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  1. Thanks for you range report. Did tou notice any difference in gun bouncing when shooting different ammo? I mean you do have short stroke with 5 steel, which I am thinking to get to shoot 115 and 124 S&B ammo, but also do have a great source of remanufactured ammo (147) for a very good price...which I am using in my CZ-75 TS Orange pistol
  2. OK, good to know that your set up is flawless with both lighter and stronger ammo. I see...and does that magwell make any real diffence in mag exchange or is is just an aesthetical touch;-)?
  3. What a nice pic! You do have “normal” comp on both if I’m not mistaken, right? What loads do you shoot? Would you recommend that magwell you do have? And how about the stock...is that the JP minimalist one?
  4. Yeah, would also like to know how the dot moves with a shorter barrel. And what is the issue with safety please?
  5. Nice one:-) When it comes to buffer...what portion off steel and tungsten do you have please? I can’t find it on the build list...
  6. Your comp is titanium one if I’m not mistakem...so good to know that. And what loads are you shooting please?
  7. Is that a velcro on the stock? And if so, why? It is Holosun 510C if I’m not mistakem...isn’t it a bit high in contrast with the stock?
  8. Thanks fot sharing, man! My take is 10” barrel with M-Lok handguard and a basic upper, but color-wise the same combo probably...black with blue. What comp did you get? And what trigger? And how is that stock?
  9. Thanks for sharing. Seems to me my preference is to be a good one;-)
  10. I hope I’ll have time to write JP tomorrow...gonna mention that as well. Suppressors aren’t legal in my country, so this won’t work for me...unfortunately. Thanks for your opinion on barrel length. This vertical comp is an interesting stuff for sure...so your initial experience says it helps to control red dot/muzzle bouncing?
  11. Thank you, sir:-) Works fine, the only problem is they don’t offer an option to choose 9.25” M-Lok handguard with 10,5” barrel at all, so it seems to me I need to contact JP anyway:-(
  12. Vertical comp should do what? Less gun/red dot bouncing?
  13. Nope, I´m not a US resident and there is no minimum barrel requirement in my country. So, thanks for this comment The point is there is no option of 10,5” barrel in JP rifle builder. It is possible if I try to build upper assembly though. And when I opt for 10,5” barrel and 9,25” M-Lok handguard (7,5” is too short), it means 0.6 lbs less and brings me below 6 lbs in total which would be great! I´d just have to contact JP people and ask how to proceed if I want to build the whole rifle with such barrel length. Just not sure about the ballistic and especially gun bouncing when shooting with 10,5” versus 14,5”/16” barrel length. Any experiences please?
  14. Well, 7 lbs is really heavy for me. I´d prefer 6 lbs max. Is that Tech Well mag well really a must? Speaking of trigger…does the lower accept any AR trigger?
  15. Agree, stainless bolt and barrel. Will go for the same charging handle. And thanks for that ambi mag release – will double check and try to get it as well.
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