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  1. To revive this thread I will throw one superstition out that I have. This is for PCC in Steel Challenge. I load 12 rounds in my mags, because 13 is a bad number. I know I’m not the only one that does it. I want to go a day with 13 in each mag, but I can’t make myself.
  2. I have seen a barricade stop on them before. My arms are long enough that I am able to just grab the front of the stock on mine.
  3. Where would the line be drawn? I agree that many of us will never be at the level where some of these competitors are. I am sure it would create a lively discussion when trying to determine a point to declare someone a pro. I think doing this could open an opportunity for some serious sandbagging to keep from moving to pro. I don’t think we want to see the drag race become a bracket or index race. I regularly shoot with some of the top competitors at local matches, and I just make it my goal to finish as close to them as I can. Now, as far as prize tables go, I think random is how you incl
  4. The slowest of the top 10% was at 96% of the current peak, while the fastest was 56.98, or 119% of the peak. There were several people who were well off of their regular times at WSSC too. If RFRO were to move to 64 it would take around a 67.4 to make GM. That puts it between the top 5 and 10% times at WSSC. I’m not saying that I want to see the times move, but I think that gives a little idea as to what might be happening.
  5. Something to remember here is that there are GMs who made it under old peak times, some under very old peak times. Many of these folks make up the times that are posted in the 80s. I made it under the new times. I would bet big that the times will move this year. To be in the top 10% of the RFRO field this year you needed to shoot a 70.76. The top 20 finishers shot GM times. To be top 10% of PCCO you needed a 71.45. The top 17 shot GM times. If I were going to guess, I would look at the top 5% and that will get you close to where the new times will be. My guess is aroun
  6. Just remember, you probably shoot a couple of strings that are plenty good for a personal best on each stage. Don’t go into the stage trying to set a PB. Get a couple of solid strings and then swing at one. If you pull it off, that one string might be enough for a cut. Also, one of the best in the game told me the easiest place to pick time up is on the first shot. Even cutting just .05 off of your first shot translates to .2 on a stage.
  7. CWA is the way to go for this. Chet makes great stuff.
  8. My understanding is that the SCSA folks meet to discuss the peak times at least once per year. I don’t think WSSC is the only factor, but there have been lots of fast times posted since last year. Another substantial drop in peak times won’t surprise me.
  9. If you have 92% you should be M class. The 92 is the percentage of the current peak times for that division. The SCSA classification doesn’t show a percentage beyond 100%, though there are several people well beyond 100. The Match Tracker app shows your overall percentage, even beyond 100. About the only way to know where you stand in a particular class and division is if you are on the top 20 list. I do think it would be nice if we could see overall rankings.
  10. On OL I am not sure there is a preferred angle, it’s more of me getting almost out of box 1 and barely in box 2. I shoot front, back, front, back, stop. For Showdown I index off of the opposite back target from the box I am in.
  11. I generally shoot within 5-7% of my classification time. On a bad day I might be 10-12% off.
  12. Have you tuned the springs in your mags like the TK video shows? If not, take a look at their video and give that a try. I keep my feed lips clean, but don’t do anything special to them.
  13. And Kenshiro is only 14. He will be a handful for them before long.
  14. I had one that got pretty beat up over a few thousand rounds. It never cause me any problems, but it looked like it had five times the number of rounds on it.
  15. I have run mine with Eley Force, and currently run it with Action Plus. My son has been using standard Action in his without issue as well. I have heard that there were some issues with MR receivers and Wiland barrels, but think Wiland was working on that. On a little different note, some of what you describe can be the result of finicky mags. Are you tuning your mags?
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