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  1. tomv

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    AA states on their website that "Select" ammo uses reconditioned brass, ie. reloads.
  2. tomv

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    STI DVC Open with 6# spring
  3. tomv

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    Atlanta Arms bullet is a Berry's 100 gr hollow base round nose plated bullet. Because of hollow base it's only about .025 shorter than a Montana Gold 115 JHP. It looks like AA is using 3.9 gr of N310 powder. I have had no problems at all with Montana gold 95 gr JHP at 1.080 COAL. Feed fne and bullets are secure. About 1200 rounds fired so far.
  4. tomv

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    Steel Challenge Open Division
  5. tomv

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    The Montana gold 95 gr JHP sells for $405.00 a case (4500 rounds). $90.00 / thousand. Much better bullet.
  6. tomv

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    That's the COL for a .380 round. If used in 9mm this bullet can be loaded much longer. Typically 1.135.
  7. tomv

    Is 38SC dead ?

    I asked SVI to build a 9mm upper for one of their 38 SC guns about 6 months ago. They refused to do it.
  8. I reloaded 9mm ammo on my Super 1050 manually and never lubed my brass. No Problems. When I added a Mark 7 1050 Pro to my press, I followed the instructions and started to lubricate brass before reloading. The press and drive run flawlessly and I really love it. However, getting the lube off the cases is a pain. I tried tumbling finished rounds in corn cob media and ended up with media stuck in the hollow points of the bullets. Also tried processing lubed brass and then tumbling the sized, decapped and swaged cases in corn cob media to get the lube off. This resulted in media stuck in primer pockets and flash holes. Usually that's not a problem because the decapping punch knocks that stuff out when I'm loading. For the first time today, I broke a decapping punch on something stuck in a processed case. This method almost doubles the work. Is it really necessary to lube 9mm brass for my machine with the drive? If so, what are others doing to get the lube off?
  9. tomv

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    I'm loading 115 gr MG JHP over 3.8 gr of N320 @ 1.130". 109 power factor. Nice soft accurate load. Anyone with experience with a load like this now shooting the 100 gr Atlanta arms ammo? I ask because they are both about the same power factor.
  10. tomv


    I have had the same issue with 10 rd MBX mags. Bottom two rounds get jammed and the mag will feed a couple of rounds then stop. When you take the mag out all remaining rounds are loose in the body except for the jammed ones. I talked to John at Speedshooter about the problem and he suggested cleaning the mag and hen running a silicone impregnated gun cleaning cloth through it. No more problems since doing this.
  11. tomv

    Possen Warren on 650 OAL issue

    Did your friend ever get back to you with drawings?
  12. It is a hybrid AET barrel. They will port it for $50.00 with 3 to 5 week lead time.
  13. I have an Infinity Open gun in 9 mm which does not have any barrel ports, just the conventional 2 hole comp. I've read some older threads here on this topic expressing conflicting views regarding whether or not ports are desirable. I haven't shot this gun yet so I can't tell you how it shoots as is but would like to hear current thinking with regard to having SVI port the barrel or not.
  14. tomv

    9 minor N320 load

    I'm looking for a clean 9 minor load for falling steel. I have a good supply of N320 powder so I tried 4.4 gr of that under a 115 gr Montana Gold JHP @1.142 COAL. This is the maximum charge weight from Vihtavouri load data. The ammo chronoed @ 125 PF which is way below the 136,600 predicted by their data. I used my STI DVC open gun to shoot over the chrono. Viht data is for 4" uncompensated barrel and DVC open is 5" compensated. The ammo cycles in both my DVC open and DVC steel guns but the empties just dribble out of the guns and the slide wont lock back on the last round on either of them. I bumped the powder up to 4.6 gr and will try that tomorrow. Before I go through the process of bumping the charge up a little at a time and checking for pressure signs as I go I'm curious about others experience using this powder / bullet combination. How far over Viht. max recommendation are people running?