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  1. +1 for Stern Defense. Thousands of rounds trouble free with that system
  2. Agree with this comment. If hammer is falling without marking the primer at all, something, probably the forward face of the extractor, is keeping the bolt face / firing pin far enough away from the the primer so it doesn't mark it. Does the gun still have the standard recoil spring installed? is it in good shape?
  3. This load is probably not good for falling steel but should scrape some paint off Steel Challenge targets OK.
  4. I bought some Berry's 100 gr round nose hollow base bullets to play with. I had previously taken some Atlanta Arms Steel challenge ammo apart and believe that they are using this bullet over 3.9 gr of N310 ai about 1.100" COAL. I started working down a few tenths at a time from that powder charge and ended up at 2.5 gr before my PCC failed to cycle. I'm running a Taccom upper with JP bolt and SCS buffer. To be safe I picked 2.8 gr to run and made a few hundred of them using Fed SPM primers. Surprisingly, my gun cycles very positively and ejects brass 8' or so at this charge. I rested my gun and ran samples from 3.7 gr down to 2.8 gr for accuracy at 50'. 10 shot groups ranged from about 2 3/4" to a little under an inch with the best accuracy at the 2.8 gr load. The 2.8 gr load chrono's at 917 fps avg with a std deviation of 22 fps, so PF = 91.7. My PCC weighs about 5 pounds and feels almost like a 22 with these loads. When I talked with my friend about this he told me that he learned of an even lighter load based on a coated 124 gr bullet which came in at 84 PF. Anyone have experience with loads of this type with a heavier bullet moving at a very low velocity?
  5. I built a 2011 lower with a Nelson custom that exactly matched my Steelcat SC Open guns. Even added 6 oz to the plastic 2011 .22 mags to match loaded 10 round 9mm mags. Same grip same sight etc... Actually couldn't tell if I was drawing and sighting the 9mm or 22 until it went boom. Very effective practice indoors during our long CT winter.
  6. I would guess you are asking for trouble if you remove the weight and shoot full power ( 130 PF ) ammo. I'm sure that Ruger designed the system considering Newtons second and third law. So while the momentum (force) generated by 130PF ammo is within original design limits, if the mass of the bolt is reduced the bolt will be accelerated to a higher velocity. Not sure what the result of this would be in practice, but probably not good. However, if the load is reduced to 110 PF, such as those used for Steel Challenge, then I'd guess that a reduction in the mass would be OK since the force acting on the bolt is lower. Would have to do some math to calculate how much is possible. In fact, reducing bolt mass might actually be necessary to get the gun to cycle reliably.
  7. Here are my two Steel challenge guns. One is a 9mm, the other is a .22. Externally identical except for grip (another 15D grip on order) and 9mm mag adapter. .22 weighs 4# 8 oz, 9mm weighs 5# 6oz.
  8. 115 MG JHP over 3.8 gr N320 @1.135.
  9. I found some 3/4"ID - 7/8" OD O rings at the hardware store. Seem to be a perfect match for the two good ones that are left. We'll see what happens.
  10. When I pulled the SCS buffer out of my PCC to install a Battle Arms stock on it, I noticed that the frist two O rings (four weight system) were broken and flattened. Anyone Know what causes this? I want to shoot the gun this weekend so I can't wait for JP customer service for replacement O rings. They look like standard 3/4" rings so I'll try those. Is there anything special about the JP ones?
  11. The problem is the sharp edges at the points where the diameter changes. Mine was broken in 3 pieces. JP replced it with one that has nice radii t those points. Just inspected my second JP 9mm bolt. same proble4m. Will contact theem for a second replacement.
  12. Power factor is not an issue for Steel Challenge. The lighter the better.
  13. is that a Blackhawk Axiom stock?
  14. Frequently Hiperfire problems are the result of some kind of debris in the mechanism, brass shavings etc. I always blow my trigger group out with compressed air when cleaning the gun.
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