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  1. Wolf sprigs on the way. Next testing batch is going into 38 Special case. I started with 357 case because of infamous crud ring. Learned since that this is not a real issue.
  2. I believe it matters how well the powder measures through your powder measuring device. I have recently shot bunch of loads over chrony and noticed big spread in velocities corresponding to poor accuracy. Shot the same powder after weighting charges on lab scale and accuracy and velocity spreads shrank by half.
  3. Hi, Brian. Could you add Revolver reloading Subforum? Just started playing with revolver and realized its a different animal.
  4. ARK


    That's why I went to Powder Valley... But some less prolific shooters may want to buy from them.
  5. Thank you for your responses. You all are raising important points. I am reloading for 6 pistol calibers and I have chronograph and I am using it working on my load development. I just don't have experience with revolver. I am trying to use what I have on hand instead of buying more powders. I have on my shelf: WST (one lbs left ) WSF Accurate #7 Green Dot 3 N 37 N 340 N350 Autocomp Bullets: lead 140 grain, plated 125 gr Being used to SD of 12 for precision rifle I was taken back to see SD in the 50's for some of 357 Mag loads. Also,
  6. ARK


  7. Please, make sure you seat them all the way. When I stared using Tula few years ago I got frustrated because I had bunch of misfires. Once I started seating them harder, no problems in open guns.
  8. I am new to revolver reloading, trying to develop light steel challenge load for my Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum using powders I have on hand from shortage times when we were getting what we could not what we wanted. The question I have for experienced Revolveros out there is: When you load 38 Special loads into .357 case, can you seat bullet to 38 Special seating depth?
  9. It changes with your experience and skill level. When I started playing the game I would look for spots where I could run to and take as many shots as I could to finish the stage. Later I started challenging myself to shot on the move frequently with counterproductive results. Shooting on the move is more fun but always more risky.
  10. Tank you for your responses, i was away for a while from my pistols, shooting rifles so this events escaped my attention. To be honest, I am surprised with this events, I have few STI pistols, shot the more than any other brand ( about 5000 rounds/year), I have had only few problems with them. Never had to sent the gun in for major warranty claim but know people who cracked their slides and STI always stood by their products.
  11. Looked at their web site the other day and is full of Commando style characters. Does it mean STI is out of sport shooting business???
  12. Can you record Yotube tutorial for us?
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