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  1. Do you think it might have gone bang due to being slightly out of battery due to an excessive OAL? That probably would allow things to cycle and pick up the next round.
  2. I think that is probably what happened with him. He was most likely more cognizant of his movement with the boat anchor on his leg.
  3. I was squadded with a guy who had his foot in a boot and decided to move instead of take the penalty. He set his personal best on OL that day.
  4. Good advice on the weight. A steel frame 1911 gets there pretty quick.
  5. I wonder if the numbers seem low because of so many shooters at tier one matches not being members of SCSA? I knkw at my local matches we have many non-members that shoot matches, so I assume their scores go unposted. Several of them are B or higher in their scores..
  6. Thanks. I have got to have a set of those.
  7. Who makes these base pads? I really like them.
  8. nso123


    What bullet are you shooting? Profile plays a huge part in what will and won't plunk. For example, in my X5, a Berry's 147 fp has to be seated to 1.08 to plunk, but a Berry's 147 rn will plunk at 1.15.
  9. I had this happen with the 17 round mags that came with my Legion. My only solution was to download a round. Standard X5 21 round mags didn't cause the issue. I assume that I am just going to have to get the springs broken in.
  10. I had the same issue. I was interested to see what the mount looked like.
  11. Do you think you are faster with the 6 inch in RFPI due to the increased sight radius? Have you tried it with a dot?
  12. I use the blue, which I think is the same as the Guntite. My introduction to red was when I was working on race cars. I was also introduced to torches at that time to undo a mistake with red.
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