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  1. Whatever you say Dr. I am aware of all of your bona fides and I am no more impressed...actually less so. But I will still consider your point, if you make a good one.
  2. So? Just take your own advice and stop responding to me...it will be ok. I am quite content discussing the sport with other people. There is always somebody that shoots better and I am anti participation trophy.
  3. It isn't a secret, if you ask the board if they discuss limited minor and other such changes on a regular basis they will tell you yes. Discussing USPSA while I am getting paid to sit here and monitor stuff is definitely an enjoyable way to pass the time. As for the rest of it, lay off...you are acting like a stalker.
  4. I can't speak for every match in the country but in the southeast, the majority of people shooting carry optics are much younger than elderly. The southeast is a desirable place to live and lots of places to work so that may be part of the difference in demographics. Aren't you elderly? I might have my videos confused.
  5. I do have emails. He will email you too. Saying I have emails and posting my honest opinion is not trolling. However, calling me a troll is "antagonistic" which is closer to trolling.
  6. It is growth in carry optics. Yes, other shooters are moving there, because they aren't interested in dealing with cost and hassle of 2011s or production is not "limited minor enough. Most probably aren't going back. I agree that constant change can drive people away. Which is why I say it is better to add what people are demanding if it makes sense instead of constantly tinkering with existing divisions. Nothing makes more sense as a stand alone division at this point in time and the forseeable future than limited minor.
  7. It really does, that is why the growth is happening in carry optics. The rules are constantly changing anyway...that is what happens when fudds dig their heels in and try to resist what is going to happen eventually anyway. If it doesn't happen in USPSA it will happen somewhere else.
  8. When USPSA has the participation and sponsorship levels on par with the NHRA then I might waste some time debating that.
  9. Nope. You can see from my first post provided by our impartial moderator that I have advocated limited major as well as limited minor all along. Limited major should be available as long as people want to sign up for it. The people buying guns outside of USPSA are mostly abandoning .40 and that does affect USPSA. 300 LEOs keeping their old .40s doesn't counter that. I have been saying there is a good case to make limited minor viable/separate/competitive to maintain participation while 40 limited attritions down like single stack and revolver.
  10. Yuup, there is a breech face most of the time.
  11. Why would anybody switch if they don't want it? If there is still a .40/165 pf division then the gun is not obsolete. You can load a .40 to minor PF and the gun is still not obsolete. You can fit a 9mm barrel and the gun is still not obsolete.
  12. Ha, now these are good posts. I promise if I was Bill Wilson I would be out on my land killing pigs.
  13. More than Olympic bicycles and the library police.
  14. If these things weren't "put" in the rules then how did they get there?
  15. Sure it does. If your analogy was correct we would be seeing growth in open as opposed to carry optics.
  16. You are playing words games...saying they are allowed in the divsion is the same as saying they were put there. If splitting them defacto kills the major division then that proves my point...people want limited minor. I don't need to restructure my argument at all. Some people are concerned that the people with .40 guns will have obsolete equipment if they change the division to minor. That is supposedly the only reason it hasn't been done already. I don't see any reason to obsolete anybody's gun and it makes more sense to have both until people no longer want .40 limited.
  17. Are you serious? If they didn't intend for them to be competitive they would have never put them in the same competitive divisions and/or came up with a scoring systems that attempts to make them comparable. The results consistently show that major is rewarded too much. I have never been Beard or been on a site called doodie.
  18. 1. Great. As the old people shooting .40 die off, who is going to give money to the USPSA and/or your local matches? 2. The fact that agents were overwhelmingly choosing 9mms as personally owned weapons and HRT choosing 9mms over everything else indicates that the people using them prefer 9mm. 3. I agree, that is why I said several times that it is the gun buying public who are buying 9mms that matter.
  19. I agree it is a principle but it has been proven that .40 is rewarded too much. So all I am saying is the power factors for limited should be separate as I think correcting the formula would be an even more difficult task.
  20. Statistically, the general gun buying public cares not about .40. Yes, a few suckers buy one if they run across it cheap at Academy but very few people outside of USPSA limited shooters seek them out. Regardless, I didn't bring up agencies. What 300 +/- LEOs do with their old .40s has no bearing on the viability of Limited major. The fact that high cap 9mms are about 90% of new handguns sold does. I said not "not more powerful than 9mm in a meaningful way." That obviously means I know there is a difference, but it means nothing in their selection process. Current 9mm meets their penetration requirements while expanding and retaining mass. It also breaks guns less frequently, costs less, requires stocking of fewer calibers, and it is easier for everyone to shoot. Switching was a no brainer regardless of who they are running through the academy. HRT can choose whatever they want to carry, they chose Glock 17s. You call the FBI firearms unit and tell them they are doing it wrong and can't be taken seriously. I am sure they will care as much as I do.
  21. Then how/why did it become a "foundation" of IPSC shooting and the basis of the power factor based scoring? IPSC Motto The Latin words Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (DVC) meaning accuracy, power, and speed are IPSC's motto and form the foundation for competition.
  22. I didn't bring up the agencies. 300 people carrying .40s in some minor LEO outfit has no bearing in USPSA as far as I am concerned.
  23. If you had those then you would be aware of more people than just me that are advocates of limited minor.
  24. Yes they are. I have at least 2 emails from Foley that say that exact thing. Ask him yourself.
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