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  1. Word_Bro

    Max OAL for .40

    This was hilarious! LOLOL
  2. I purchased the same part last month from the same website, and its awesome. Unfortunately, I need to buy two more for two other CZ's I have, and they're sold out everywhere
  3. I use Black Widow. It's the BEST
  4. Speaking of thub rests, can anyone recommend a thumb rest for a G35 for lefties? Meaning the thumb rest is on the right hand side?
  5. Word_Bro

    Two Eyes Open

    This is awesome, thank you for sharing this!
  6. I have no experience with precision rifle, and am wondering....how do I get started?!?! Does anyone have recommendations for precision/long range target practice in the Houston, TX and San Antonio areas?
  7. HELL NO. I shoot with a CZ Shadow 2 and its AMAZING
  8. I'm a lefty with right eye dominance, but for the last 3 months I've decided to go all-in and train my left eye. So far its been very manageable. HOWEVER... I was shooting a USPSA match a few weeks ago, and I transitioned from one shooting position to another too quickly, and my right eye took over. f*#kED ME UP. It was embarrassing LOL.
  9. I polish with a dremel and mothers mag and aluminum polish
  10. I really love loading with Montana Gold Jacketed Bullets or Bayou Hi-tekl coated bullets
  11. Flying with gun's into LAX wasn't a big deal...but I would never bother risking the ignorant TSA idiots freaking out by carrying ammo in the same case.
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