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  1. Had the same POA/POI issues with mine. Even got it tuned up by Roth Performance, and it was still garbage. Got so fed up with it that I gave up and went for the Taran Tactical Benelli M2. Worlds better gun in fit, feel, and accuracy. There's a reason why almost every top multigun shooter runs a Benelli or Breda (Benelli clone); they're just better guns.
  2. Dueck Defense makes the best dedicated offset irons; they have straight black, red fiber optic, and tritium options. Pretty handy for multigun stages in TacOps.
  3. For the same price you should look for the Dawson Precision tuned STI Edge, either the CRP or Super Tuned if possible. They retailed for $2000 on the site, and an amazing value. The Rock Islands look/feel/shoot like garbage compared to even a basic Edge out of the box. Having said that, you can also cry once and get an Atlas Titan with a PT Evo grip (my personal choice).
  4. I have an Atlas Titan, and shot plenty of friends’ DVCs. Absolutely night and day difference; the tolerances, fit, and attention to detail are so much better in an Atlas, it’s clear that STIs are mass produced. Additionally, the build with an Atlas w/ PT Evo and metal trigger vs an STI polymer grip with a cheap trigger is also no comparison. Personally I don’t think a Titan vs a Nemesis will really slow you down in any way. Charlie Perez seems to do just fine with his Titan (and JJ did win Nationals last year with a borrowed Nemesis). In any case, deciding between a T
  5. +1 on getting the JP. Price difference is negligible with the offers at Shooters Connection, and you know you'll get a gun that runs, vs. wondering if your frankenstein build is actually delivering the best performance. I've built my fair share of guns, and while the pride feels great, there's a reason why most top competitors are running a factory rifle like a JP or MPX.
  6. I took a carbine/PCC class with TPC last September that ended up as a 3-day private with Maxamundi himself. Absolutely amazing time with him, and couldn’t imagine a better instructor for the rifle platform. I ended up shooting something like 2,000+ rounds between 9mm and .223, and he taught me an absurd amount of fundamentals and how to train on the platform. I still review my notes from that weekend, and my PCC and rifle shooting has progressed exponentially since then. If you’re serious about the platform, Max has to be at the top of the list for a class.
  7. The MBX extensions are held on by the thin plastic lip, and aren't very stable. I have the Mega extension, and wouldn't trust it in a match after seeing a number of them explode in major matches. The Taylor Freelance Goliath is much more solid, and extends about 1-1.5" up the mag body; there's zero play, and with an OEM 33-round mag, absolutely rock solid.
  8. I would pass on the MBX extensions for Glock. I’ve got a Mega extension, and it’s fairly precarious with the extension only being held on by the lips of the basepad. Highly recommend the Taylor Freelance Goliath on top of the OEM 33 round sticks; rock solid and extremely stiff/durable.
  9. Weber Tactical makes a great one for 2011s. Running one for my Atlas Titan, and the hood retention mechanism is fantastic. I also have used a Red Hill Tactical hooded holster for my CZ Shadow 2 that works great, although the Bladetech hood could be improved.
  10. Pretty sure that's why Holosun came out with the 512, to prevent that from happening. The 512 is essentially a 510c that's completely enclosed; for practical purposes, it's equivalent to the LCO now.
  11. True. Just wanted to make the point Max runs Holosun in top level competition, regardless of where it’s built.
  12. I have a Leupold LCO on my PCC, and although it's really nice, it's also totally overkill for USPSA. Get the Holosun 510c for half the price with pretty much the exact same capability. Good enough for Max Leograndis, as he's won pretty much every match using one of those (including the 2 or 3x reigning USPSA PCC Nationals, and most recently the Extreme Euro Open). Josh Froelich runs the Vortex Razors, and he's done pretty well with optics made in other countries.
  13. I have an MBX PCC, and wouldn't recommend them again. Build quality was average, and my barrel nut has been stripped, with the handguard twisted off with normal use. I'd recommend getting an GMR-15 from Shooters Connection; only a $200 difference, and you can never go wrong with anything from JP.
  14. I've run the BCM Gunfighter Mod 0, Surefire MB556 and ProComp, JP 3-port Competition, and APA Answer, and my favorite is definitely the APA. Extremely light (~2oz), which really reduces the swing weight of the rifle vs. something big like the JP 3-port. Really enjoying my APA, and the ability to tune the recoil impulse is huge. The top ports really help drive down the muzzle rise, and the ability to self-time the brake is also great. Would absolutely recommend the APA Answer over any other brake out on the market.
  15. Hands down Weber Tactical. I have multiple setups of the Safariland pouches, and the Weber ones are just much better designed. They’re drilled to work with ELS, and work great on my Safariland belt. If you pick a quick ship color, you’ll have them in less than a week. Not sponsored by them in any way, I paid full retail and would choose them again in a heartbeat.
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