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  1. That is a great solution that I did not know existed. I am going to order some and try them out.
  2. It isn't really something I notice when I am shooting. I do notice it when coming into a position. Would be better if it didn't move.
  3. I wanted to share an idea I am working on to keep the chamber flag on the PCC after Make Ready. I'm not a fan of fishing for a flag in my pocket or making the RO take the flag during a run. It's just a QD socket with a flag attached for now. I'd like to make a flag with the QD integrated eventually. I only have basic hand tools, which limits how creative I can get. Would love to see if anyone else has tried something similar or if someone can come up with a better version. I imagine that if someone had a shop or a 3D printer that they could make an improved version pretty easily.
  4. I am loosing an unhealthy amount of flesh from my thumb, so I'm looking for a good single sided safety with a shield for my 1911. I HATE ambi safeties (I have broken 2 and they rub my index knuckle). The only ones I can find are ambi. Would prefer a machined part instead of MIM or cast. Do you know where I could find one or have one built?
  5. I don't know if you fixed this or not, but I had a 1911 and a CZ TS do this and the solution was to gently round over the edge of the breachface where the slide grabs the next bullet from the mag. I had where it was nudging the next bullet of the magazine into the front of the magazine and that caused it to drag into the bottom of the feedramp.
  6. I heard that these use the same slide for 9mm and 40. If that's the case, you could have a dual caliber gun with an extra barrel. Are you able to fit a 40sw round in the breach face?
  7. Guiderod length is not a "one or the other" when it comes to length. You can take a full length guide rod an hack an inch off of the end and run a 3/4 length guide rod if you want. Knock a little off of your current guiderod, hollow out your grips some, you may be able to save an oz without buying anything.
  8. I love my sight tracker (STI Apeiro). I actually really enjoy the front sight staying still during recoil. I think that if you have a strong grip and your sights always return to zero that the tracking effect would be less of an advantage. I have weak wrists and struggle to keep the muzzle down more than some others, so that could be a factor. On paper I don't think it helps much, mostly because I don't usually wait for a perfect sight picture on the second shot. I find it really helpful on arrays like a plate rack where I have 6 aimed shots right in a row. There's no real disadvantage to one that I can think of. Only annoying thing for me is that since I use Titegroup, my fiber does not last very long due to the heat.
  9. Could fit a carbon steel barrel like a Kart and have that blued (I know you said blue and not blued, but wth). Any new barrel with a nitride finish would get you into the two tone look.
  10. I have tried both and decided not to undercut mine on my 2011. The ones I held put the little bump at the front of the trigger guard right on my weakhand index finger. Depending on your hand size/ grip it may not matter for you. I also felt like the undercut didn't holster/ unholster as smoothly as the untouched grips. If you cut too close to the back of the trigger guard it can make it rock more in race holsters. It's possible that none of the above apply to you, your gun, or your holster. Just my observations. Just like everything else, best to try both and see what you like.
  11. Nice thing about Tripp is you can take them apart to clean without a punch. Just use your thumb to push the locking plate in.
  12. I emailed Tripp and received amazing support from Aaron within a few hours. I wanted to post the resolution in case anyone else has this problem in the future. Aaron told me that there are two solutions for the problem. He explained how to fix it on my own, but also offered to fix them for me if I wanted to ship them back. The first solution is to slightly bend out the bottom of the magazine body so that it provides more friction against the base pad and is hard to slip off. The second solution is to use a custom mag spring. Normally the system mags have 13 coils. He is going to take a 14 coil spring and cut off half of the last coil, giving a 13.5 coil spring. This will make it so that the bottom portion of the spring is only contacting the front of the locking plate, thus adding more resistance so that the base pad cannot push the plate back into the mag body. Both of the solutions will make disassembly a little more difficult, but I think that is a perfectly acceptable trade off to keep the bullets inside of the magazine. Plus they are sending me the mag springs for free. Tripp’s customer support is fantastic.
  13. You can take the tip of a rat-tail needle file and smooth/deepen the detent track in the safety so that it takes less resistance to disengage.
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