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  1. When clubs do this, do they charge full match fee for each entry? I was considering doing some of this at my club as a way to play with a couple other divisions, and wasn't sure how it's normally handled.
  2. I wanted to get into Open super bad, so I built up my G22 using Carver/SJC parts. Even with this super sub-optimal setup, it is still a riot to shoot. Most fun I've had shooting in my life. Gun included, it cost me about half the STI price you quoted. I'm now in the position where I need to decide if I want to double-down on the Glock and switch over to 9major with it, or if I should switch to a 2011 platform. I'm totally with you that the price is a tough pill to swallow. Sadly in my neck of the woods I don't have any 2011 Open folks to borrow a gun from, so I can't really compare the two platforms. I do know that even shooting 40, the bugger likes to rattle itself apart. I rattled off the nut on my Carver optic mount, and the trigger pin won't stay in with the blue locktite - I have to tighten it down every match. Even rattled the safety lever deal on my zev trigger out at my state match this year. If you have someone to borrow a 2011 from, I'd say do that and see if you think the cost is worth it to you.
  3. I did the same: open glock in .40, yet even though it is a terrible choice according to everyone, it is the most fun I've had. Seems like if you enjoy CO, then you'd enjoy Open to the Nth degree.
  4. I considered if that mattered too, but the 2019 ones come after even with that... I was hoping for an easy fix that I overlooked. Thanks for your input. To the help button I go!
  5. Unless my brain has shut down (possible) it doesn't appear to be so. I logged out as well to see if I was seeing something goofy as a logged in person - doesn't appear to be a change. Here's the link to my club's page: https://practiscore.com/clubs/northwestern-gun-club
  6. Is there any way to organize how matches claimed by your club are displayed on the club page? After a year or two of matches, it isn't displayed in a very user-friendly manner. When I look at some clubs, I see that the matches are listed most recent at the top, then descending chronologically. Whereas on my club page, I see them as the earliest at the top, then ascending chronologically. Makes it quite a scroll to get to the bottom. Not to mention it doesn't seem like the matches fall off the list either. So, as stated above: Is there any way to change those display options? I can't seem to find any relevant options.
  7. I've heard mixed reviews about the magpul glock mags. They're not crazy expensive though, so would probably be worth getting one or two to see if you have any issues. Maybe same with the ETS ones.
  8. Old folks at my club have always used "slide, hammer, holster" for their stuff. But they're mainly IDPA folks, and I believe that's a derivation of their rules. It's been a nuisance training myself out of the bad habits they've taught me since I've started.
  9. It's the Zev Fulcrum I think. Plastic trigger pad I think.
  10. Was shooting our state section match today and the trigger safety lever dealio on my Glock's Zev trigger decided to rattle out in the middle of a stage. (cost me a second or two as it jammed up my trigger for a moment!) I guess it's true that open Glocks rattle themselves apart. I tried looking around a bit, but I couldn't find any place that sells only those replacements. Anyone know anywhere? Else I'll just have to cannibalize my OEM trigger I suppose.
  11. I've been too lax with my QC of ammo. I've now started checking, and if it doesn't come across perfect, I am not using it in a match. I've had too many issues this year to not start doing that.
  12. Is the slide missing the rim? If so maybe your magazine latch is wearing out and your mags aren't sitting quite high enough? Or maybe it's not cycling fully? I read in another thread at one point that the frame weight might squeeze the frame weird and affect cycling. How consistent is the malfunction?
  13. When you say you changed the profile, are you meaning you switched from the truncated cone (or whatever you have in the pics) to round nose? What OAL did you tweak it to?
  14. I had to do a double-take and make sure I didn't sleep-post this, as you pretty much describe my issues. Only differences are I'm using 140gr SNS bullets, a tich less powder, and 13lbs spring. I had just reassessed my crimp and whatnot, trying to make it more pronounced, but that didn't solve my issues either. So maybe I'll have to try polishing mine up.
  15. Visual start signals are what I was curious about while reading this. How can visual start signals be done to still ensure competitive equity? Are there "visual" shot timers or something?
  16. That's why you cover yourself by bringing a spare if you're trying to be a PITA with rules stuff. Though, realistically, if you're pushing this type of thing, you'd probably want to get some sort of ruling from USPSA prior.
  17. I do it all at my club, but I go the "steal and tweak" route for my stages. I've scrounged up as many match booklets as I could and tweak them to work for our match. I've started designing some of my own short/medium stages, but since I'm fairly new to the sport I am not confident on creating quality stages myself. I am definitely concerned with burnout, as just putting together 5-stage matches with little to no help for setup or planning is pretty darn exhausting. I just need to get some other folks at my club as excited about USPSA as I am.
  18. That was my interpretation on that bit as well. Really, interpretation could be pretty broad for both the stock and foregrip phrasing. I was pretty intrigued that braces weren't explicitly banned in the rules. Having never used one as an actual arm brace, though, I have no idea if they actually do anything.
  19. After I accomplish something in Open and/or acquire firearms for those divisions, I would totally shoot both.
  20. I would love to get my hands on a 96 mauser. I get my fill of absurd at our club's IDPA matches/side matches. I've run my 303 Enfield during the rifle side matches a few times. When I finish building my PPS43 and Sten I may run them in PCC as well. As I said, I try to take USPSA more seriously, not that I'm any good. Since NickBlasta suggests braces are legal - have people experimented with braces on pistols in USPSA? Again, find it hard to imagine it would provide any meaningful, if any, gains in performance.
  21. Figured that was the main cause. While I take the sport seriously and try to do my best, especially due to the limited number of matches near me, I've always had a penchant for the absurd in competitions.
  22. In the Open forum, there was a thread about the technology, if it's peaked/plateaued, and what may be next. So purely from a curiosity standpoint, I was wondering if it was legal to shoot pistols with magazines forward the trigger in Open division. Something like the PAK9, SA VZ 61 Scorpion, or other similar shorty pistol caliber things. The only prohibiting rule I can find in my perusal is 5.1.10, which prohibits stocks or foregrips of any kind. Seems to me that would suggest you only need to make sure you hold it like a traditional pistol, and not grasp forward the magazine or use the magazine as a foregrip. I tried searching a little and came up with nothing. Besides Desert Eagles and 500 S&W revolvers or whatever, I don't see evidence of too many odd firearms used in USPSA. Must be because folks are much more concerned about being competitive.
  23. I doubt it's peaked, but we need some out-of-the-box innovation. Though I believe this with pistols in general right now. The majority seems to be some variation on the same thing - striker or hammer fired Browning tilting barrel stuff. The Laugo Arms Alien is finally something different that could be pretty interesting. Hopefully there are some more clever people out there.
  24. Maybe I will fill a barrel with 4' lengths and get a dolly, seems like one of the best bets to me. Can see if the extra staking required for using only 4' lengths is too much of a hassle or not - it's not like 2x2's are terribly expensive I suppose. Leaving them on the bays would be a no go. The old crotchety dudes at the club would gripe about it. Not to mention I'd be concerned at how quickly they'd wear/rot. Especially considering the bonkers weather we've been having up here.
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