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  1. If somebody made a 2011 with a 3 lb trigger and a trigger safety and without a magwell the IPSC guys would probably deem it Production Division legal after the Laugo Alien precedent!
  2. Lior

    Extractor issues TSO

    I asked for a niner instead. No problems except reduced points in stages.
  3. Lior

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    Previous broken red dots with 9lb recoil springs have not left me too adventurous with cheaper sights, so I'm sticking to the 14 lb factory recoil spring to max out red dot longevity with factory ammo (mostly S&B).
  4. Lior

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    After having two early generation Shadow 2s with dovetail plates, I got the Optics Ready version, which costs about 25% more than a new ordinary S2. Is the difference justified? Oh yes! I've been using a Vortex Venom sight, which was easy to install as the mounting plate came with the right screws enclosed. The proximity of the dot projection to the bore axis means correcting elevation for different ranges is much easier than for a dovetail mounted dot. Co-witnessing is a plus too. If I can nitpick the gun, the only thing that is not ideal is the scarcity of adapter plates for different optics (a CZ marketing decision, hopefully soon to be rectified by Toni System). As a side project to enjoying IPSC, I'm running my first Vortex Venom to find out its MTBF, using a stock recoil spring. Based on the result I'll either get an identical gun, or switch to SRO or another holy grail red dot (whose adapter plates I haven't been able to find yet). Should be interesting.
  5. Lior

    Extractor issues TSO

    My TS40 went back to CZ for this exact reason. Even after deburring the chamber and changing the extractor. I haven't shot Major Power Factor since.
  6. Rephrased: SIG sells lots and lots of guns (mostly non-sporting).
  7. The P320X5 Legion makes for an interesting case study. Most gunmakers that manufacture very successful CCW guns don't really need to cater for sportsmen's exacting needs to make a profit and keep a strong reputation, and SIG is in an enviable position among manufacturers of selling a gun that is so small that people keep losing them and needing to buy replacements. My guess is that they're not in a hurry to make the X5 Legion in the way that we would all want, i.e. with adjustable palm swells or multiple grip module sizes, GG level triggers and no chamber blowholes, because for every discerning sportsman there must be a dozen armed forces members, CCWers and forgetful pensioners.
  8. Lior

    P365 For CCW

    After ending three decades of uniformed service, I decided I didn't really need a service sized pistol for carry anymore and adopted a P365XL with a RMSc red dot sight for CCW. My usual holster choice is a Comp-Tac MTAC. Can't complain!
  9. Lior

    TS vs TSO

    For IPSC purposes, an important difference is that the TSO has shorter factory sights than the TS. This means that its magazines can be slightly longer while fitting the Standard Division Box.
  10. This was a 9 lb spring from Cesar. Am sticking to factory recoil spring for my new S2OR.
  11. Lior

    Shadow 2 + optics longevity

    I've heard reports that the SRO doesn't fit properly on a Shadow 2 Optics Ready with the RMR adapter plate. Please tell me this isn't true!
  12. With an 11 lb mainspring and weaker firing pin spring I got the DA pull down to 5.5 lbs without any polishing on two earlier S2s that I had (earlier series with the crackable frame). Those were the ones I broke red dots on due to a weak recoil spring sans buffer.
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