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  1. My first Level III match. Shot 3 guns Friday thru Sunday. Excellent match. Well run. I had a blast. All the staff were great. I'm ready to sign up as soon as the next year's match is posted. Hoops
  2. My first Level III match. I'm looking forward to it and meeting new shooters. I'm in South Central Texas and the weather has been lower temperture than normal so I hope the match gets good support so it will become a regular annual event. From what I hear and see from Google Earth, the range looks great and all the bays lined up. Even though I have not shot my RRPO in a match for over a year I signed up for my 3rd match to shoot it. Hope to see you there. Fill up the open slots!!!!
  3. I ran the Mamba today with the TK Game Changer Pro comp and it felt like it was better balanced in my hand while shooting. I also ran a couple versions of SK SV ammo which seemed a bit better than the Aguila Pistol Match Competition. The TK Hive grip felt better as well. The added 1/2" riser seemed to get the dot better up to my eyes. But the next real test will be a good match. So I decided to add it to the Area 4 Match in Texas this weekend along with my RFRO and PCCO. I wish I had had more range time practice but I still am looking forward to see how I hold up under pressure not having shot pistol for quite some time. The gun just flat runs....HV and SV ammo and the mags work. Should be fun no matter how it goes.
  4. Humbling but true . I looked back at your pictures and realized you have the 6" version Mamba and I have the 4.5" version. The 6" version weighs 3 oz more than the 4.5" and all things being equal.....breech/bolt, lower and compensator, the extra 1.5" in length with the extra 3 oz "should be right behind the compensator. Interesting that the TK Pro compensator is 1.5" long and would add somewhere between 1.2 to 1.5 oz weight to the gun at the 6" OAL point. Not quite the same balance but could be close. This will be an easy test at the range. Note: When I first started shooting 22LR carbines I wasn't hooked on the 10/22 and I shot the 15-22. The older timers would not pick up all the shots so I ran the TK Pro on. I used Bore Tech, Inc C4 Carbon Remover and soaked the comp for about 2 hours in container. I have a small tool I made and it cleaned up fairly well. Definitely not as easy as Mamba or Carolina Crush but it was reasonable. I am ordering a Cornerstone Safety tonight......or I guess this morning at this point. Thanks for tips/comments
  5. One more.....I had added the Striplin thumbrest before the match. I am considering adding the TK wider safety lever to get a better 1911 purchase.
  6. Sorry for butchering the spelling of Mamba.....as I said....getting older
  7. I shot a new level 1 "match" (it didn't have all SCSA classifier stages) this weekend with the Black Mamba. In fairness to the gun, the shooter (Me) was not in good form. But the Black Mamba ran flawlessly right out of the box (lubed of course). 100% with the VQ mags provided, the Mark IV mags I had and using the modified Mark III mags I had. This was my first RFPO match in quite a long time (maybe 2019) since I have been shooting RFRO lite chassis' and PCCO. I struggled a bit with getting my dot to my eye on the first shot and I was a bit surprised at the recoil bounce using Aguila Pistol Match Competioin 925 fps ammo (was pleased it also ran 100%). I ran C-More Railway on Mark III. The Mamba is kinda cool in that thier rail is milled a bit lower. When I put the Mark III with the C-More up against the Mamba with the Romeo 3 XL, the Romeo was 1/2" - 9/16" lower at the center of lens vs. my Mark III C-More. I have added a 1/2" riser to the Mamba and it seems to come up to my eyes better. Will see if this is the case at the range. Bounce....recoil....etc. It's been quite a long time since I started shooting my STI Edge LTM class and perhaps since I have been using the carbines so much my grip may not be as good as it was. I am not qualifed enough to evaluate the TQ Mamba comp but I suppose I was a bit surprised with the recoil movement. When I took off the TK comp to clean it, I decided to put on the TK Pro Comp I have. It's 2.9 oz, about 1.2 oz heavier than the VQ Mamba comp. But with the extra 1.2 oz out on the muzzle and a total of 32.8 oz with the dot, the Mamab "felt" more balanced. Anyone of you had a similar experience or have add a slightly heavier comp to your Mamba? Another range test this week. My old Mark III bull barrel was always comfortable in my hand.....the Hogue grip for it is thicker than the new Mark IV grips. I had ordered a TK Hive grip and it arrived today. It is thicker than the Hogue grip on the Mamaba but not as thick as my Mark III grip, but it feels better in my hand. Quality.....the Mamba is excellent. Very nice craftsmanship on their workmanship. Being open and honest, I probably went into the match thinking my "new" gun would overcome my lack of shooting or pracitice with RFPO.......probably not the best mind-set.....and one that won't happen again. Time for range work....with the Mamba. At midnight tonight....I am 70. So my goal this year is to work on my RFPO along with my carbines.
  8. My initial query.....which was just a curiosity question........was what the X meant..........relative to SCSA. Since none of my SCSA shooter friends knew, I thought I would ask Enos folks. After reading the comments posted and looking up references made, I understand it's meaning better now relative to SCSA. It's also my understanding USPSA rules should not be crossed referenced or applicable to SCSA. USPSA 6.4 has a bit more detail regarding USPSA shooters and matches and SCSA Appendix A1 - Match Levels outlines when a shooter is Recommended to be a member (L1) or Mandatory (L2, L3 and L4). Area 4 is L3 therefore all shooters must be a active/current member and X would not be available. Thanks for the comments to my initial query.
