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  1. installed my tooth and nail trigger.. averages 3lb pull.. Its badass i like it !
  2. My tooth & nail trigger is on the way.. Im excited to try it out.. Ive been running walmart federal bulk 1200 FPS... Mine runs 1145's and 1180's but those aren't always in Stock at Walmart
  3. Triangle shooting sports did mine Ask for Benny Hill
  4. Ported barrel and small comp works well too
  5. That looks good.. please share more pics
  6. the recoil system is different https://d25tea7qfcsjlw.cloudfront.net/1368/link/23996/17232.pdf
  7. Some of us have used the JP spring , but i was wondering if the others that have ordered triggers from tooth and nail have received them and had a chance to give us a review on them
  8. anybody received triggers yet ??
  9. I just use a dab of blue loctite
  10. I take mine down and clean it after every match.. But that's just me.
  11. I also removed the bolt latch from the lower..
  12. I also run mod choke. Its mag fed with a dot. I just put the dot on the target and get on the trigger.
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