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  1. The said thing is that the bad guys were probably busted for having magazines containing more than 10 rounds rather than the dope.
  2. Hi Eric. Short answer - yes, by massive use. They get slightly softer over time. When I found the TS mag release to be a bit of a handful, I filed it down so that I could get more leverage over it. Haven't looked back!
  3. They're the same length. I've owned both guns but have never attempted to install a CM barrel in the TSO. It would be pointless as the threads would be enclosed inside the TSO's slide anyway. The CM has a shorter slide to allow a comp or front sight nut to be screwed on.
  4. Have shot a S2 Optics Ready with a Vortex Venom red dot for half a year. Before that I shot S2s with a dovetail plate. Impressions compared to the S2 are as follows: 1. The offset between irons and the Venom's dot is somewhere between negligible and zero. It makes dot acquisition and shooting close targets with no-shoots under them a breeze. 2. The lack of serrations on the rear slide is no loss. 3. The inability to remove the extractor without removing the red dot sight is a disadvantage. Failures to extract do happen. 4. The flat M3 Torx screws holding the plate to the slide are short. In my case, one repeatedly came undone. Then I Loctited it in place. Then the head broke off when I tried to remove it, leaving the shaft in the slide. Gunsmith is figuring out whether the slide can be saved. Meanwhile I'm shooting a different gun. 5. CZ could have released mounting plates with multiple holes and posts in them for different red dot type but didn't. Toni Systems has two such plates that fit the bill (I don't own one). The gun didn't ship with any adapter plates at all (just the rear iron sight with cover). 6. With a 10# recoil spring and a plastic buffer, the Vortex Venom has held up perfectly. That said in my experience CZ listens to customers and make subtle product improvements without announcing them, so your mileage may very.
  5. Sorry to respond to this post belatedly. A year and a half ago, I started shooting with a red dot at my indoor range (Production Optics Division) because I felt that my performance with iron sights was deteriorating (I'm 48). Most of my matches have been outdoors so it's not a big deal, but the thing that opened my eyes for me (pardon the pun) was shooting at an outdoor range with good target lighting at night with iron sights. Although I could barely see the gun in my hands, it was very easy to judge the sight alignment when aiming at targets because they were so well lit, and I had great fun! That said, some of our best iron sight shooters train at said indoor range with poor target lighting all the year round and do extremely well when shooting outdoors. Balancing enjoyment and match wins aren't always mutually exclusive, but I'd rather spend most of my shooting time with a good sight picture. Decisions, decisions!
  6. Interesting topic. When I competed with an M&P 2.0 5 inch, I also carried it, concealed and on duty. Now I'm back to CZ, I compete with a Shadow 2 Optics Ready and carry a P10C Optics Ready. Unless I'm running, in which case I carry a Sig P365XL. Haven't gotten around to running with the P10COR yet. YMMV.
  7. Lior

    CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom

    The Phantom's slide has a thinner top profile than that of the SP01. A different beast. I had a Phantom and a Shadow at both times but never studied interchangeability of parts.
  8. Lior

    CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom

    Owned a Phantom with Meprolight sights for a while, for duty and everyday carry use. It was a great gun.
  9. Hi all. Does the new generation P10 with reversible magazine still use the "ambi cut" of CZ magazines with red followers, and if not, can I use CZ75 magazines in this gun? Thanks for your attention.
  10. Dear folks, Over the years one tends to accumulate gun accessories whereas others wear out. My current predicament is that right now my Open gun (a CzechMate) has a frame mount for the RTS2 sight. I don't have any surviving RTS2s (or clones thereof) left and am interested in using a DeltaPoint Pro on the gun (I have two that have just returned from repair under warranty). The footprints of the two sight types are similar (screws go through the same holes) and the only obstacle to immaculate installation is the bumps for the RTS2 on the mount, which have no corresponding holes in the DPP. Is there any impediment (besides warranty voiding) to drilling two small recesses in the base of the DeltaPoint Pro to fit the two bumps? It would require about 0.01" of material removal. Any tips in this respect would be welcome. Thanks for your attention - Lior
  11. Thanks for the update Lucreau. Now another question on the subject - how does one effectively clean the extractor without unmounting the red dot et al.?
  12. Welcome to the forum Sir. You've nearly answered your own question. Coming from an avid Shadow 2 shooter: I also think you should get the P320 XFive Legion, if it fits your hands well. I'm no longer in law enforcement so I carry a Sig P365 daily.
  13. One of the nice things about the TS / CzechMate compared to the Shadows is that with its plastic trigger, one is never worried about the overtravel screw conspiring with the frame to ruin your match!
  14. The SP01 Shadow has the advantage of being more IDPA and Carry Optics Division friendly than the Shadow 2, but I digress. That said, I agree with many of the comments above dealing with mitt size. I competed with a Shadow 1 for three years and it felt small in my big hands. After that I took the TS / CzechMate + LOG Grips route, so when the S2 first came out I wasn't too thrilled by it. But since switching to IPSC Production Optics Division and learning its trigger, for me personally the Shadow 2 is the ideal machine for turning money into noise, holes and fun.
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