  9. Nope. No issue with me one way or another. Was just a curiousity question.
  10. Thanks. That would be a rude surprise to travel to a match and get hit with your situation. Glad you were within the time limit and got it squared away.
  11. Update: I purchased a 4.5" Black Mamba. Came in yesterday and I had a chance to run 6 mags thru it. I had some Mini Mags and Aguila Pistol Match Competion with me. It ran all six mags (modified MK III's, Mark IV's and the Black Mamba mags with the gun). The Aguila Pistol match felt the best. It is 925 fps. I am looking forward to getting some range time with it in a few days on some SCSA stages. Well built, high quality workmanship. Trigger is very nice with short reset. Looks like a Ruger Mark IV will be going up for sale shortly...............
  12. Thanks. Makes sense now. Practiscore then is set up for both USPSA and SCSA so it appears the X is there for USPSA...............and should not be used for SCSA (I feel reasonably certain X is not used by SCSA). I think that some folks use the X instead of U when signing up for local steel matches. Appreciate the info.
  13. When signing up for a match in Practiscore there is U thru GM classes but then "X". Occasionally I see someone using "X" as their class. Does anyone know that the "X" class is?
  14. Good video and imagery. Now I need a comp and younger hands....
  15. Thanks for input. For the time being....before I impulsively give in to buying another pistol.......I am dusting off my old Outlaw Steel Ruger Mark III 5.5" bullbarrel/no comp and will give it a run for while. The internals were worked over by a gunsmith friend who has the trigger pull around 1.5 lbs with short reset. It was a good Outlaw match gun. I see how it runs in SCSA.....if it ever stops raining here
  16. Nice pistols. Curious....between these two pistols, do you have a favorite for SCSA matches? Is the Black Mamba 6" barrel? Thanks
  17. Interesting. For a long time I shot only STI Steelmaster (open), STI Edge (Limited) and a 22/45 Mark III 4" non-threaded/no comp bull barrel with thicker grips and 1-3/4 lb trigger. I always liked the feel of the Mark III compared to my other two guns. I ran the 22/45 primarilly at a monthly Outlaw 22LR only match........4" and up sized targets, etc. The gun alway ran well and was a shooter without a comp. Last year I go caught up in the 22/45 lighter version guns. Perhaps it's time to break out the Mark III for a test run.
  18. Good advise/info. I will look closer at the description and pictures before I buy based on external looks. Nice on the Outlaw match. Sounds like you have a nice set up. I will get there. Is your conversion kit based on a 1911 platform? I have a Mark IV 4" tactical and the 4" lite version. I gravitate to the Tactical version....a little heavier but it feel more stable in my hands.
  19. The Carolina Crusher definitely appears easier to clean. I used to shoot a STI Steelmaster with a 2x chamber comp. It was always the question of what type ammo actually caused the comp to work. Looks like getting a couple of comps and spending some time at the range with differnt ammo is in order for the Ruger 22/45 Lite. Thanks. Happy 4th of July................
  20. For my two RFRO's.......one with Wiland barrel and one with Raptor barrel, I also don't notice muzzle rise with either. No real difference between HV and SV ammo. I experimented with a comp on the Raptor and I could feel the weight on the muzzle. My conclustion for the RFRO's with my two barrel types is no comp. (I also don't use a comp on my MPX/PCCO.....just the flash hider. I only shoot light loads for matches) My focus now is setting up my RFPO. I haven't shot it much over the past 18 months. I have tried several comp's but haven't found one that I settled on. I noticed on Wiland's website a comp named Falcon. Has anyone tried this one? Also.....for those of you using comp's on your pistol's do you notice a difference when shooting SV vs. HV ammo? Thanks.
  21. With our AMG timers, we very rarely get a missed shot. Beyond that, I am not sure I personnally can tell if a comp on my threaded barrel RFRO actually makes a difference. I have a Ruger Mark IV lite with competition trigger than I plan to start shooting SCSA matches. With the thought of keeping the muzzle light, I have been back and forth about adding a compensator......what weight, style, benefit, etc. I have a good selection of quality match HV ammo and also a good selection of SV ammo.......SK, Aguila Pistol Competion and CCI that I could run in the pistol. I would appreciate input from Rimfire pistol SCSA match shooter's on this subject.........compensator or no compensator? Thanks
  22. Thanks for comp data. Interesting how we move and shift things around on the 10/22's. As for the -10% spring, bolt weight could be a factor. Sounds like you getting squared away. Like you, we also have found that the Briley barrel has a good feel and gives us a wider range of ammo to use. I'm glad the barrel is working out for you. Safe shooting.....
  23. Thanks for the detailed response. A lot of good points I was looking for. My matches are all SCSA so mag changes not an issue (I hope ). I have several of the Tandemkross Pro comps that I used to have on my 15-22's before I switched to 10/22 platform but the TK's are a bit heavy. Any recommendations for a good pistol comp? Thanks
  24. I have two Ruger MKIV's...... Tactical and a Lite version...... with upgraded VQ lower trigger and components (100% reliable). Both have threaded barrels. I have no expererience shooting Volquartsen Black Mamba. From a SCSA competion standpoint, does the VQ Black Mamba shoot any better (flatter) than the Ruger MKIV's with upgraded trigger? I was looking at the Volthane grip version thinking this might be better for my aging hands. Thanks
  25. I may have missed this in some of the previous data for the match. Do you have a "hammer down" time set for the AM and PM matches? Thanks,
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