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  1. cool...if you decide to get it done , you wont be disappointed
  2. 1 1/8 federal 1200's run all day long..zero issues and are always in stock at my Walmart
  3. yes Benny Hill at Triangle Shooting Sports did the porting.. mine has 6 holes.. I saw a guy today at a local match that has 12 port holes and no comp today.. He was shooting 1145's threw his.. also built by Benny
  4. this is with a ported barrel muzzle brake and taccom recoil system.. currently using taccom brake now. Walmart federal 1200 fps
  5. yes call the shop and ask for Denise
  6. i have a slo mo vid on my FB..Ill see if i can repost it here
  7. no powder spillage and WAC is always in stock locally.
  8. I used 115 blue bullets w/ AA#7 shooting 9 major for a year or so.. no problems.. but eventually switched to Precision Delta JHP 124's with auto comp
  9. for cheap and reliable i like the keltec that takes glock mags .
  10. Anybody on here try out the Elfman trigger or have one on order?
  11. I been shooting 9 major for a few years was happy with AA#7 and last year switched the WAC.. I prefer the WAC over the AA#7 , main reason is i get more consistent OAL and my 1050 stays cleaner..
  12. installed my tooth and nail trigger.. averages 3lb pull.. Its badass i like it !
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