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  1. The locking block just happens to be the entire piece this Guin is built around, so I would say it's a big deal. I saw it broken. Gun locked up on the last stage of a match with two targets left. Couldn't even rack the slide. Huge deal if you ask me. If that was a major and he had no back up gun, that's it! 9 Major gun running running 175PF, nothing crazy. I'm just letting people know and for it to show for the record because you know PT isn't going to broadcast that crap, they think their sh** don’t stink. You're welcome.
  2. It’s not my gun dude so no I’m not commenting any farther.
  3. Not my gun to comment on so no I won't say anything, but it's a fact.
  4. I heard about a locking block crack, I hope that doesn't become a trend.
  5. Nice Jim!! I shot Blakes yesterday and 9.2 of 3n38 made 1350 fps and 1300 in the old design so the new design is much faster! It was noticibly softer and dot movement was straight up and down. That is one sexy blaster! Mine will also be Black/Blue! Again congrats!
  6. Happy for you Mark! Great deal for the both of us. I will say you got one hell of a deal;)
  7. I get it. I plan on picking up my practice ammo and leaving brass at matches. If I shoot 3 times minimum then I'm at the price of 9 major for me. That's good enough.
  8. I just don't like it. I wrote the other out of my opinion so I deleted it.
  9. Yeah whatever works for you. I plan on only shooting the brass like 3 times before leaving it so I should be good.
  10. Another vote for Dillon. When I was loading 9 I would only use the U die. I tried mighty armory and would get bullet set back. Went back to the I and never had the issues again.
  11. I can’t wait for mine! I placed my deposit down and doing a custom. 6-8 months is t bad compared to what it used to be. This technology is a game changer for open guns.
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