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  1. 1.125 is long for the Berry's bullet. If you are using the .380 profile i doubt if the bullet will stay seated in the casing, I've had those separate at 1.100. 1.100 works fine for the 9mm profile but i would still be wary of 1.125. for those. I load the .380 profile to1.080. I recently got a Taccom superfed 5.5' barrel from Tim to replace the standard Taccom 5.5' barrel I had on my PCC. That gun will now feed anything put in it including Montana Gold 95 gr JHP bullets. The Berrys 100 gr 9mm profile will run 100% with 2.3 gr of n310. (about 70 PF). That's not the most accurate load but adequate for SC.
  2. Forgot to mention that it's a good idea to blow the Hiperfire trigger mechanism out with compressed air when you clean the gun. It's especially important to blow it out when something weird starts to happen with the trigger. Not sure if this is unique to Hiperfire but I do know that they are sensitive to crud getting in the works.
  3. So you have the red springs installed. Do you still have the green ones that came with the trigger? If so, you should try them. The green springs for the light trigger are much heavier than the red ones and are harder to install. I clamp my receiver in a vise with the front facing me.Then put the springs on their pins and grab the cross piece at the center with a good sized needle nosed pliers and pull the bar towards you while pushing down to get the bar in place. it's a good idea to put something soft behind the receiver to catch flying parts. Changing the springs will change other characteristics of the trigger and maybe that will take the creep out. Don't ask me why, but i have experienced this.
  4. Surprised to hear that about the Hiperfire trigger. Which springs are you using? I'm running three of these and they are all like on - off switches. about 2.2 oz avg. Call them, there should be no slop at all in the trigger. I'm comparing these to my Volquartsen triggers and the ones in my Limcat 2011's I did have a problem with one of the Hiperfires which was corrected by replacing springs after talking to their engineer. Excellent support.
  5. Agreed, however I think the benefit if shooting identical guns, except for their weight, is that both divisions benefit whenever you practice or compete with one of them. my two are about 12 oz different and because the 22 weight savings come from removing the buffer and Mag adapter and a lighter bolt mechanism they both point and swing about the same. I also have a Volquartsen Ultralight barrel and receiver on a Mod Shot chassis. That weighs 3# 9oz, about 1/2 pound lighter than the AR22, and I'm faster with the AR. I think that is because I benefit from shooting the same geometry in two divisions.
  6. I built a dedicated 22 to keep things simple for me. Because it's a rimfire I was able to use a post ban receiver for $100.00 instead of a $1200.00 pre ban one (required for centerfire guns here in CT. That made the build seem very cheap to me. The most expensive part of the lower was the Hiperfire Eclipse trigger. Since I shoot Steel Challenge RFRO with it it was a no brainer for me.
  7. Is your lower a 5.56 with Glock mag adapter? If so then all you need to change is the upper, remove the mag adapter and buffer (not necessary for operation but saves weight) and you're good to go. Use Black Dog 22 mags which fit right into the 556 mag sleeve and are the most reliable. For the upper I used a CMMG 4.5" 22 LR barrel and their 22 bolt assembly. You can buy these as a set from CMMG. I sent mine to Tim at Taccom and he welded on a shroud to get the bqrrel to 16" and completed the rest of the upper. I just use a piece of pipe insulation for a handguard. If your lower is a native 9mm I'm not sure what to do. I know that Glock makes .22 pistols but have never examined the mags to see if they are the same geometry as the 9mm. You should call CMMG and ask whether Glock .22 mags will work with their bolt assembly.
  8. We run 62 PF loads in our 9mm Steel challenge guns. Mine are the two ARs pictured above submitted by jdoran. The 9mm weighs 5#, 14 oz more than the 22 at 4# 2oz. There is very little difference in dot movement between the two. Biggest difference is that CCI minimags run at 1250 FPS while the 95 gr 9mm loads are down at 650.
  9. Nice gun. How much does it weigh? Are you using Taccom bolt and buffer?
  10. What color is your recoil spring? How many Tungsten weights in the buffer? You can reduce the spring weight and or change Tungsten weights for steel. Tungsten weights look like a dull grey, steel looks shiny. If you look on JP website there is a guide to the colors vs weights. I shoot steel challenge so don't have to make power factor. The 9 mm spring supplied with SCS and spring are way more than I need. In tuning the gun I found that standard 5.56 springs are lighter than 9mm so I'm currently using the lightest spring (white) and all steel weights in my 4 weight system. Before going this route I tried short stroking my gun to get bolt speed up with 70 pf ammo. Even with this very light load, I didn't like the jarring and dot movement I got with short stroke. If you're not experiencing any of this , your spring and buffer weight are probably too high.
  11. MM, thanks for the input. I agree with everything you have said. I've been reloading for about 40 years now and your comments are fundamental considerations for doing this safely. I'm not familiar with Prima V but from what I've just learned, it's a very high density powder which performs close to VV N320. I've used a lot of Clays over the years and it is lower density than either of the VV powders but is notoriously hard to meter, especially at low charge weights. I use a lot of n31 and N320 in my Open Steel Challenge loads. The N310 with a MG 95 gr JHP and the N320 with MG 115gr JHP. They are both about 110 PF. The N310 load cycles the slide faster (in a 5" Limcat Steelcat) and will run in almost everything I've tried it in. The 320 load feels softer and won't run in typical bull barrel guns. The light mass of the bushing barrel Steelcat makes it possible to run this load successfully. This is the basis for using N310 powder for this light load experimentation. Probably not the most scientific approach, but based on my experience, the fast burn rate and subsequent high impulse of the N310 gets things moving with light bullets / low powder charges. My guess is that with slower powders there will be a minimum charge weight which allows the gun to cycle that produces a velocity which is higher than I can get with a faster powder. I guess I'm going to have to try this to find out. Good thing I'm retired! :-). As a practical matter, I like the way my PCC runs at 90 PF and will probable stay there. At that velocity ejected cases are clean, indicating that pressure is sufficient to seal in the chamber. While Std Dev is high at 41 fps I'm not concerned with squibs because a 2 sigma velocity variation from the mean would still result in a velocity greater than 800 fps. I am playing with seating the bullet deeper in the case to reduce case volume to see if that reduces the Std Dev, but seating the bullet deeper could itself have an adverse impact on accuracy because of bullet jump from case to rifling. I'm also not concerned with double charges. I'm loading on a Dillon 1050 with Mark 7 drive and think it's nearly impossible to get a double charge with that setup. However, still need to be careful. I hope I'm not coming across as defensive, I really do appreciate the input.
  12. I was on the Wiland website today and noticed that they are advertising the ability of their barrel, bolt and buffer combination to shoot 80 PF ammo. Does anyone know the load data to which they are referring?
  13. I'm actually using more powder than that already in a smaller case. Don't understand why the load you cited would be any safer.
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