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  1. I'm seating them to 1.085. You will definitely have a problem with longer COAL. Mine run 100% at that length.
  2. Not an issue for me, my SC loads average around 650 fps.
  3. X-treme bullets makes a heavy plated 9mm bullet which is good for Major power velocities. Watch their website because I've seen that stuff in and out of stock recently.
  4. I just checked PD website. All they have in 115s is FMJ. That's NG for my comped guns. You are also right about pricing
  5. Who is RMR? I like PD bullets. Too bad they don't make the lighter ones. I'll take a look on their website. Thanks
  6. I tried some of the Bayou 105s with good results. My 95 gr MG loads are around 61 PF and the 105s felt like they were in the same ballpark, but I never chronoed them. I am shooting a shrouded barrel so I would rather not use coated bullets but it may come down to that.
  7. I've been using these bullets for a long time for light steel challenge loads. After watching the MG website for almost a year now I've never seen them available. What are the available alternatives that you have found?
  8. Sorry, just read the caption of the thread. For a light Steel Challenge load with light bullets a faster powder would be better. I'm using N310 with all of my loads using bullets around 100 gr +-. The problem with light loads using slow powders is that they don't burn completely which leads to high velocity variations and causes them to be very dirty. Sometimes, grains of unburned powder interfere with the operation of the gun. To give you an idea of what you might try, I have a SC load for my open gun using 115gr bullets and 3.8 gr of N320. To get an equivalent power factor with 3N37, wh
  9. What event are you shooting with these bullets? Barrel length? What power factor are you trying to achieve? All three powders you listed are very slow. I assume these bullets are 9mm.
  10. tomv


    Bolt speed is equal to 10-22
  11. tomv


    I have a cmmg 4.5" barrel with Taccom shroud. Cmmg bolt carrier group . Gun weighs 4.25# and runs 100%. I like it better than my Volqartsen Ultralight with Modshot chassis even though it's 3/4# heavier.
  12. I use N310 exclusively for PCC SC loads. My current load is 2.4 gr N310 under 95 gr Montana Gold JHP seated at 1.085". 61 PF in my Taccom 5.5" barrel. The high impulse of this very fast powder provides positive cycling and ejection with minimal dot movement. I've read that N310 is temp sensitive but have not noticed a difference in the way my gun runs in temperatures from about 50 to 95 degrees.
  13. I was using a PWA pre ban lower receiver with a Stern defense mag adapter, a JP bolt, JP SCS buffer and the old style Taccom shrouded barrel. The barrel is all that I've changed. The old configuration would feed the 115 gr MG JHP just fine but I that bullet has a relatively long, pointy tip and was seated to 1.135" COAL. The 95gr MG JHP, which wouldn't feed, has a short fat profile and needs to be seated to 1.085 to retain the bullet. The shorter length also contributed to the feeding problem.
  14. Montana gold 115 gr JHP bullets also ran fine in my old Taccom barrel. It just wouldn't run the 95 gr bullets which are loaded to 61 Power factor. That was my motivation to go to superfeed barrels.
  15. I should have mentioned that Tim will machine your bolt to accept the upper feed ramp when you purchase one of these.
  16. It's not the lower feed ramp on the Taccom Superfeed barrel that's important. In fact, since I'm using Stern defense mag adapter, mine doesn't have a lower ramp, I'm using the one built into the Stern. The SF barrel has an upper feed ramp which prevents hollow point bullets, particularly ones shaped like the MG 95 gr JHP, from camming up when being stripped from the magazine and getting caught on the top of the chamber causing a jam. When I tried to shoot these bullets through the prior Taccom version, I couldn't even rack the first round into the chamber. Ive probably got 2,000 roun
  17. +1 for Taccom. The new Superfeed barrel has an upper feed ramp which allows me to run everything I put in it 100%. This includes short stubby Montana Gold 95 gr JHP bullets. Tim is the best for support and customer service.
  18. 1.125 is long for the Berry's bullet. If you are using the .380 profile i doubt if the bullet will stay seated in the casing, I've had those separate at 1.100. 1.100 works fine for the 9mm profile but i would still be wary of 1.125. for those. I load the .380 profile to1.080. I recently got a Taccom superfed 5.5' barrel from Tim to replace the standard Taccom 5.5' barrel I had on my PCC. That gun will now feed anything put in it including Montana Gold 95 gr JHP bullets. The Berrys 100 gr 9mm profile will run 100% with 2.3 gr of n310. (about 70 PF). That's not the most accurate loa
  19. Forgot to mention that it's a good idea to blow the Hiperfire trigger mechanism out with compressed air when you clean the gun. It's especially important to blow it out when something weird starts to happen with the trigger. Not sure if this is unique to Hiperfire but I do know that they are sensitive to crud getting in the works.
  20. So you have the red springs installed. Do you still have the green ones that came with the trigger? If so, you should try them. The green springs for the light trigger are much heavier than the red ones and are harder to install. I clamp my receiver in a vise with the front facing me.Then put the springs on their pins and grab the cross piece at the center with a good sized needle nosed pliers and pull the bar towards you while pushing down to get the bar in place. it's a good idea to put something soft behind the receiver to catch flying parts. Changing the springs will change o
  21. Surprised to hear that about the Hiperfire trigger. Which springs are you using? I'm running three of these and they are all like on - off switches. about 2.2 oz avg. Call them, there should be no slop at all in the trigger. I'm comparing these to my Volquartsen triggers and the ones in my Limcat 2011's I did have a problem with one of the Hiperfires which was corrected by replacing springs after talking to their engineer. Excellent support.
  22. Agreed, however I think the benefit if shooting identical guns, except for their weight, is that both divisions benefit whenever you practice or compete with one of them. my two are about 12 oz different and because the 22 weight savings come from removing the buffer and Mag adapter and a lighter bolt mechanism they both point and swing about the same. I also have a Volquartsen Ultralight barrel and receiver on a Mod Shot chassis. That weighs 3# 9oz, about 1/2 pound lighter than the AR22, and I'm faster with the AR. I think that is because I benefit from shooting the same geometry
  23. I built a dedicated 22 to keep things simple for me. Because it's a rimfire I was able to use a post ban receiver for $100.00 instead of a $1200.00 pre ban one (required for centerfire guns here in CT. That made the build seem very cheap to me. The most expensive part of the lower was the Hiperfire Eclipse trigger. Since I shoot Steel Challenge RFRO with it it was a no brainer for me.
  24. Is your lower a 5.56 with Glock mag adapter? If so then all you need to change is the upper, remove the mag adapter and buffer (not necessary for operation but saves weight) and you're good to go. Use Black Dog 22 mags which fit right into the 556 mag sleeve and are the most reliable. For the upper I used a CMMG 4.5" 22 LR barrel and their 22 bolt assembly. You can buy these as a set from CMMG. I sent mine to Tim at Taccom and he welded on a shroud to get the bqrrel to 16" and completed the rest of the upper. I just use a piece of pipe insulation for a handguard. If you
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