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  1. It just plain works... with any primers.. take it out of the box and use it... its thats simple
  2. installed them this evening.. work perfectly
  3. Will do, as soon as they get here
  4. The barrels and comps are from Carver Customs.. They both run great and flat at major power factor, but they aren't like a steel frame 2011
  5. Anybody else who has installed an aftermarket trigger have issues with the trigger pins coming loose ? I currently reinstalled my factory trigger pins in my Tooth and Nail trigger and it seems to be holding tight. But i just ordered these from Hayes. http://hayescustomguns.com/vr80-anti-walk-hammer-and-trigger-pin-kit/
  6. This is who I use.. https://www.carvercustom.com/ecommerce/m-p-accessories.cfm
  7. i also agree, most SIG issues are from owners users trying to run too light of loads or messing with the springs. I also have 15k plus rounds through mine with zero issues.. What you should do is go to a match try a SIg MPX and JP and decide for yourself.. There is a night and day difference between the two.. The Sig MPX i can only describe is like shooting a M&P 15/22..
  8. My gen2 sig MPX is all factory with the exception of a handguard. Keep the gas system clean and the bolt oiled, you will be fine. I also had a built QC10 with all the bad a$$ stuff and it ran great, but nothing is as soft shooting as the sig MPX
  9. The PAL filler just plain works.. no questions.. take it out of the box and use it..
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