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  1. When my CM was new it failed to eject factory (minor) ammo with the factory recoil spring. The gunsmith at the shop installed the lightest recoil spring he had (don't remember the poundage) and from that point on the gun functioned fine in this respect.
  2. Had a SP01 Shadow for 3 years and decided that my hands were too big for it and the gun hard to control in rapid fire. Took the TS route and now I have made full circle back to the Shadow 2 . With palm swell Lok Grips, the nice rough front strap and backstrap and slightly different gripping technique, I really can't complain!
  3. Lior

    Czechmate Mag Tuning?

    I'm a lefty and had similar problems two years ago. The culprit was the magazine design. The holes for the mag release to engage are asymmetric in terms of height. I had reversed the mag release so that I could hit it with my left thumb on the right side of the frame. The trouble was that this resulted in magazines seating lower and rounds having difficulty making it up the ramp. As soon as the mag release reverted to the left side my CzechMate worked perfectly. Just wanted to allow you to eliminate this as a possible cause of your woes.
  4. Used a flat forward aluminum trigger in a gen1 that broke at 1.75 lbs. Now I use a curved plastic trigger in a gen2 that breaks at 3.5 lbs. Both triggers have their pros and cons. The flat has negligible pretravel whereas the curved one is more forgiving on finger positioning.
  5. Broke my second M&P's striker in the same circumstances with a Laser Ammo insert (7 lb trigger pull). Incidents like these make me choose guns based on logistic support rather than mere sexiness.
  6. Shooters play their games, gun makers play theirs. It's interesting that after IPSC's Production Division rules now allow a vast amount of modifications, Walther comes up with a gun that has very desirable features for the division straight out of the factory. Of particular note is the new 3 lb trigger rule that this latest offering caters for. Looking forward to seeing other people compete with this gun.
  7. When I first had an M&P Pro I kept the stock trigger with an Apex competition kit and was quite content shooting it in IPSC Standard Division (Minor PF). Trigger broke at about 3 lb. Out of all the IPSC Production Division legal guns that I tried, the M&P fitted my hands the best. Lamentably I needed a sear setup with a 7 lb trigger to be legal for the division, so I refrained from competing with it (didn't stop me from breaking a striker by doing thousands of dry fires on a Laser Ammo cartridge an an attempt to get used to the trigger). Fast forward to January 1, 2019 - 3 lb aftermarket triggers are now legal for Production Division so I installed an Apex rear trigger with a 3.5 lb setup in my longslide 2.0 and am happy as a pig in **** shooting this gun.
  8. Hi all. Looking for a new carry gun that I can mount an RMR on instead of my Sig P365, for deep concealment and running and occasional range / competition fun. Two serious contenders are the CZ P10C OR and the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact with a dovetail mount for a red dot. Milling the slide isn't available in my region. Co-witnessing is not really important to me, whereas holster compatibility is. I previously owned a P10C and full size M&P (Gen1). Both guns fit more or less the same Kydex holsters. The P10C was more comfortable with the stock trigger, but all my M&Ps have been improved with Apex triggers. Cost is not really a concern. I'm a lefty and had no problem manipulating the controls on either gun. In my current arsenal I have a longslide M&P set up with an RMR on a dovetail mount (OuterImpact) and a 3.5 lb Apex trigger, which I am beginning to shoot well. I bought the P365 for carry while running, for which I use a SmartCarry groin holster worn at 12:00. Prior, I had no problem carrying a Glock 19 or a P10C in the same position. Beavertails aren't fun however. So given these circs, if you could choose one gun out of the two, which would it be? Inputs are welcome.
  9. My first, albeit short PCC match was back in 2012 or thereabouts with a G17 in a Roni carbine. It was great fun. Today I enjoy the challenge of IPSC Production Optics Division, because it's more about the shooter than about the gear and the stage planning process is different. This is just my opinion of course - hope it helps!
  10. Lior

    Langdon Elite LTT

    Question: When I started shooting IPSC I used a SP01 Shadow in Production Division and the gun was too thin for me to control it well in fast fire. Since then I've been out of the division for want of a fat enough pistol (I'm tall). I've been shooting a CZ Tactical Sports with thick Lok grips (Standard/Limited minor). Would the 92G LTT be just the ticket for returning to Production Division?
  11. Sorry for this late reply. My early model Czechmate is set up for IPCS Standard Division. To get it in the measuring box I trimmed the rear sight and selected a lower profile P07 fiber optic sight, which is Loctited into the barrel nut. My holster of choice is a Double Alpha Academy Alpha-X, using the SP01 insert, filed to fit the Tactical Sports and Czechmate trigger guards. I use fat Lok Grips to all of my CZ raceguns because of my big hands, so I won't discuss CZ's wood or thin aluminum grips due to lack of experience with them. Compared to the TS Orange in 9mm, the rear sight of the Czechmate has a narrower aperture and I prefer shooting this way as it means I'm spending less time judging the distance between blade and notch. Personally I'm a lefty so I don't use the left thumbrest plumbing or enlarged left safety. They may or may not be deal breakers for righty shooters. Compared the the Tactical Sports and TS Orange, the Czechmate is slightly lighter than both in the snout department. This isn't really an issue. A bonus is that the front sight is essentially a sight tracker type as it doesn't have to reciprocate with the (lighter) slide, being stuck to the barrel. All in all, the Czechmate and my 9mm TSO are fairly interchangeable for use in Standard Minor Division (save the holster insert). I shoot the Czechmate the most. I tried shooting a TS40 using factory 180 grain ammo, but it was never reliable enough to give me peace of mind so I only shoot niner.
  12. As a lefty, the mag release on the TS Orange (original version) was causing me to drop mags inadvertently with my left index finger. Did an epoxy job behind the trigger guard to keep offending finger away. I find that I can manipulate the release easily this way without having to grind it. On my CzechMate I ground the mag release down to more modest dimensions as well as the epoxy build. Both work fine. YMMV. On a southpaw note: when I reversed the mag release for operation by left thumb, reliability plummeted because the holes on the magazines that engage the mag release aren't symmetrical, so the rounds don't always make it up the ramp and the gun won't fit the Standard Division box.
  13. Today I installed an RMR on my 2.0 using an OuterImpact dovetail mount. Haven't shot it yet as the Loctite is drying.
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