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  1. This was a 9 lb spring from Cesar. Am sticking to factory recoil spring for my new S2OR.
  2. Lior

    Shadow 2 + optics longevity

    I've heard reports that the SRO doesn't fit properly on a Shadow 2 Optics Ready with the RMR adapter plate. Please tell me this isn't true!
  3. With an 11 lb mainspring and weaker firing pin spring I got the DA pull down to 5.5 lbs without any polishing on two earlier S2s that I had (earlier series with the crackable frame). Those were the ones I broke red dots on due to a weak recoil spring sans buffer.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience here and on YouTube. My S2OR has arrived with a slightly gritty trigger pull, which is something I've experienced in other S2s. Other than that I was also surprised that CZ doesn't provide adapter plates in the box - perhaps they know that the people who buy these guns are already CZ fanatics who will forgive them.
  5. Lior

    Shadow 2 + optics longevity

    Thanks Rob. Knowledge is power! My RMR 2.0s have been pretty good until now, but I don't use them for matches anymore.
  6. Guys, Last year I procured two used Shadow 2s and stuck red dots on a dovetail mount on them. First Delta Point Pros, then Shield RMSs. At some point in their lifetime these S2s had had reduced weight springs installed on them, for a 6 lb DA trigger pull. Now shooting them was great fun. Compared to the M&P 2.0 that I have left, sight picture recovery was faster, the SA trigger nicer and the gun was just as grippy owing to Lok Grips, but the problem was that the red dots only lasted a couple of thousand rounds before the electronics became dislodged and quit mid-stage. I've had no such trouble running red dots on the G17 MOS and M&P 2.0 with stock recoil springs. I miss the S2 and would want it back, if only I could have peace of mind shooting it. So my question to you lot is how has the reliability of your red dot on a S2 with stock recoil spring and buffer been? I'm asking because I'd rather shoot a familiar platform than explore a new one (e.g. SIG P320X5 Legion).
  7. What a lively thread! Thanks to everyone for contributing. I visited because I'm trying to decide between a Q5 SF and a P320 X5 Legion with a DPP on it. Until now I have shot an M&P 2.0 and a Shadow 2 with dovetail mounted optics. The M&P is reliable as hell but a slightly bouncy ride (much like the P320 X5 without grip tape), and has a 3.5" Apex trigger on it. The S2 was wonderful to shoot but I stopped using it because it busted three red dots in quick succession (two DPPs and a Shield RMS). I'm a tall guy with big hands and use the biggest palm swell of the M&P and LOK Grip palm swell bogies on the S2. So the question is which gun would be more promising after this discussion - a Q5 SF or an X5 Legion?
  8. Lior

    CZ TSO holster

    DAA Alpha X
  9. When my CM was new it failed to eject factory (minor) ammo with the factory recoil spring. The gunsmith at the shop installed the lightest recoil spring he had (don't remember the poundage) and from that point on the gun functioned fine in this respect.
  10. Had a SP01 Shadow for 3 years and decided that my hands were too big for it and the gun hard to control in rapid fire. Took the TS route and now I have made full circle back to the Shadow 2 . With palm swell Lok Grips, the nice rough front strap and backstrap and slightly different gripping technique, I really can't complain!
  11. Lior

    Czechmate Mag Tuning?

    I'm a lefty and had similar problems two years ago. The culprit was the magazine design. The holes for the mag release to engage are asymmetric in terms of height. I had reversed the mag release so that I could hit it with my left thumb on the right side of the frame. The trouble was that this resulted in magazines seating lower and rounds having difficulty making it up the ramp. As soon as the mag release reverted to the left side my CzechMate worked perfectly. Just wanted to allow you to eliminate this as a possible cause of your woes.
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