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  1. You're the one who has fallen short, been educated by many experienced nice folk and ignored it. You are beating a dead horse about something that is not debatable, hell it is something you can mathematically prove and we do that with Hit Factor.
  2. You're clearly ignorant AF. If you think that stage plans for CLASSIFIERS (which is your whole pointless argument) make a difference between 21 and 24 rounds in the gun, you are out of your mind. There's a reason you're stuck in C or B and are still on the struggle bus to A and it's absolutely a mental one. If you think 21 vs 24 rounds will change your stage plan and strategy enough to effect score on a stage, you're again wrong. Ever heard of shooting over 21 rounds from one spot on a legal USPSA stage? Me either, but I have heard of people reloading while moving between positi
  3. GG competition trigger kit is the best bang for the buck trigger for the X5 and is easy to install. Apex doesn't even come close and thesigarmorer is way overpriced in my opinion.
  4. Unless you have tiny hands with short thumbs the GoGuns thumb rest puts your support hand in a poor position. Your thumb should extend past the takedown lever. Keeping your thumb farther back causes you to break your wrist instead of having it extended and locked out and actually causes more problems with grip. See attached photo for where my thumb rests when my wrist is properly extended and locked.
  5. I just dont understand why anyone think this easily controllable 9mm pistol needs a thumbrest. You guys ought to spend a bit more time working on your grip technique than these atrocious looking parts. Either way I highly doubt this is Production legal in terms of fitting in the box.
  6. Stickers are probably the most viable option, I'll look into some. Letters printed in the silicone filament tend to look pretty ugly. Glad you guys are liking the product!
  7. All Legions have the LCI, if you want a non LCI barrel you need the original P320 X5 with a Legion grip module. If you need to send it to Sig in the US for warranty service you don't need to use an FFL, you can ship it directly to them and they will ship it directly back to you but you have to ship them the whole firearm.
  8. Yeah, we just discussed that this happens when the gun is empty. It wont do this when loaded because of the tension from the loaded magazine.
  9. Interesting, I just tried with a snap cap alone and the slide still moves but with even just 1 round in the magazine and the 1 in the chamber the movement stops all together. I hadn't thought about the tension from the magazine. Makes more sense why my accuracy has never been effected in live fire!
  10. The entire slide will move when you drop the striker, loaded or not. Some people can't stand it but when it comes down to practical accuracy, you're not going to notice a difference nor are you going to see this movement when you are doing live fire. When I first noticed this on my P320's (it happens on all 3 of my X5's my P320C and my X-Carry) I was a little annoyed by it, but it has never caused me any problems while actively shooting it so I have just learned to ignore it during dry fire practice.
  11. This happens on all of the OG X5s if you put a 1911 style guide rod in it. Springer claims it wont happen with 14lb or more spring, but that's not true. I have been running 14lb with Springer Tungsten for the last year and a half and both X5s are showing the ding that you refer to. It doesnt effect performance and neither ding has gotten worse, just shows wear. Approx 15k and 10k rounds on those setups.
  12. I do this on the side as well, you can PM me if you would like details, I use the same epoxy on the original X5 grips as the Legion. The Legion also is still very easy to alter with a dremel and sanding wheel to get it to fit your hand just the way you want. It also cleans up nicely with some of the finer grit sand paper. Sig really has a winner with this grip, they did an excellent job.
  13. Have you tried the curved trigger from Gray Guns? That should make the trigger easier to reach.
  14. Yes, they appear to be identical molds.
  15. Yes, I have done several of these and gotten the process down pretty well, doesn't take very long. I put a little extra epoxy on to build up the grip to be a little thicker because the X grip is a little too small for me.
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