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  1. I actually had a bit of insight into this as it was being conceived. Started with one of their guys adding steel weight to his handguard. I did the same and got a noticeable improvement in A's immediately. Gun is slower to transition but Alpha count when up about 20-25% for me personally with about 2.5#'s added just forward of the receiver. Also gives me the same feel as my 3 gun rifle.
  2. https://rangetacticalgear.com/ These are pricey but work great.
  3. I am shopping for firing pins today after breaking my second one with a JP Trigger. Tips keep breaking off.
  4. Really cause I took my Hyperfire out and went to a JP. Solid wall with Zero creep. Shorter reset. No bumpfire issues. There are plenty of good trigger options out there. Hyperfire is by no means the end all be all of triggers.
  5. I use a carbine buffer cut down to 1.08" It sits backwards in the tube so the rubber/plastic impacts the the metal plunger on the Taccom system. Pic would not upload.
  6. I run factory 115gr. I also get good results with Federal Suppressor 124gr but I get faster/flatter with 115gr full power loads and my sponsor provides them so...
  7. Once I figured out the amount of space I needed to fill I took apart a carbine buffer cut it down and put the plastic plug back in. Stuck it in the bottom of the tube so the taccom kit hits the plastic on the buffer. Quarter work a bit but I bent up a bunch of them experimenting. Going to be some pissed of vending machine techs out there.
  8. I spent a lot of rounds analyzing what works best for me and here is what I found. 1) Taccom 3 stage SS kit 2) Remove internal bolt weight 3) Shorten the stroke further just long enough to let the trigger reliably reset 4) Use a good trigger that will take a beating like a JP
  9. With the weight in I felt that the muzzle climbed up more at the rear of the stroke and dipped down more when the bolt came forward. I also have mine stroked shorter further than just the Taccom SS kit by using an cut down carbine buffer reversed at the back of the tube. Cycles fast and flat.
  10. Longer buffer is essentially short stroking the gun. Heavy buffer means less recoil into the shoulder and more energy forward when the bolt slams forward. None of that has an impact of changing the rotational torque. So far the general consensus is less reciprocating mass, shorter stroke and fast cycling equates to faster dot recovery caused by less dot movement. How the gun feels in recoil is subjective. My teammate and I run nearly identical setups but his bolt is heavier and his gun is not stroked as short. He actually gets low second hits with my gun as it cycles faster and flatter causing him to overcompensate when pulling it out of recoil compared to his.
  11. I use a cheap one off Amazon for $12. Works fine.
  12. How exactly does it take the rotational torque out of the equation?
  13. I forgot I did have the safety hole issue but it was easily rectified. The mag release catching is just a matter of spinning the nut. No issue on the ejector or the spare I picked up. I did clean them up a bit as they are a bit rough on the edges. Other than the safety pin hole mine was plug and play.
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