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  1. I ordered my SVI open gun initially with a GoGun thumb rest but ended up changing it to the DAA Adjustable thumb rest. I changed it because the GoGun rest is just so large and the DAA seemed to be a little more low profile. DAA also just came out with a narrow version of the adjustable thumb rest. I was wandering myself if I should go with the narrow version.
  2. I carry a Glock 22 or a Glock 43x, and shoot limited in USPSA with my Lonestar Innovations while I wait for my SV Infinity open pistol to be completed around February.
  3. I’ve had this idea for months. I don’t know if it would work but it would be my passion. There’s no channel on YouTube reviewing high end 2011s, whether open or limited. Or even still high wuality revolvers, carry optics, pcc’s, nothing. Why not? Would anyone be interested in watching a YouTube channel that explains why a SV is better than an STI. Or a lincat shoots flatter than a Mclearn, or vice versa, because I don’t know which one shots softer and flatter. There’s so many manufacturers and they’re all differently so why don’t we have a channel reviewing this? If you’re interested in this let me know!!
  4. I bought new SVI followers and springs. I own a firearms company so I’m not exactly dumb when it comes to these things but I can not figure out how these things work. I called SVI and they said you just bend the spring and it goes in. Maybe I’m missing something. Can anyone help me out. These definitely don’t look like my Grams, STI, tarran, or old SV.
  5. I have an extra space on my 750 since I dont have a Bullet feeder, and thought about using a powder check in the mean time until I decide to put a mr. Bullet feeder on my machine. Has anyone used the DAA magnetic powder check or the is Dillon the way to go?
  6. yeah, why would i want a honcho? no popple holes, just a comp. i'll just order me a limited gun if i want the best limited gun. why order something thats semi good at a few things. I order the best and have no regrets.
  7. It was between a limcat and an Infinity when i finally bought my open gun. Personally, I went with SVI, but damn, those Limcats sure do have some style about them.
  8. I ordered my SV Infinity gun just last week. They're such innovators. I actually went to the factory and sat down with casey to build my gun. Wont be ready until Christmas or later, but will be worth the total wait.
  9. Carry optics is a ton of fun. If you're going to do this just shoot CO. what kind of gun are you thinking of making an open gun out of. Glocks and a ton of other models have mounts that allow for frame mounted optics instead of attaching it to the slide.
  10. I listed the build sheet down below. Should be done between December and February. Went with the open!
  11. It has the new Palmer grip instead of the skater terrain. and I think I'm going to change it to DLC instead of CrN.
  12. User: Max Nalle - max@jnlco.net Design Name: open design with Casey Template Name: IMM Open Pistol - Wide Body Last Updated: 06/05/20 Quantity: 1 Special Instructions: (1) Mount for SRO customer will supply optic. (2) Blue anodizing: Mount, Trigger, Magwell. (3) Racer cut Gogun installed front holes. (4) Extended frame with butler stirrup cut. (5) Ambi Diamond Racker. Front Slide Cut: None Guide Rod: Stainless Steel Panel Cut: No Radial Flute: None Rear Lightening: Yes Rear Slide Cut: None Slide Material: Carbon Steel Slide Profile: Five Sided Slide Racker / Lightening: Slide Racker Installed Angled Left Side Stirrup Cut: Yes Top Rib: No Serrations Front Sight: None Rear Sight: None Scope: None AET Barrel: AET Barrel: 4 10 degree Rearward Hybrid Holes (For USPSA Major PF) Barrel Length: 5 Barrel Style: Hybrid Caliber: 38 Super Comp Compensator: IMM Titanium Comp Trigger Bow: Titanium Trigger Color: Blue Trigger Insert Style: Flat Medium Triglide System: Yes Grip Material: Carbon Steel Grip Size (Competition Hicap Only): Signature Grip Grip Surface: SkaterTerrain (IST) No Logo Metal Grip Mag Catch: Left Side Checkered Magazine Release Button Metal Grip Magwell: Steel - Plain Metal Grip Mainspring Housing: Steel - Signature Blued Thumbshield: None Trigger Guard - New: Double Under Cut (For Highest Grip) Trigger Guard Profile: Infinity Traditional Square (ITS) (Most Common) Hammer: Triple Xcelerated QB Hammer Finish: Blued Finish Dust Cover: Bianchi Standard, w/ Aluminum Mount Installed Dust Cover Fluting: None Frame Material: Carbon Steel Frame Style: Competition (Wide body) Grip Safety: Carbon Steel ITI Rail cut: No Rail Cut Slide Lock Pin: Carbon Steel Strut: Titanium Thumb Safety Material: Carbon Steel Thumb Safety Style: Ambi Extra Wide Left Side Caliber Conversion Barrel Type: No additional conversion Caliber Conversion Caliber: None California/ Massachusetts Resident: No Gun type: IMM Modified (4.5 inch) Pistol Finish: Infinicoat CRN (Silver PVD Finish) (Only on Carbon or Aluminum Materials) Shooter's Package: No Signature Tool Kit: No
  13. Sorry guys! i went with the Open! I'll attach the build sheet in just a few. But I've already switched a few things up. I had to go pretty basic just because of how expensive they are! so if any one wants to contribute to a go fund me page I'd sure appreciate it!!!
  14. I’m currently driving to SV infinity for the deposit and gun design and am stuck between a new open gun or a new limited sight tracker. I just traded a Zev Glock and a Voltquartsen 22 for a Lone Star Innovations limited gun that I’m extremely happy with. But I miss shooting open. What should I do!!!??
  15. I’m headed down to Sv infinity right now but have been browsing around looking at other open guns, and was shocked when I saw that STI didn’t make any of their old stuff.. hopefully the new staccato kind has better QC.
  16. Im starting to practice this not only as live fire but also at home with a 1911 air soft gun. Not the same thing but still helps when you have an air soft that feels just like comp gun
  17. Long story short, I lost my gun rights for a few years due to a stupid mistake. But as of May 1st i'm back in the saddle and ready to make things happen. I'm starting to train everyday after work. Dry firing some days and live practice on others and cant wait for my first match. It was one of the most depressing feeling when you cant have access to your favorite past time, but I'm one of the lucky few that did everything that was expected of me and proved to be a valuable member of society after my slight hick up. First match is in two weeks, and we shall see how it goes, but by the end of the year I want to be at least in A class. Hard work equals rewards.
  18. would you want to do any trades?

  19. would you want to trade anything for the kit?

  20. 50,000 rounds and its still a beautiful gun. Is that the original DLC finish? becuase it still looks to be in prestine shape.
  21. I have a ck arms with pt eve grips in a alpha x holster and it worked great. Then I had a kid and all the fun stuff had to go.
  22. They're both great gun builders, but I personally think that an Akai is just a step up from an Atlas. It might just be the cosmetics on the akai, but you really couldnt go wrong with either...
  23. dry firing makes my draws consistent, and make my trigger pull more exact. Plus the more time you have with a gun in your hand the more stable youre going to become.
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