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  1. I got a +8 last week for my Benelli m2 from Nordic,
  2. Looking for 1 or 2 9mm 140mm STI mags for new gun. This is bad timing on my part and sucks...
  3. you can buy that m&p15-22 new from "buds guns" for 411.00 free shipping

  4. Hell yeah man! The Pro-Am looks like a lot of fun! I'm not sure when I'll make it back down there. I really want to shoot the AL Sectional next year, not sure I'll be back down before then. I've been shooting some open division here recently and its been a blast.

  5. i just got back from the the pro/am 3 gun match finest 84 out of 250.when are you coming back to b'ham

  6. I bought the 930 combo that had a slug bbl and a 28" bbl. Then I bought the 24" non-ported bbl from Mossberg and sold the slug bbl on gunbroker. The extension is NC.

  7. what Mossberg do you have

  8. i got your brass and will have it this weekend at Moss Branch

  9. Hey man it's Brent

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