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  1. I have been wanting this exact thing, do you have a thumbrest/*thumb rest [generic]* on your 2011? cant find a holster that will accommodate my chaos
  2. Im getting it from atlas and they said they include the longer screws
  3. Going to be installing the Go Gun *thumb rest [generic]* on my new Atlas Chaos. Is there any install tips you guys have? Loc tite? torque specs? Dont want to screw anything up on my new blaster. TIA
  4. I just wasnt sure if guys are constantly re-zeroing based on the match, or if it is better to just know your holds for whatever zero you pick and ride with it
  5. Not to Hi-jack, but I am currently waiting on my first open gun from Atlas... What yard zero do most of you zero your dot for? I have been shooting CO for a little and had good luck with a 10 yard zero, but with the increased height over bore I wasnt sure if I should change it
  6. are you shooting 115 or 124 grains out of your chaos? Im looking for good load data while im waiting on my Atlas
  7. Wow! congrats on the new blaster. if it shoots half as good as it looks youll be in business.
  8. went and put a deposit down for an Atlas Chaos w/ a holosun. Cant Wait!
  9. Ordered an Atlas Chaos w/ a Holosun. I notice some guys remove the cover and some dont. Other than the weight savings are you sacrificing alot of durability by taking it off? Is it waterproof without the cover? I shoot EoTechs alot on my carbines so this holosun looks right up my alley.
  10. Thanks for your tips, Im leaning Atlas and a Holosun on top. I hgave yet to find anyone say anything but positive stuff about Atlas.
  11. I have seen the Honcho dont know too much about them, I know they are shipping soon so maybe I will wait and get a few range reports. Does Venom have a website? I could only find a facebook page
  12. Nice! thanks for the recommendations, ive looked a bit at akai and limcat but need to check out venom
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