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  1. Sorry, I wrote this not thinking that some people live in USA. For us in Europe only change is to make one because S&W customer support doesn't extend here.
  2. Your best bet is to find a machinist or gun smith who can make one based on your old firing pin. I paid 20€ each for my last firing pins.
  3. IPSC Shotgun World Shoot 2018 - Standard division was won with Beretta 1301. Second place in Modified division was also taken with 1301. Both Finnish shooters.
  4. New beretta 1301s dont have that serial number problem anymore. They moved it.
  5. I modified my original 1301 latch pretty much in the same way. Only took a file and a few minutes.
  6. Light strikes are not a big issue. I am currently using a below 13lb spring on my SP01 Shadow with no misfires with Kadet kit. For Kadet to work I just cut the Kadet firing pin spring(a little at a time) until it doesn't misfire anymore. Seems to be a common solution. Some people also like to sharpen the tip of the firing pin.
  7. I have had it happen with dummy rounds when rolling the gun over (ejection port facing up) and sweeping the round from Matchsaverz with strong hand. Have not yet happened with ejection port facing right.
  8. So there is a 4 page thread about matchsaver detonation and in those 4 pages there no one has been able to to actually produce himself the situation. Then few years later there is some new information on this topic but it is not allowed to be discussed anymore because someone will be offended? By what? Could they just not open if they are not interested?
  9. During dryfire practice I have actually had this happen with dummy round, matchsaver and Beretta 1301. Both times the round was left between the frame and extractor, which was penetrating into the dummy primer (silicone). Both times scared the hell out of me and made me think if I should ever use matchsaver with a live round.
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