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  1. I look at it like this.. For the money I'm saving on this VR80 vrs one of the 3-4k open shotguns, I can pony up some $$ on mags and a drum and still be way ahead. Hopefully the big sticks become more available in the future and with the popularity of this VR80 there should be lots of aftermarket stuff coming out. I already see Taccom is selling stuff and if I know Tim he is probably already working on more stuff for it.
  2. i would be proud of that one... Looks great !
  3. tried both triangle and 2.5 dot.. Went back to old school cmore.. its ugly and eats batteries but thats what I prefer
  4. Didnt know that.. thought it held 30 rounds. See what happens when you assume..LOL... thanks for the headsup . Ill stick to the 19rd and reload to the 9/10 rounders
  5. I'd be smiling just like that dude in the video tooo.. Yeah thats gonna be a must have for mine .. If it ever gets here
  6. link to the video please... tried searching youtube, couldnt find it
  7. He is friends with our local gun smith Benny Hill and we all shot Lucas Oil pcc Matches together 2 years in a row
  8. Any more info on that.. we have made it to the last 2 was really looking forward to it this year..
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