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  1. Picked up a M&P Shield 45 PC 4 in ported barrel with red dot over the weekend. Probably the most accurate subcompact I have shot and surprisingly soft shooting (softer than my 9mm P365).
  2. It seems like Staccato will no longer produce the Staccato R - it has been removed from their website. That's one short lived product line.
  3. https://www.atlasgunworks.com/blog/alpha-grip
  4. I use 11 lbs. and also noticed more muzzle flip than my STI.
  5. Great advices for a cheapo like me, Rangertrace and Chutist! Glad you didn’t say go for one of those 5-6k 9mm 2011s that seem to be in vogue right now. Appreciate the advices.
  6. That’s a good point, Rangertrace. What’s your view between Staccato P and XL? Thanks a bunch.
  7. Thanks, everyone! Really appreciate it!
  8. Planning to get a 9mm 2011 for uspsa Limited and 3 gun. What's the view on the Staccato XL vs CK Arms Limited? Searched for CK Arms Limited on the site and the last post was over 3 years ago. Thanks a bunch!
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