed on the Gen 3s.
  9. I’m hesitant to recommend the Loadmaster but I like mine. I’ve never had a Dillon so I may not know what I don’t know. I loaded thousands and thousands on a single stage and then a turret so I had a good base of knowledge before I dove into a progressive. This may have helped me setup the Loadmaster with minimal issues. One thing I feel to be very important for a new reloader who chooses the 550 or any manual indexing press. CHOOSE A POWDER THAT YOU CAN’T DOUBLE CHARGE.
  10. I’ll leave this to the more experienced but that is a strong crimp ring. If you are having bullet creep at that crimp level then you may be over crimping and causing deformation in the case that actually reduces bullet holding ability.
  11. I hadn’t thought of this but it makes sense since we are pushing the cartridge through the sleeve. I just switched to coated bullets and I’m getting good results so far with the FCD. I followed the BBI instructions of 1/8 turn past case contact and I’m hundoing them after loading.
  12. OdinIII

    Ghost Connector

    Are you saying that the dot has a wall and the minus has no/little wall? I ended up removing the minus from my G34.5 and going with TTI for more wall.
  13. I run the X-Release on 3 pistols and have no issues other than the noticeable mold flashing line across the button.
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