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  1. When we got affiliated, our matches started filling up two weeks in advance, 80 guns. Prior when it was outlaw, 50 was a good number.
  2. To people who never shoot anything but tier 1 I suppose it does. Probably result in less membership
  3. That would eliminate local matches since many I think only shoot 6 stages.
  4. She pretty much always beats me. That 0.12 she beat me by in pcc isn't even the closest. She is usually much better than she shot yesterday. She was ladies state champ the first time CMP held that match RFRO and rfpo. I wish I could take the credit.
  5. I didn't say i couldnt do it. But as been said, it is unfair to some. My daughter who since you looked was right above me in pcc shot the worlds in a boot. Took a 4 second per string penalty rather than hurt her foot further or worse. That 12 seconds cost her quite a few spots. But people who have permanent infirments have to take that all the time. That 9.99 is cause I didn't call the first shot on the far plate and took off and had to go back and get it. I hardly ever miss those big plates but did and paid for it. Probably cost me the second or so I need for A.
  6. Aren't used to moving with a gun is what I meant. Everyone does not shoot USPSA. I don't have a problem with it, never been called for anything on outer limits. Never tripped or fallen or had foot faults or 180 issues. But plenty have.
  7. Where did I say that. Been shooting both guns for several years. But I do know someone who shot a new gun and won his class.
  8. I seriously doubt anyone is going to change anything based on my opinion but read zachs response above. I'm not the only one who doesn't love OL.
  9. Not the fatigue from outer limits, but worn out from the two hour drive, and 7 (14 actually, 2guns) stages in 97 deg. heat with humidity making it fell like 105 or so. The CMP range is hot, it holds the heat in. Trust me I was not the only person worn out.
  10. So expressing opinions is whining? Guess what a-hat, you just expressed one also so take your own advice. I didn't demand anything, just stated my feelings. Your free to not read read it also or are you the self appointed post police?
  11. I'm fine with that and I doubt it is more in other classes. GM times are getting so low very few can achieve them, as it should be. I see GMs all the time that made it years ago a can't shoot master level at today's times. Look at tier 2 scores, there are lots of GMs in The middle of the pack. Just yesterday 7 Ms and 2GMs in rimfire rifle finished in the bottom half of the class. That's over 10% of the class. 25% of the GMs and Ms in the class in the bottom 50%. They couldn't all have had broke guns. Lots of A B and C shooters in front of them
  12. Yea it was Chris Barret. 59.8 RFRO. Kid tore it up. 1st, 3rd and another top 10, maybe 6
  13. I agree with doing away with outer limits. I shot it last yesterday, last stage, in 97 degree heat. By the second gun, I thought about DNFing. I'm surprised there have no injuries/accidents. Making people move fast with a gun when they aren't used to it is dangerous. Add in fatigue and its worse. At 60 years old, that one stage makes me cringe and rethink SC.
  14. Anybody else have a problem with lifetime GM status? I would bet a very large percentage of GMs can not shoot the current lower scores. And they will go lower next time they review. Rimfire is getting stupid low, a kid broke into the 50s this weekend at AL state. More will do it. My bet is we will see a couple 6.5 second peek times next year, smoke and hope and accelerator. PCC times will go down as well. The only times not going down are revolver. So if a GM can't shoot current peek times, is he really a GM?
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