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  1. We already have a rule: 5.1.6 Firearms must be serviceable and safe . Range Officers may demand examination of a competitor’s firearm or related equipment, at any time, to check they are functioning safely. If any such item is declared unserviceable or unsafe by a Range Officer, it must be withdrawn from the match until the item is repaired to the satisfaction of the Range Master. Any gun that has a firing pin that is forced to protrude through the breech when the hammer is lowered is not safe. Conversely, a
  2. Exactly. CZ and other manufactures use inertia firing pins for a good reason (this very reason). Wouldn't surprise me if we have improper mods that need to be addressed before we start pointing fingers at the rules or the manufacturers.
  3. Yes, the trigger being inertia fired would have to happen when the hammer was cocked. You can't get reliable ignition from full hammer travel when you start going too low on the hammer spring...the chances of the firing pin bouncing against spring pressure and firing the pistol from a 3-4 foot high fall are statistically impossible in my opinion.
  4. If the gun was modded in such a way that it allowed it to fire when dropped on the hammer outside the holster, then it would just as easily fire if the holster fell off of the belt and it landed in the same manner. I seriously doubt the gun fired as a result of a fall on the hammer and think it being dropped during the stage, before the hammer was lowered, or maybe he tried to catch the gun when dropped and inadvertently fired it to be more likely...but I guess we won't know for sure unless the whole story comes out.
  5. A stock CZ is VERY safe with the hammer FULLY lowered on a live round. Why design the gun with a double action first pull if the gun was not designed to be carried with a round in the chamber???
  6. When the hammer is fully lowered it doesn't rest on the firing pin, it rests on the slide. A fully lowered hammer on a STOCK DA/SA CZ is the most safe hammer position. Yes, the firing pin will be pushed against the lowered hammer under spring tension but the hammer cannot transfer energy independently to the firing pin because of contact with the slide. The half cock is DESIGNED to catch the hammer if the full cock notch is broken. If you carry a non firing pin block CZ around on half cock it is more dangerous than the fully lowered hammer because if the hammer is broke free of t
  7. Limited minor makes more sense than any other division we currently have or that people are dreaming up. You can compete with affordable 9mm factory ammo with any 9mm double stack pistol (which is about 80+% of the handguns sold currently) modded in almost any manner that you like without requiring hundreds/thousands of dollars in optics/optics ready options and reloading equipment. This division should not only be made competitive, but it should be the center of the sport and if we had it we probably wouldn't have to bother with most other divisions if their eventual d
  8. How is it a good example of that when it consistently has the lowest participation? How many new competitors are going to flock to USPSA to reload 38 short colt in a revolver? Participation is growing in 140mm+ mag divisions where commercial 9mm ammo is not at a scoring disadvantage. Not a coincidence.
  9. Single stacks have a place to compete...they have a whole division of their own plus can shoot in limited, limited 10 and open. Why do we need to change production to accommodate people who already have their own division plus 3 more options? If you don't like your division, then buy the right gear and pick another division to compete in. If you need to see how you did against a deeper field you can sort practiscore and compare against anybody you want to. Since some single stacks can shoot major, it makes no sense to combine them with production.
  10. Agreed. In addition to that, the power factor for major has dropped from 185 to 165 (so much for manning up and going to the gym) so the scoring bonus for shooting major is way too generous for the negligible difference in recoil and capacity. It is a game with rules that don't make sense in some cases. The rules have been changed almost every year since inception so why would they stop now? Baffles me why some people are so intent on maintaining an obvious imbalance in the rules.
  11. I don't think adding one more division while we let them all shake out will break the system but I agree with you on taking a closer look at all of the 10 rd divisions. If we have to consolidate/reduce divisions for some reason, and considering Production is so far from "production" at this point, one division that combines production/single stack/ and limited 10 into a 10rd minor/8 round major division would result in a net reduction of 1 division after adding limited minor. If we are being honest, single stack is the only division where DVC still matters and that would be our opportunity t
  12. Correct, limited minor a separate division and Limited Major continue as long as people want to shoot it. I don't agree with making everything minor, which from all indications is what seems to be coming at some point. Similar to your point, it would be easy enough to break out Production and Revolver scoring if we tossed them into limited division as well...but we don't do that because there is a competitive difference. We all know minor is not competitive in limited and splitting it out would allow it to have its own classification hit factors...which would be much more simil
  13. I would gladly trade classification winners across the board for a proper competitive limited minor division vs leaving it the bastard stepchild of 40 Smith and obsolete for 5 more years. I can't see the logic in arbitrarily limiting divisions, especially one that makes as much sense as limited minor, because of trophies/prizes.
  14. None of those are limited minor. You can't keep selling Model Ts to people that want Chevrolets.
  15. Last time I talked to Foley he said such a move was inevitable but they were hand wringing over people being stuck with worthless equipment....which is why I think Limited Major should continue as a division...and open should still provide for a major power factor for that matter.
  16. What would be accomplished by making the scores "slightly" better when there is still a glaring disparity? It would also create the problem of limited minor disappearing into carry optics...how would you know how many used an optic vs who didn't? You "need" an optic in carry "optics" more than you need major power factor in limited. The optic requirement levels the field in a division created for competition with optics. Major power factor perpetuates a known scoring disadvantage against limited minor. Putting these two together doesn't do anything to solve the pro
  17. The only way to measure the true demand for limited minor is to offer it as its own division...not keep coming up with arbitrary ways to keep/stick it in another division where it is disadvantaged. Anybody who has taken the time to get good with a dot knows it is better than irons.
  18. That is only 9 divisions...computers can easily handle that. If they actually wake up and respond to the demand to split out limited minor, then Production will quickly fall into the "smaller ones" category, Limited major won't be far behind, and CO will continue to lure away open shooters. Let people have all of the division options at level 1. Level 2 and above can limit participation to only the 5-6 most active divisions if prizes for all 9 are a problem. If the market decides limited major is obsolete then so be it. I keep hoping some energetic person will just start a ne
  19. It actually functions as a drop safety...it stops the trigger from inertia firing the gun if dropped on the butt. Making sure you have the exact grip on the gun before it would fire was not its primary purpose.
  20. Luckily the market seems to have more influence than the naysayers...unfortunately it just takes too long.
  21. At this point, if they just allow the 140mm magazines in production I will be content until my eyesight forces me to go to carry optics,
  22. I agree, limited minor and carry optics are the two biggest growth/longevity opportunities for USPSA.
  23. Major wouldn't be killed in Limited if they just added a separate Limited Minor...which would be far better than what they are doing to production to appease the people that really want Limited Minor.
  24. I think this is part of what is helping with the growth in Carry Optics and PCC, production holding steady even though people aren't happy about the 10 round limit, and would contribute to significant growth in limited if limited minor wasn't hurt by the scoring. Back in the day, we all reloaded but there are a LOT of people that don't want to sit there and pull that crank for hours and to be honest, I have had about enough of it myself.
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