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  1. Oh I would have walked off right there. No reason to be there at that point.
  2. The optics of it isn’t good.
  3. I was there. I actually liked the stages, they weren’t too gimmicky, had decent movers. I thought the SO’s were polite and articulate. Two stages thrown out during the staff shoots, so down to 16 from 18. They pushed us on Friday to shoot ten stages, leaving only six Saturday morning, done by 1045-11. Lunch wasn’t being delivered until 12-1, wasn’t waiting around for that. The range would shuttle people if they wanted, but not necessary. First day, second bay, we had to wait around a-little over an hour for the super squad to finish, wasn’t to happy that. Only negative stuff I heard was the JJ thing and Coley thing. Coley got a PE in which he shouldn’t have and they didn’t remove it.
  4. They only loaded everyone on one stage and the SO actually asked if we wanted to do it. It doesn’t save time and kinda throws off the shooter a bit. They were concerned about time, but then made shoot 10 stages on day 1 and 6 stages on day 2.
  5. So what I heard out there. Was that they all loaded on the line, then went back up range. Couldn’t leave the stage boundary, she was messing with her gun in the holster for whatever reason. Gun went off and shot her foot.
  6. I do want to say, that all the SOs that I interacted with were awesome. I have no complaints about them.
  7. Exactly and apparently video, which in the rule book is prohibited.
  8. I think the foot shooter was a different stage, they loaded everyone at the same time. Everyone knew not to sweep themselves it was put out during the stage brief.
  9. One bay had two similar stages, but different reload points. One person applied their stage plan from one stage to the other and completely screwed his reloads.
  10. Yeah that was horrible, two stages two squads in one bay. Both stages briefed at the same time and two squads trying to walk-through two stages in 5 mins. Horrible idea, but apparently it’s going to be the Nationals/ Worlds standard for now.
  11. Yeap, it’s a new thing, DQ DM.
  12. So what’s the fix?
  13. Really, at what point? The closing? Or ejecting?
  14. 625 JM IDPA gun. On the yoke slot where the screw holds it in. There’s a shiny notch. What would have caused it?
  15. I use Federal Syntech brass, with TK SS .040 moonclips, cylinder sucks it in.
  16. Thanks, did not know that. Man there’s so many tips with these guns.
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