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  1. Through trial and error, I have learned just how high the rounds can sit out of my Hundo and still feed reliably. As mentioned above, these gauges are tighter than most any chamber you will deal with. My rejects go to the practice pile, and they still feed. I am more interested in the gauge catching split brass that I miss, and the occasional .380 round that makes it through the press.
  2. I have backed my load down to 3.2 grains of Sport Pistol with the 115 Berry's. It is a 104PF and cycles perfectly. There are quite a few guys around here shooting a 95 grain bullet now. I may try some of those at some point when I run low on the 115s.
  3. It seems like there would be lots of unburned powder left in chamber area if there was powder, but it didn't ignite. The primer alone can push the bullet into the rifling. If the primer is pushing it that far, but the powder is not igniting, that seems to rule out the primer and point more toward no powder or contaminated powder.
  4. Thanks for doing this, even if it did make a little tear run out the corner of my eye.
  5. Tandemkross has a good video showing how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the mags. They don't use as much tension as the factory, and I have had great luck using their method. They also have a takedown and assembly tool that makes working on the mags much easier.
  6. This will be a Ford vs Chevrolet post. I have 3 X Rings and several Rugers. All can be made to run. You might want to take a look at the Magnum Research Switchbolt too. It can be custom ordered with many of the more desirable parts that are commonly added to SC rifles.
  7. I am getting 104PF out of my Wiland barreled PCC with a 115 Berry's and 3.2 Sport Pistol. This is a Steel Challenge load for me.
  8. Is there a reason you would like to have the bungee on it? It has to be cased when you come to the line.
  9. Magazines were my next question on this. These rifles come with an ETS mag normally. OP, have you tried a Glock factory mag yet? If it is making those marks with different bullet styles something seems off with the way it is feeding. My PSA barrel was not ramped, so that makes you rely on the feed angle of the mags. For those saying the PSA chamber is short, they changed the chamber a while back, and they are much more generous now. I was able to seat 147s out over 1.140. The new barrels are marked PCC if they have the longer chamber.
  10. Have you chambered any other rounds to see if it is doing this to multiple bullet profiles?
  11. I have Impy's knobs on three of my C-Mores and they work well. Impy is a nice guy as well.
  12. I agree on the sticky issue seeming to be with the .223, although I have never personally experienced it. The Tula 9mm I have seen has a silver, almost slick coating on it. I have shot a couple thousand rounds of it through other guns just plinking and had no issue.
  13. I think some of the steel cased ammo has a lacquer on it that can get gummy as the chamber heats up.
  14. Have you considered sending them your barrel to have them rechamber it with the sportsman chamber? I bet that would help your issue.
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