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  1. For what it's worth, the number one Steel Challenge PCC shooter right now shoots a C-More Railway.
  2. I ran my Switchbolt this weeked for the first time in a match. I love it. The rifle handles perfectly, and is very accurate, even with the sporter chamber.
  3. My 9 year old is shooting his first match this weekend. We have worked pretty hard on the commands and safe handling.
  4. I think you will find that a larger MOA dot will help in SC. The C-More is the most common sight I see in SC on PCC.
  5. I see this quite a bit when folks jump into reloading their match ammo without much reloading experience. I watched a friend who is an M class shooter struggle last weekend because they didn't fully understand OAL and how it can throw the brakes on everything when it is wrong.
  6. Last I knew he wasn't offering training to the non-Hollywood types anymore.
  7. I have shot a little bit of Blazer in mine with no issues. Were you by chance using hollow points?
  8. I agree with Stick with some minor exceptions. I generally shoot left to right with PCC except for Speed Option, and I shoot it right to left. With a pistol, I shoot Speed Option starting with plate 3 instead of the far right number 4. Getting a fast first hit helps me. So, the simple answer is I mostly shoot it the same. The sequence part is where the great Ford versus Chevrolet debate will come up.
  9. The benchrest guys may even top the F-Class guys.
  10. Hunters HD would be a good option for you. The lenses are awesome, customer service is top notch, and Brian supports the shooting sports at an incredible level, particularly our junior shooters.
  11. Maybe take a look at the Tandemkross Hivebrid grips? They are G10 and rubber hybrid grips without the finger grooves that the Hive grips have.
  12. Some of the issues with a non-PCC trigger in a PCC can involve the shape and size of the hammer. It can apparently cause issues. I have personally stuck to running triggers designed for a PCC in mine. Could you possibly swap your trigger into a standard AR and see if you still have problems?
  13. Tandemkross has the Williams Firesights. https://www.tandemkross.com/Williams-Fire-Sight--602588--Ruger®-MKII™-MKIII™-MKIV™-Bull-Barrel_p_565.html
  14. The latest generation of PSA PCCs have been pretty good. The barrels have a PCC chamber that is pretty generous in terms of OAL if you reload, and they are plenty accurate. I have one with around 7000 troble free rounds through it. I suggest you replace the trigger with a CMC PCC trigger. This will keep you well under your budget.
  15. I believe that is just an extended charging handle on a Gibbz side charger.
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