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  1. I ordered my IMM open gun on 5/5/20 and just got the call yesterday that it was ready for pick up. Not bad at all.
  2. Using a *thumb rest [generic]* helps the dot track straight up and down for me. I have used a roller ball type that I liked and now the Tevo sports. You just have to try a few to see what works for you, good luck.
  3. When I take my base pads off to clean I check if there is much tension. If there isn't I replace them. Also I will put 3 rounds in the mag and flip them off to see how much energy there is. If they just fall out I replace the spring. Not science but it works for me. I also, take the used 13 coil from my big sticks and rotate them to my 140 mags. I loose 1 round in capacity but so what to me. I would never change before a major without first testing them in a match or practice to verify reliability. Good luck!
  4. Good idea, when I get my new gun and this one becomes my back up I will do that!
  5. I had zero issues on mine as well. I sent it back to Sig and they said they couldn't replicate the problem. So after I got it back I zeroed and put Gorilla tape over both screws. Doesn't look great but who cares, zero hasn't moved. I love the Sig optic and have sent several of them back for different reasons. Good luck!
  6. Great, sounds like grade school rules. If you aren't allowed to say when you think something sucks then why have a forum where people can post their opinions? If I'm in the market for an item I would like to know the good and the bad. I'm done, peace.
  7. Cry me a river whoever you are. I wasn't disrespecting the OP, I was stating my opinion which is on you "list" of okay things to say in a forum. I also answered his question with MY OPINION. Maybe you don't want to read about people that spent 4,500 on a pistol and had a bad experience, move on then. The Honcho is a crap gun made by people that give crap customer service, IMO...., with many problems that don't get spoken about very often and I'll let whoever I can know about it! This is America still. Deuces.
  8. I would stay away from the Honcho, good in theory but a TON of problems. The main one being the locking block can crack and render the gun useless. Also, the gun has to run machine gun wet for it to function properly and when it gets dirty it won't run either. If you want a multi caliber gun I would have a builder like Infinity or Rafferty etc do it. I have owned a Honcho and a buddy owns one that has had major issues. PT tried to reinvent the wheel which comes at a cost. Stick to a 2011 platform made by a reputable builder. Oh and practice with what you shoot in matches so you can get used to recoil and feel of the gun. Just my .02, good luck!
  9. The locking block just happens to be the entire piece this Guin is built around, so I would say it's a big deal. I saw it broken. Gun locked up on the last stage of a match with two targets left. Couldn't even rack the slide. Huge deal if you ask me. If that was a major and he had no back up gun, that's it! 9 Major gun running running 175PF, nothing crazy. I'm just letting people know and for it to show for the record because you know PT isn't going to broadcast that crap, they think their sh** don’t stink. You're welcome.
  10. It’s not my gun dude so no I’m not commenting any farther.
  11. Not my gun to comment on so no I won't say anything, but it's a fact.
  12. I heard about a locking block crack, I hope that doesn't become a trend.
  13. Nice Jim!! I shot Blakes yesterday and 9.2 of 3n38 made 1350 fps and 1300 in the old design so the new design is much faster! It was noticibly softer and dot movement was straight up and down. That is one sexy blaster! Mine will also be Black/Blue! Again congrats!
  14. Happy for you Mark! Great deal for the both of us. I will say you got one hell of a deal;)
  15. I get it. I plan on picking up my practice ammo and leaving brass at matches. If I shoot 3 times minimum then I'm at the price of 9 major for me. That's good enough.
  16. I just don't like it. I wrote the other out of my opinion so I deleted it.
  17. Yeah whatever works for you. I plan on only shooting the brass like 3 times before leaving it so I should be good.
  18. Another vote for Dillon. When I was loading 9 I would only use the U die. I tried mighty armory and would get bullet set back. Went back to the I and never had the issues again.
  19. I can’t wait for mine! I placed my deposit down and doing a custom. 6-8 months is t bad compared to what it used to be. This technology is a game changer for open guns.
  20. Got mine in and it shoots great! I’m probably going to sell it though and go to SVI.
  21. I'm running the Romeo 6 moa XL and MAX. I came from the 5 Moa SRO which I loved but the glass size of the Romeo 3 is great. The SRO is the right sunlight would show 2 dots for me. The XL is like a big DPP which I liked but reliability was horrible.
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