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  1. I don't think adding one more division while we let them all shake out will break the system but I agree with you on taking a closer look at all of the 10 rd divisions. If we have to consolidate/reduce divisions for some reason, and considering Production is so far from "production" at this point, one division that combines production/single stack/ and limited 10 into a 10rd minor/8 round major division would result in a net reduction of 1 division after adding limited minor. If we are being honest, single stack is the only division where DVC still matters and that would be our opportunity to keep it IF we wanted to. Unless we totally get rid of power factor (which I do not advocate) then having 10 rd single stack major in the same division as production minor creates the same issue we have with limited.
  2. Correct, limited minor a separate division and Limited Major continue as long as people want to shoot it. I don't agree with making everything minor, which from all indications is what seems to be coming at some point. Similar to your point, it would be easy enough to break out Production and Revolver scoring if we tossed them into limited division as well...but we don't do that because there is a competitive difference. We all know minor is not competitive in limited and splitting it out would allow it to have its own classification hit factors...which would be much more similar to production than limited.
  3. I would gladly trade classification winners across the board for a proper competitive limited minor division vs leaving it the bastard stepchild of 40 Smith and obsolete for 5 more years. I can't see the logic in arbitrarily limiting divisions, especially one that makes as much sense as limited minor, because of trophies/prizes.
  4. None of those are limited minor. You can't keep selling Model Ts to people that want Chevrolets.
  5. Last time I talked to Foley he said such a move was inevitable but they were hand wringing over people being stuck with worthless equipment....which is why I think Limited Major should continue as a division...and open should still provide for a major power factor for that matter.
  6. What would be accomplished by making the scores "slightly" better when there is still a glaring disparity? It would also create the problem of limited minor disappearing into carry optics...how would you know how many used an optic vs who didn't? You "need" an optic in carry "optics" more than you need major power factor in limited. The optic requirement levels the field in a division created for competition with optics. Major power factor perpetuates a known scoring disadvantage against limited minor. Putting these two together doesn't do anything to solve the problem...it just shifts the problem. I don't see the benefit in messing up carry optics, a well defined competitive division that is very popular and growing, just to avoid adding one more division into the computer or just replacing production with limited minor.
  7. The only way to measure the true demand for limited minor is to offer it as its own division...not keep coming up with arbitrary ways to keep/stick it in another division where it is disadvantaged. Anybody who has taken the time to get good with a dot knows it is better than irons.
  8. That is only 9 divisions...computers can easily handle that. If they actually wake up and respond to the demand to split out limited minor, then Production will quickly fall into the "smaller ones" category, Limited major won't be far behind, and CO will continue to lure away open shooters. Let people have all of the division options at level 1. Level 2 and above can limit participation to only the 5-6 most active divisions if prizes for all 9 are a problem. If the market decides limited major is obsolete then so be it. I keep hoping some energetic person will just start a new organization that has their own limited minor optics, limited minor irons, and "all other" divisions. That will be much easier and quicker than pampering those hanging on to DVC even though we all know it hasn't been relevant in limited or open for a long time.
  9. It actually functions as a drop safety...it stops the trigger from inertia firing the gun if dropped on the butt. Making sure you have the exact grip on the gun before it would fire was not its primary purpose.
  10. Luckily the market seems to have more influence than the naysayers...unfortunately it just takes too long.
  11. At this point, if they just allow the 140mm magazines in production I will be content until my eyesight forces me to go to carry optics,
  12. I agree, limited minor and carry optics are the two biggest growth/longevity opportunities for USPSA.
  13. Major wouldn't be killed in Limited if they just added a separate Limited Minor...which would be far better than what they are doing to production to appease the people that really want Limited Minor.
  14. I think this is part of what is helping with the growth in Carry Optics and PCC, production holding steady even though people aren't happy about the 10 round limit, and would contribute to significant growth in limited if limited minor wasn't hurt by the scoring. Back in the day, we all reloaded but there are a LOT of people that don't want to sit there and pull that crank for hours and to be honest, I have had about enough of it myself.
  15. I am going through the same process right now with a Glock 22 that shoots way left. I shoot all of my 9s and other 40s straight and most other people's Glocks straight but this one is definitely off and low round count to boot.
  16. I never said matches were all 8-8-8...can you quote that? Maybe even tell me what you think the work typical means as that could be where the disconnect is. Typical <> "always" So instead of continuously misreading what I write, how about telling me what is typical at these better matches that would make me all giddy about a 15 round production magazine?
  17. Since the max scoring targets per firing position is 8, I would say 8 tends to be pretty typical...but I didn't say every match I go to has only 8 round strings...can you quote where I said that? I don't think forcing extraneous round counting on the 10 and under crowd vs good stage setup makes for a better match. Are you one of those Open/limited guys that hates getting beat by production shooters?
  18. I think these are good points. No sense in changing minor...especially since factory ammo will easily make 125 pf. Either give minor their own divisions (which doesn't make anyone's major gun obsolete)...or just go all minor.
  19. The caliber wars are over, diversity is in full swing, and the insignificant holdout agencies will eventually get swept up into one of the bigger agencies' purchase contracts. If HRT can get the job done with a Glock 17 then I am not sure why the Amtrak Police can't do the same. In the meantime we can thank the 300 officer agencies for their massive contributions to the 40 cal brass supply. Which 9mm are you consolidating away from?
  20. With typical 8 round strings how is 15 rounds in production going to make production a big attraction?
  21. The comment of mine that you quoted, bolded, and apparently disagreed with was clearly about velocity being the same. It is obvious 150 is < 165 (I think we have moved on from that) and what does the local gun shop have to do with physics? You can buy 9mm major online, here is one example: https://atlantaarms.com/products/9mm-major-147gr-jhp-elite.html Atlanta Arms is not immune to lawsuits and they don't IQ test before each sale. How does pressure damage one of two identical guns (except for cartridge), firing identical bullets at identical velocities, more than the other if neither case is rupturing? What formula calculates the extra damage? I think I shot some 225 PF ammo in a Glock 21...did I damage it more than shooting 175 pf ammo in the Glock 17? Superdude posted a formula that offhand appears to be correct for recoil force but I don't see pressure in there anywhere. I am curious how your side questions about my Glock 17 are going to help explain what you haven't explained so far with math?
  22. Obviously case capacity matters when reloading but we all know 9mm can make major with the case capacity it has. If 357 sig and 9mm major are both loaded to the same pf in identical guns using the same 124 gr bullets, how does case capacity result in "blazingly faster" velocities in 9mm major that destroys guns sooner or makes them harder to shoot than than the 357 sig? Which formula uses case capacity to prove that?
  23. No, you are either struggling with math or english but yet still insist on arguing.
  24. Nonsense. You'll notice all of the relaxed rules in production on grip stippling, finger groove removal, and trigger swaps...because people complained and they were dumb rules. These are just a few of the many obvious examples of changes based on "feedback."
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