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  1. Where did you get a 1/2" riser? That's about what I think I need.
  2. I spoke to Julian at Limcat. They have a mount for the 510C which I ordered for my Steelcat yesterday.
  3. I agree with the no powder comments. I actually test a new gun when I get it by firing primer only loads in them to see if another round will chamber behind it. My Limcats won't (KKM barrel) but that didn't help me in this case. The other possibility for my 1050 autodrive set up is that once in while a case will get momentarily stuck between the sloppy stock Dillon shellplate and locating button. when the jam clears it throws some powder out of the filled case and sometimes will also throw the unseated bullet. I'm pretty attentive when loading and when this happens I stop the press and remove the affected cases from the machine. I never let the machine run unattended but now I'm thinking that I might have missed one of those. Anyone have experience with FFB or TNT shellplate on 1050?
  4. I shot an indoor man on man steel plate match last night. I was having a bad night and on my last round my first shot was a click no boom. It was pretty noisy with the other guy shooting and in the heat of battle I assumed it was just a bad primer so I racked the gun and tried to continue. I could swear that I saw a compete round eject. I got a very loud boom and black smoke coming out of unexpected areas of the gun.. After inspecting the gun I found that I had two big longitudinal cracks in the barrel which was jammed solidly in the bushing. The gun was a year old Limcat Steelcat 2011 which I normally use for Steel Challenge. It's on its way back to Julian today for a new barrel and who knows what else to get it running again. I think the damage is limited to the barrel and comp because of the light loads I was shooting (109 PF). If this was a SC match or another event where I was shooting alone I probably would have heard a light report from the gun and stopped. From now on if I have a click with no boom i'm just going to stop, no matter what. I'm curious what the rest of you do under these circumstances during a match. A secondary question is how i got the squib in the first place. I load on a super 1050 with a Mark 7 Autodrive. I've loaded between 15, 000 and 16,000 rounds so far on that press and this is the first squib I've seen. I kind of thought squibs were impossible if you keep the powder measure full on that machine. My best guess is that I probably put an empty case back in the shell plate after checking the powder charge (by dumping the powder after weighing it like you do when you're adjusting the charge weight in the first place). I'd also like your ideas on root causes of Squib creation if you have them.
  5. Hi Max,

    I saw your response to my ad for swage sense. I honestly don't know what "blow a stack" means. Could you please explain that to me?



    1. Maximis228


      Blowing up a primer stack. It is quite the explosion when it goes off.

    2. tomv


      That's what I thought. I don't see how not using swage sense would cause that on the 1050.

    3. Maximis228


      Running an press automated while inserting primers without a decapping sensor and/or without a pocket probe of some kind is asking for issues.

  6. tomv

    Case lube powder

    That must be it. I heard about this from a shooter on PA. Thanks
  7. I was at a match last week and talked with a guy who uses some kind of powder to lube his 9mm cases for a 1050 press. He said it only took a couple of puffs of this stuff to lube a batch of cases. I thought it was something like "magic powder" but haven't had any luck finding that. Should have written it down. Anyone have any experience with something like this?
  8. What about 124 gr loads? Anyone using those using Extreme plated bullets? How do they compare to the heavier bullet?
  9. Anyone have experience with this bullet / powder combination in 16" 9mm PCC? I just tried 2.5 gr @1.100 OAL which resulted in a very quiet and soft load which runs well in my gun. I haven't had a chance to chrono yet but I'm shooting Steel Challenge with this so power factor won't matter.
  10. How did you mount the sight? My gun didn't come with a mounting adapter plate for Vortex.
  11. I have a Smith 9L that I want to use for Carry Optics division. What's the best sight for that?
  12. From the loads I've tried it seems like about 111-112 power factor is the sweet spot for SC loads in my Steelcats and my friend's DVC Steel gun. 100% reliability. Whether it's a 95 gr bullet going 1150 - 1175 fps or a 115 gr bullet going 970 or so. Lower than that my guns will run 95 - 98% but not quite reliably enough. My guns are new so I'm hoping that when thoroughly broken in they will run sub 110 PF. Actually I'm going to try to get there with the lighter bullet since there's more energy available to work the slide with the higher velocity. Right now running MG 95 gr JHP over 4 gr of N310 @ 1.080 COAL. With 109 PF 115s the guns feel like a .22, almost no dot movement. Slide cycles slower than with 95s but still OK for me.
  13. AA states on their website that "Select" ammo uses reconditioned brass, ie. reloads.
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