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  1. Perfect. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Has this been discussed? I bought mine a year apart around 2015 I think. Always wondered why the molds were changed. Newer has less trigger guard relief, flatter beaver tail, hump backstrap, scalloped grip interior, tighter slide to frame fit and more nose heavy. Older Newer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If the Shadow 2 build is more consistent from gun to gun I would probably lean towards it. My two Stock 2s are different. One is old frame with solid internal backstrap and the other is new frame with hollow internal and thicker dust cover. The trigger stack are also different. I’ve tried close to every Xtreme and PD part avail to get them to match and they don’t. So my backup gun is the gun I never pick up and I’m hesitant to buy a 3rd and chase my tail. Still stuck between 82-84% so don’t take my word. I think the best gun is the gun that runs and runs and have a couple more that feels exactly the same. So I can have a dry fire only gun and bring two to matches.
  4. I use it on the slide only and weapon shield elsewhere. I heard SlideGlide is just bearing grease.
  5. Let me guess the Stock 2 points better? It's one of THE best pointing guns with minimal front sight noise in my opinion. And I've had Glock 34, Limited Pro, 6" Cheely 2011, 5.4" Cheely and 5" Cheely. It's on par with my 5" 2011 with metal grip.
  6. No creep in my pair but I'm not running bolo just Titan, Xtreme sear, FP and PD springs. You had a reliable gun and 14# PD springs pop CCI and S&B for me. Also JJ's and Ben's guns have Delta. You see what you did here? [emoji23]
  7. I agree that it's us that needs the modification and upgrade not the gun. I took a class with Ben Stoeger last year. His gun with Wolff springs in it wasn't that good. Stacked badly and SA was heavier than mine. But he liked it and was totally killing stage demos.
  8. you guys won't like hearing this. I swapped my Titan hammer between the two guns and low and behold the better SA action followed. SA dropped to 2.5 lbs on one the other went up from 2 lb 12 oz to 3 lb 2 oz. I should have not swapped the disconnector with the Titan hammer to truly measure one variable but I'm starting to think the level of variances among trigger bow, disconnector, sear and hammer play a role. At one point using the same PD14 and just swapping sear cage, hammer and disco around I had one gun at 5.5 lb DA and 2 lb 6 oz SA. But the other parts went in the other gun and it felt crappy. I think I prefer two guns at a similar high 6s and 3 lbs than to chase the ultimate trigger. If I was a pro shop with endless inventory of Xtreme parts I believe you can find that extra tuning without having to go below PD14 springs.
  9. I've noticed plenty of this. I have two large frame Stock II's. One new school with a flatter beavertail and more pronounced backstrap hump. The trade-offs I've noticed after installing EGG light and now PD14 along with Xtreme trigger, Titan hammer, Xtreme sear are the following. The newer gun has tighter slide to frame fit, smoother DA pull with less pronounced stacking. But the inside of the mag well area is tighter than the older gun. I tuned them with identical parts yet the older gun sends a pencil 2" higher in DA and almost 3" higher in SA. I've never had any issues setting off CCI, X-Treme, S&B and Federal and my pull weights are little under 7 and 3 lbs. EGD light would need to be swapped out every 3000 rounds but so far PD14 is holding up. Also I've tried EGD medium using stock firing pin in a Limited Pro. Pops everything. I think the market could use a PD15! The feel of your springs are superior.
  10. I went from an EGD light to PD14 and my trigger's feel improved while the weight remained the same. After break-in the PD14 weights dropped a good 6 oz in DA and 3 oz in SA. So I'm at about 6 lb 12 oz and 2 lbs 14 oz. This is a very very good trigger in my opinion for the games. Anything lighter makes me uncomfortable because I prep the trigger for harder shots.
  11. Beven told me you can load as long as our magazine can handle. Also post ream my weird 1/300 extraction issue went away. Guess when the last 2 of 3 extraction issue occured? A stage at Area 8 and Mid Atlantic Section of course! Pre ream I ran a 1.13" OAL on 145gr RN by Ibejiheads. With +/- 0.005" variance. Now 124gr CN at 1.14"
  12. the smarter decision would be Ben Stoeger 9mm bullets, powder and primers. no need to reinvent what's available, just license out his name and let Federal change the color and box graphic. new brand can be called BOSS.
  13. Beautiful matching pair of Stock 2's you got there. How do you like the Titan hammer? Did you replace the factory sear with the xtreme model as well? Yes, I went with a Xtreme hard chromed 1pc sear. It feels a little cleaner than black 1pc and 2pc is tad heavier trigger pull. The Titan hammer has shorter tang so a little less pretravel.
  14. Here's my pair with a Tom Mayo knife.
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