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  1. The 416SS barrel comes comped. It is a teardrop shaped opening in the top of the barrel.
  2. In a recent SCSA match I heard the RO call a time on one of my strings that was almost a full second faster than it should have been. I called it as sounding wrong, and sure enough they had read the timer wrong. I am like you, I want to earn it. I would hope the RO would also want to correct things if a competitor called their own mistake.
  3. I really like the MFT Battlelink that I use.
  4. I have found that most issues with 10/22 reliability can be addressed with replacing the extractor with a Volquartsen, and changing the mag plunger spring to a Kidd. I even put these parts on my Tacsol X-Ring and it has been very reliable.
  5. I carry an extra everything almost. A complete gunsmith tool kit, extra mags, holster, ammo, guns. I want to be able to bounce back from most anything that can happen gun wise, and want to be able to help fellow shooters out if they have issues. I have always been a fan of redundancy in my gear, just in case.
  6. Remember to weigh your gun with a mag. I think folks are removing the grip plug weight in order to make weight.
  7. I have forgotten mine for a couple of hours before and it tumbled the brass to a dull finish. Everything still worked fine, but I did just leave the brass after shooting it instead of picking it up.
  8. This is probably more of an issue at tier 1 matches since the RO is many times one of the squad members as well. I found that everything was handled in a much more consistent manner at the tier 2 and above matches.
  9. I wear a pair of the Saucony Peregrine almost every day. They are very comfortable, and are the lightest shoes I have owned.
  10. I second the AA1680. H110 is my second powder choice for blackout. I had a bit better luck with the AA1680 on subs.
  11. I just worked u p a load with 115 Berry's round nose and 4.0 gr of Sport Pistol. It feels really light. I am going to try it in a match Saturday and will have more feedback.
  12. I have not had any feeding issues with mine, so I am not sure that it is an issue. I assume this could be platform specific.
  13. I had been shooting a Berry's 147 and 3.2 gr Sport Pistol in my PCC with great results. I just tried a 115 Berry's with 4.0 gr Sport Pistol and it is even softer. I am going to shoot a match with it this weekend and see how it feels over a complete match.
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