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  1. currently using a 625.. but wanting a 929 ... I would prefer the 929 cause my 1050 is already setup to load 9mm
  2. cool, ill bring my revolver
  3. i cant help but wonder if the gas cylinder comes with an o-ring..
  4. https://advancedtactical.com/parts/shotgun-parts/vr-80-vr-series-shotgun-parts.html
  5. that was.. with the front port chopped off.. im now using the RIA thread/ clamp on brake
  6. the mod choke that came with it.. never change it..
  7. All work was done by Benny Hill at Triangle shooting Sports
  8. i have 2 very old RL1050's I load on and Dillon has always bent over backwards to help me out.. I've only had to replace the plastic parts on both of em
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