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  1. That is a great solution that I did not know existed. I am going to order some and try them out.
  2. It isn't really something I notice when I am shooting. I do notice it when coming into a position. Would be better if it didn't move.
  3. I wanted to share an idea I am working on to keep the chamber flag on the PCC after Make Ready. I'm not a fan of fishing for a flag in my pocket or making the RO take the flag during a run. It's just a QD socket with a flag attached for now. I'd like to make a flag with the QD integrated eventually. I only have basic hand tools, which limits how creative I can get. Would love to see if anyone else has tried something similar or if someone can come up with a better version. I imagine that if someone had a shop or a 3D printer that they could make an improved version pretty easily.
  4. I am loosing an unhealthy amount of flesh from my thumb, so I'm looking for a good single sided safety with a shield for my 1911. I HATE ambi safeties (I have broken 2 and they rub my index knuckle). The only ones I can find are ambi. Would prefer a machined part instead of MIM or cast. Do you know where I could find one or have one built?
  5. I don't know if you fixed this or not, but I had a 1911 and a CZ TS do this and the solution was to gently round over the edge of the breachface where the slide grabs the next bullet from the mag. I had where it was nudging the next bullet of the magazine into the front of the magazine and that caused it to drag into the bottom of the feedramp.
  6. I heard that these use the same slide for 9mm and 40. If that's the case, you could have a dual caliber gun with an extra barrel. Are you able to fit a 40sw round in the breach face?
  7. Could fit a carbon steel barrel like a Kart and have that blued (I know you said blue and not blued, but wth). Any new barrel with a nitride finish would get you into the two tone look.
  8. Nice thing about Tripp is you can take them apart to clean without a punch. Just use your thumb to push the locking plate in.
  9. I'm a skinny guy. The DA are the only ones that let me keep the mags where I can get to them (bullets out).
  10. Deep River Custom sells a threaded tungsten sleeve bushing that you thread onto a bushing barrel to make it into a sleeved bull barrel for $80. That's where I would start.
  11. The place I am looking before the buzzer goes off is...the first place I would be looking after the buzzer goes off. If it's a target right in front of me, that's where I look. If it's a new shooting position that I need to run to, that's where I look.
  12. I have found that I am more accurate when I focus on the dot (PCC). But if shooting with both eyes open, I'm faster when I focus on the target and maintain acceptable accuracy for open targets. As for where to focus when starting, I always look at the target and bring the gun up to where I am looking.
  13. Has anyone tried the Holosun with the ACSS reticle? The chevron has caught my attention.
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