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  1. For us do prs shooting on bolt gun balanced rig to spot your hit/miss is very important..and we start by getting the rifle stable center mass for barricades shooting.. On AR/gas how do we determine if our rifle is in good balance? Or we just go by tuning to our preference
  2. I got 4lb of 330 have you tried them before?
  3. Im pretty sure barrel length will play pretty big rule...? When picking powder for load combo? Mine its going to be 16" or maybe ill cut it into 14.5 with pinned brake.. Now, pf wont matter for my purpose since we dont do any competition here.but it will be range practicing speed shooting..
  4. Is it accuracy or FTF issues? I do have a lot of FP 124 135 147 from rmr
  5. This build is CMMG radial blow back 16" If that makes any difference
  6. What bullet combo with 330 and 350 for 16 9mm pcc. Ty for help brother stay safe everyone
  7. N320 or 330 or 350 Those are the powders i have. I also have some wst w31 and titegeoup
  8. We dont compete any 3 gun.or similar i wanna practice shooting fundemantals for standard 223 using 9mm Transition, handling for faster follow up shots..kinda joh wick
  9. What he use on 13" to get it to 16"? Muzzle brake? Or fake suppressor (sleeve)
  10. First and for most f$&#k communist states! Unfortunately i can only own 16" rifle barrel. Is there diff set up reloadinh pistol 9mm or sbr 9mm Vs loading 16" barrel. Should i use slower powder or it dont matter
  11. Any sti staccato shooters using this bullets?
  12. I just got 4lb n330 cant find 320 135 rmr load? Tnx and sorry for bumping old threads.stay safe everyone
  13. Bjay

    Pls delete

    Ty moving it now
  14. Ive been using 3.8wst with 147 rmr fp
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