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  1. Ive been using 3.8wst with 147 rmr fp
  2. Does coated bullets needs more powder or less vs jacketed
  3. Whats your load using 147fp and n320 combo?
  4. But also barrel also intent to get dirty quicker?
  5. And i thought i was bad loading 5.1 n350 with 147 and starting to compress lol
  6. Im using 185 for my 40sw with this bullets and i was planning to get 147 for my 9mm.. Question would be, why use 147 precision led..vs fmj rmr 147fp For $6 diff per 1000 rounds?
  7. Hmmmm from hawaii? Its xmaz maybe atf will let us get away eh lol
  8. MA said the gen3 is diff steel,processing and heat treating?....
  9. Im just trying to build accurate n350 load for practice.i need to burn my 3lb n350 ir build open gun(im not doing) im still not yet on competitive level so just getting my fundemantals,developing faster follow up etc.
  10. Not really.I loaded a 100 last night 3diff headstamp.. Ive used both standard lee carbide and the other lee undersize...ive noticed on thinner brass the standard die felt like not giving enough neck tension. Although it does makes a loaded round nice no coke bottle shape..then tried undersize one same headstamp brass and measure before and after loading bullets.brass expanded 6-7 thousand.which my prefer neck tension. I think having 2 diff type of dies is great for us who picked or used mixed head stamp..still cheaper having both vs a 100.00 one size die..the option for diff thickness brass with 2 diff bore size dies is nice
  11. Not an issues l,more like a preferences. A healthy factory looking loaded round..not coke bottle looking un proportional round
  12. Maybe everyone is talking those first gen MA this is now gen3 and revised bores..looking for someone who tried gen3?
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