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  1. I have run mine with Eley Force, and currently run it with Action Plus. My son has been using standard Action in his without issue as well. I have heard that there were some issues with MR receivers and Wiland barrels, but think Wiland was working on that. On a little different note, some of what you describe can be the result of finicky mags. Are you tuning your mags?
  2. Get the MR Switchbolt with a sporter chamber. You will have to special order it through Magnum Research and deal with a wait, but mine has been flawless after the first 200 rounds of break in.
  3. Everyone who competes gets to walk the prize table at some point. If you are not going to be at the awards ceremony you are able to designate someone to walk the table for you.
  4. One thing to remember is that someone who was a 95% GM in 2019 may not be a GM anymore. How many GMs are there that meet the current time to be GM? That number will likely be much lower than the current peak time GMs. If you look at WSSC from this year, the top 14 GMs in RFRO shot at 100% of the peak or faster. The top 21 shot GM classification times. In PCCO, the top 11 were at 100% or faster with the top 25 at GM classification times. My prediction for April is that we will see more records broken. Some of these young guys are consistently shooting around the numbers from the last
  5. The best description of WSSC that I have heard is that it’s a spectacle. This is your chance to see the super squads with the fastest shooters in the world. The range works well for spectating, and there will be several vendors. We pushed right up against dark in my evening squad this year. Awards go pretty late too on Sunday, so a Monday departure might be best.
  6. Buy once, cry once. A JP GMR-15 Ultralight will do all that you are wanting. I use an ADM QR mount for my optic and Striplin Custom Gunworks sights for PCCI. You can tune the SCS buffer to your load. I had initially gone with as light a load as would function the rifle, but have since changed things around a bit. A little heavier load cycles faster, and with the right weight combo in the buffer the rifle still runs flat.
  7. This is something that absolutely happens. I think it generally happens with shooters of similar abilities. The day Steve put this article out I shot in a match with my son. There was another preteen shooter who started double tapping the stop plate for some reason. Well, sure enough, my son started double tapping the stop plate also. Now, I feel there are two different phenomena that take place involving other shooters. The first is listed above, but the second happens between shooters of differing abilities instead of similar abilities. For example, if a C class shooter follows a GM
  8. The thing sponsors get now is an increased footprint on social media, and it has very little cost. Let’s say company x provides you with a 20% discount on their product and they know you have a good social media presence. You make posts every time you shoot a match and do well thanking them for their support. If that influences a couple of your followers to make a purchase they are getting a return, plus they are writing your discount off. I am sure they follow who is tagging them and posting about them to a degree. I have a small fly fishing business and use this exact strategy. I am able to
  9. I turn mine off between stages and go through about three batteries per year. That’s shooting 3-4 matches per month and practice.
  10. Lucas for me as well. I use it on all of my guns with good results. A little goes a long way.
  11. I can really see both sides of this issue. The folks who were chasing the freshly moved peak times may not have had much chance to improve this year. In all honesty, the four second move wasn’t really enough last year, so I think another move was almost inevitable this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t move times though since we have had such a crazy year.
  12. I enjoyed his posts. He will be missed.
  13. I like bullets in the 125gr range. After some experimenting with other weights these have been the flattest shooting from my GMR-15 Ultralight.
  14. The latter also has a section to review individual results, as well as the different “master” titles. Is that something that only shows in iOS?
  15. I went though the help desk, ticket 3607. The response I received did not answer the question. I am specifically trying to get the results output from the second picture. Everything else works properly, such as uploads to SCSA. Thanks for taking a look at this. I know you are the one who can get me straightened out.
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