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  1. Whether the differences matter or not in the results isn't the issue...the issue is whether we going to change the production rules to allow mag wells, safety disabling, and major power factor in order to arbitrarily stick a dying class inside another class? Having another selection on the signup sheet for single stack is the difference that matters least and we already have limited 10 to dump single stack into with no rules changes. What actually is the benefit to removing single stack?
  2. It is hard enough dodging people during walkthroughs and paste/reset. There is no way I am getting involved in picking up brass (mine or theirs). I consider the match brass lost...cost of participation.
  3. There is more involved than just triggers. You can add magwells, disable grip safeties, and have gun weight far heavier than most production guns in single stack...maybe more.
  4. Yes, if you want to shoot limited minor than a Glock is perfect because it is cheap...you don't want to invest a lot into minor in limited under the current rules. When you get serious about limited you need a 40 cal 2011.
  5. Will rarely happen because the scoring gift to 40 S&W lite is too much.
  6. Not sure I get the logic....single stack is supposedly dying...so toss it and a bunch of other garbage into production? What are you accomplishing? If 1 guy shows up and wants to shoot single stack...who cares. The computer is already set up to handle single stack...let him shoot single stack. You can already shoot single stack in limited 10 also.
  7. 3 gunners don't use 9mm major so adding it to limited is not going to attract 3 gunners or any significant number of new shooters since most new shooters no not reload. Splitting the division into major and minor leaving all of the other rules the same doesn't require anybody to buy a new gun or make anybody's gun obsolete. The .40 you have before the split will be just as competitive against other .40s after the split.
  8. I have already listed the reasons. Splitting them doesn't change limited major...it is exactly the same...except that there wouldn't be a bunch of minor shooters to pad your position in the division results because of the scoring imbalance.
  9. I don't have a 2011 in 9mm, or any caliber for that matter. I am the LEO trade in Glock 22 guy. Actually it was a contract overrun since nobody wants them anymore, so it was not only cheap, but also new.
  10. You strike me as some older low IQ back woods redneck with an inferiority complex but no need to speculate.
  11. To be consistent, I have no issue adding a separate production major, a carry optics major, or a pcc major. If they are separate then we will find out real quick what people want. They are all just choices on the signup form, the computer makes it simple.
  12. You said earlier that splitting out minor was going to kill limited and now you are saying plenty of people want major...which is it? If so many people want limited major then their gun will never be obsolete. Limited is popular because you can mod guns and load them to capacity. It is popular despite 40 S&W not because of it. The name calling doesn't really help your already weak/confused argument. If there are enough manly men that need to compensate for their age/size/impotence with major power factor in limited then let's separate it, raise the power factor back up to 175/180, and all will be impressed by how awesome you are. I am fine with letting all of the "gay millenial nancy boys" have a limited division where minor is competitive. The sport could use more young people and broader appeal.
  13. That is the point, if nobody wants the major version why keep it on life support? 9mm handguns with capacity greater than 10 rounds dominate the handgun market. People that want to modify them, load them to capacity, and shoot factory ammo shouldn't be stuck in some division slanted in favor of those handloading powder puff rounds for a dying caliber. You grow the sport one way and come across as an ignorant fudd the other way. By the way, 40 S&W didn't start the sport, neither did 165 power factor, surprise.
  14. Production, PCC, and Carry Optics are already a "direct affront to DVC." It isn't jacking with anything, people can shoot 40 in limited major until they kick over dead. Best question is why waste the largest division in the sport propping up a cartridge that the market doesn't want? Reloader sales? Never say never.
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