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  1. 3gunnuts

    Removing the bolt weight

    Faxom/Taccom with the weight removed. Taccom 3 stage short stroke with a 3/8" spacer added as well.
  2. 3gunnuts

    GMR 15 magwell

    Taccom just announced they will be making a run of GMR-15 magwells in red. Should be available for sale as I type.
  3. 3gunnuts

    Removing the bolt weight

    My ratio of A's to C's was considerably higher with the Federal Suppressor loads. They are listed at 124gr @ 1000fps. They definitely cycle a tad slower but but @ 15 yards my dot holds in the A zone.
  4. 3gunnuts

    Removing the bolt weight

    Try these if you do not want to handload. https://www.federalpremium.com/products/handgun/american-eagle/american-eagle-handgun-suppressor/ae9sup1
  5. 3gunnuts

    Too much Comp?

    As mentioned you muzzle likely dipping because of your heavy buffer/spring combo and the amount of forward and reward travel the buffer has. Remove the bolt weight, get the Taccom Short Stroke 3 -Stage kit. If you want to see less dot movement try running a spacer at the bottom of the buffer tube to further shorten the stroke. I only installed a comp after my first match and the timer did not pick up my last shots on a classifier.
  6. 3gunnuts

    JP jumps on the short stroke bandwagon

    I have a about 1/2" of spacer shortening the stroke further with your 3-stage short stroke kit. Resets my JP trigger reliably and get less movement than with the spacer removed. You could maybe offer a "spacer kit" of various sizes for those that want to shorten the stroke further. I have "concaved" a bunch of quarters through experimentation. I hope no one tries them in a vending machine.
  7. 3gunnuts

    JP jumps on the short stroke bandwagon

    I have about 500 rds on the wave spring and it looks fine. If it does flatten out I will replace it. Cheap for the amount of performance it gives. Linger spacer will eliminate lock back.
  8. 3gunnuts

    JP jumps on the short stroke bandwagon

    I have the Taccom Short stroke kit and a delrin spacer that is about 3/4". Minimal dot movement compared to everything else I have tried. Also have the weight removed from a Taccom style bolt.
  9. 3gunnuts

    PCC for STI/SVI Mags

    Interesting as I have several 2011's but I fail to see the advantage other than cross compatibility?
  10. 3gunnuts

    What kind PCC is good for new shooter

    Check out Palmetto State Armory. You can get into a base gun for like $500 or less depending on their sales. Add an optic and see if you like PCC. From there you can either upgrade it or sell it and get something you think might be better for you. I went with a PSA upper and a KE Arms Lower but a PSA lower would be fine) added a Taccom 3 Stage short stroke kit, JP trigger and a cheap comp just to help the timer pick up shots. Add the optic of your choice, C More and Holosun seem to be the current favorites. Was right around $1k total and shoots great.
  11. 3gunnuts

    Do it yourself feed ramp

    Takes too long. Invest in a Dremel.
  12. 3gunnuts

    Do it yourself feed ramp

    120 is pretty rough for polishing metal.
  13. 3gunnuts

    Left side mag release lower

    I have the KE Arms. Ordered the ambi by mistake. Works well paired with my PSA upper.
  14. 3gunnuts

    Best PCC trigger?

    I suspect most of the doubling people are experiencing is more of a bump fire issue than the fault of the trigger. While playing around short-stroking I found it was possible to get the Hyperfire triggers to easily bump 2-8 rounds if you set the stroke to minimally exceed the reset. The lighter I held the gun the more rounds it would bump. I found the Hyperfire lacked the solid wall/glass rod break I prefer so went with a JP like my JP-15. Much happier.
  15. Almost like you know something.