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  1. It looks like it has some of the same parts as the VR80, other than the gas system. It only has 2 large ports, as to where the VR80 has 3. the BP recoil system is totally different, probably why it didn't require any break any time and cycles the light loads. I do however really enjoy my VR80
  2. No agruement out of me on any of that. I agree with ya Just seeing if anybody else has used one. This one was cycling the light stuff right out of the box.
  3. We had one of these come into the shop at Triangle.. Anybody else try one out yet?
  4. I ran the blue bullets with 9 major.. no issues
  5. I also prefer the 1.0 versions
  6. 2k plus still going strong. nothing broken
  7. Been using the RIA mod choke since i got it.. Works great
  8. mine are about that .135 no noticable difference in felt recoil just runs damn near anything i feed it.. its runs the 1oz stuff and Walmart federals all day long..
  9. Yes he did all the work on it..as well as the trigger install
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