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  1. This the only MBX mag I own is a 155 that malfunctioned from the start until I replaced the guts with Grams spring and follower. All my other mags are Tuned STI Gen 2 and have all run flawlessly. YMMV
  2. I had an Erebus. I sold it to fund an open gun but it shot awesome. I would shoot Fiocchi 124 Trunicated cone which PF to about 140. Shot very flat and was so fast! You will love it!
  3. I’m still waiting on my Honcho. 10 weeks was just before Christmas and Tiffany said she was waiting for it to come back from coating. I hope I get the call it’s back here in the next week or so I’ll post pics and plan on doing a full review when I get it!
  4. I use smith glasses and love them. Makes the dot Pop like a big red beach ball. I have a lighter shade for cloudy days and a darker for bright days.
  5. Rob Leatham has been one of my favorites so far. Just amazing to hear him break things down. I would like to do a Steve Anderson next year.
  6. Used Advanced Weapons Technology lube for years. Never had issues. Stays where I put it and doesn’t dry up. Mobil 1 is second. I use light springs and never had any issues.
  7. Be used Atlas tuned STI Gen 2 mags for years now. I recently bought a MBX 155 to try because I like the in between size for some stages. Out of the gate it would cause my gun to not go into battery. I replaced the guts with a gram follower and spring and haven’t had any issues since. The feed lips are not great but the mag runs so I don’t touch it.
  8. I’ve tried a few. It’s really like finding a holster lol. You have to experiment a little for what’s good. I’ve landed and love the Limcat Wedge for my open gun. Really natural for me.
  9. I’m really excited to get my Honcho in the open configuration 9 major. Looking forward to the extra aggressive grip. Has anyone felt one of these yet compared to the regular PT Evo? I’ve shot Atlas guns for years now and hope this is better. I hope to be selling my Chaos soon when the Honcho gets here.
  10. Tested some today in my new Chaos 9 major gun. Ran 9.4 grains with a Everglades 124 pill at 1.70 and once fired brass at 1325 FPS average for 5 shots. 9.6 grains gave me 1340 average and 9.8 gave me 1380. Temp was 40 today. Similar to what I was getting when it was 75 out. Just info.
  11. I can also chime in on how awesome Adam and his team are. I’ve had 4 Atlas guns(one has two slides) and I can’t speak more highly of them. Sure I’ve had a few minor issues with the guns but Adam would get me a label and have it back to me in under a couple weeks! Try that with some other custom builders. Adam even answers my emails on weekends. You are always going to have people you can’t please. Adam deals with so many personal requests and dumb questions from guys like me with pure professionalism. I’ve spent over 20K with them in the last 3 years and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve got a Chaos coming which sadly will be my last Atlas gun for a while but I will have everything I want. In my Nemesis I’m running 5 grains of Alliant Sport Pistol under a Montana Gold JHP at 1.165 and making 171PF. Hardest thing I have encountered is what recoil spring to use lol. I just can’t figure out what I like the best or what shoots the best yet. Tried 8-11. Love the gun though. In my Erebus I love shooting Fiocchi 124 factory and it’s a sewing machine. The most fun gun to shoot ever!! I have friends that own Akai and some other customs. They are nice but NOBODY has better customer service than Adam and Cat. Don’t hesitate to buy a gun from them. It’s like you become family. Jon
  12. Settled on a 124 JHP over 4.5 of Sport Pistol at 1.140. Shoots so flat. Dot rises a little and snaps back fast! Thanks everyone.
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