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  1. Hi All, I have searched a lot on this topic and haven't found a lot of info yet ( I am assuming because the orange is relatively new still) but I am coming from a background of shooting 1911s in USPSA single stack. I took a few years off and now I want to get back into competition with USPSA Production. I found tons of info on the Shadow 2 Blue being highly recommended but then in the process also found the orange. I know the orange has a 1911 style bushing and the hand fit aspect but what I really want to know is, from anyone who has shot both - is there a noticeable difference in accuracy? Right now the price difference between the two options is $540 for what I could get. I have attached the group I was able to do at 25 yards with the 1911 I shot standing (STI Trojan) for reference.
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