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  1. . Sold 2 M&P pistols and Benny Hill did a little work on this SPS Pantera 2011
  2. I agree 100% MY 650 served me well for years, but man i wish i would have started with a 1050
  3. Underwood

    RF 100 vs. Mr. Bullet Feeder?

    I just moved up from a 650 to a 1050 and plan to order my MBF this weekend. I was already using the mini MBF and liked the way it functioned
  4. Underwood

    New Sig MPX ?

  5. i do, but i clean my guns after every match. Been using it for years, price is right and is always available locally
  6. Underwood

    Buying a Dillon advice

    buy once cry once... I started on a 650 and moved to a 1050... I wish i would have bought a 1050 first.. especially if you are already and experienced reloader get the 1050 if you can afford it.
  7. i just upgraded from the 650 to a 1050 this weekend... It is night and day difference. Dont get me wrong the 650 worked great but the 1050 runs like a smooth sewing machine. I actually like reloading again.
  8. Underwood

    New Sig MPX ?

    Had a chance to shoot a Gen3 this weekend and took it apart afterwards.. The barrels look the same, the only noticeable difference i saw was the bolt is now a 2 piece design
  9. Underwood

    Tripp Research single stack

    That pistol looks great !
  10. Underwood

    Belt Magnet OK in PCC?

    I like that
  11. Underwood

    Opening Mpx gas port

    I agree with this.. I have over 8k rounds threw mine and the gas system and springs are all factory. Give it a good detailed cleaning. I remove and clean the gas system after every match. Mine runs anything i feed it, even 95 grain hollow points with 3.2 tightgroup. I don't hand load anything further than 1.150
  12. Underwood

    Bul Armory?

    Any updates on this ?
  13. Underwood

    9mm only reloading

    I bought my 650 to save money on ammo, as my whole family shoots. All we did was start shooting more matches.