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  1. Looks like a space gun! What barrel are you using?
  2. So about 2.6 oz less than my Volquartsen Ultralight with no threads. Very nice. How about a picture from one of you guys?
  3. Here's the link to the grip on Optics Planet: https://www.opticsplanet.com/hog-13100-ar15-15d-vertical-grip-blk.html
  4. Here's the gun with the 15 degree grip.
  5. It's the one made by Magpul. It arrived today and I like it. As noted earlier in this string, the more vertical grip changes the feel of the gun with a given LOP. Based on this, I believe I will like the shorter stock I ordered with this grip.
  6. I have a 15 degree grip on its way and a riser for the Holosun.
  7. Here is the .22. 4# 4 oz with Battle Arms stock
  8. I just installede a Battle Arms Development stock on my AR .22. (pictures to follow) I opted for the rifle length and found that it resulted in a 12.5" LOP. Not bad, but the mid length stock is 1" shorter. I ordered one of those to try and will exchange one of them for the length I like better. I'll end up with two of these of the right length for me. One on my 9mm AR and one on the .22.
  9. 2.4 gr N320 under 165 gr Extreme plated RN for CO Steel Challenge.
  10. That soundes like aq good strategy, however I shoot in NY where adjustable stocks are no bueno.
  11. Recoil is based on momentum, Mass x Velocity. Also known as power factor. The 115 bullet with the 147 bullet powder charge will have significantly less mass resulting in lower pressure resulting in lower velocity. So both mass and velocity will be reduced and there will be a noticeable difference in recoil force. If you play with the charge to get the same power factor for both loads you will still notice a difference in how the gun runs. The slide will cycle much faster with the 115 load. I agree with bthe comment that it's best to practice with what you're using for competition.
  12. Gallant 115's run fine in my guns. I stopped using them because I can't get them to run in my bullet feeder. Lots of upside down bullets no matter what I do.
  13. tomv

    9mm Brass

    what is the current price for 9m brass? thanks, Tom
  14. For Steel Challenge I shoot my PCC with about the same stance as I use for my pistols. I'm right handed so the toe of my right foot is a little in front of the heel of my left. The butt of the gun is toward the center of my chest. As a result of this I'm running about a 12" LOP. Almost everyone I hand my gun to comments that the LOP is too short for them. I'm curious to know how others stand and the geometry of their guns. Also would like comments on my approach.
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