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  1. 01/03/20 Reviewing Past Matches I'm starting to get into a shooting mindset now that I've been making match videos from my July - December match footage. In the 7/2 match, I thought I shot stage 3 fairly well. I visualized and walked that stage a lot, and it went pretty much as planned, just minor hiccups. Coulda been cleaned up a bit, but was pleased I didn't panic. Stage 1.... I did not read the stage brief, OR count targets.... shame. FTSA. My friend actually made me a check list to review after every stage to make sure I stay focused and on track. Stage 4 jam was awful, added a lot of time, just glad I threw an extra mag on the back barrel. The WSB didn't specify which barrels could be used, so I stuck them in the port barrels so I didn't have to reach behind me for the reloads. I can't remember if I had thought of it, or who's idea it was. I was pretty happy with aiming on stage 5, lots of steel, some at a distance. Not a super Production-friendly stage lol IPSC Nationals... I did better than last year, but still find it difficult to shoot in this format. I really like to walk stages, and you can't at this match. Even though the stages aren't really hard stage-planning wise, I really like to feel prepared so I can be calm and more confident when I shoot the stage. And it's sooo hard to shoot in Florida in JULY. It is sooo hot. I'm hoping with losing weight that I will do better in the heat. I overheat so easily, and get really slow and it's hard to think. The second half of one day, I was dumping water over my head and drenching my head and shirt. I think I was already too overheated by then, should have started doing that earlier. After shooting, it takes me an hour to cool off with full blast air conditioning in my car. I was Production 20th place out of 42, 57.31% of match winner, Ben Stoeger. I usually place around 63-64% of Stoeger at USPSA Production Nationals, so I definitely don't do as well at the IPSC events. Need to pay attention to calling my shots and not accepting so many charlies, dropping precious minor points. Need to practice using the turtle targets more too, less alpha zone. Top 4 and the ladies above me: 1 - Ben Stoeger 2 - Sal Luna, 94.54% 3 - Jacob Hetherington, 93.95% 4 - Eric France, 86.78% 11 - Justine Williams, 69.81% 16 - Sara Taylor, 65.42% 20 - Charis Denton, 57.31%
  2. Thanks! My goal is to be consistent this year. I've been much better at making goals I can maintain, so need to continue adding more things in my life that I do that with (*ahem* dryfire *cough* livefire)
  3. 1/1/2020 Well.... I met ONE goal this year. I got under 200 lbs Down 45 lbs in 2019. Just about.... 66 lbs to go. Should help with practice this year. I haven't thought about this coming season beyond working and shooting the Area 1 match. And fitness goals. Continuing with 1200-1500 calories a day and am getting back into my M/W/F at the Y. Got off schedule when 3 of my kids were in sports and they had practices every evening M-F, and 3 games EVERY Saturday for like 2 months. It was horrendous. So, this next month I will be thinking about my shooting goals/schedule for this year.
  4. 8/18/2019 #dryfire 8/16 60 minutes Still on Refinement & Repetition Drill, numbered as the drill # in the book. 1. Sight Picture Confirmation - 20 @0.8 2. 10-Yard Index - 20 @1.0, 20 @0.9 3. 10-Yard Surrender Index - 10 @1.0, 10 @ 0.9 4. Turn and Draw - 10 @1.2, 10 @1.1 5. Strong Hand Index - 10 @1.1, 10 @1.0 5. Weak Hand Index - 10 @1.5, 10 @1.4 7. Burkett Reloads - 20 @1.0, 20 @0.9, 20 @0.8 8. 6 Reload 6 - 15 @5.8, 10 @5.5, 5 @5.2, 5 @5.0, 5 @4.8 15. 2 reload 2 - 5 @3.0, 25 @2.8 16. Bill Reload Drill - 10 @4.5 17. Headshot Sight Picture - 10 (no par) 8/17 30 minutes 2. 10-Yard Index - 10 @1.0, 20 @0.9 3. 10-Yard Surrender Index - 10 @0.9 7. Burkett Reloads - 10 @0.9, 10@0.8 8. 6 Reload 6 - 25 @4.8, 10 @4.5 - time left over at 4.8, but was making sure I got good sight pictures and didn't pull off target for reload early. Practiced leaving position and entering position, getting gun up and sights on target ready to shoot as soon as first foot is touching inside box. Just one more dryfire session before Tuesday! #conditioning 8/16 Yoga 60 min - worked core and legs a lot in this work out. Weights. Added a set to each of these, except rotator and newly added triceps press. Rotator 4 sets of 20 reps, 40 lb (2 sets each side) Leg Press 3 sets of 15 reps, 150 lbs Back Extension 3 sets 20 reps, 70 lb Chest Press 3 sets of 15 reps, 25 lb, 30 lb, 30 lb Row Sitting 3 sets, 15 reps, 90 lbs Reverse Flys 3 sets of 15 reps, 30 lbs Shoulder Press 3 sets 15 reps, 55 lbs Triceps Press 2 sets 10 reps, 45 lbs 8/17 1.5 Mile Run Jog/Walk Interval for 1.5 miles on track instead of app. 1/8 mile track. Wanted to get a baseline for 1 mile and 1.5 mile run. I realized my jogging pace is much faster than on the treadmill. I think it's about 6.3 mph vs 5.3 on treadmill, but ended up walking more and only jogging in 30-60 seconds intervals. Laps 1-8, One mile: 1:11.96, 1:47.48; 1:39.73, 1:33.31, 1:32.17; 1:44.58, 1:46.44, 1:15.92 = 12:31.59 I jogged the whole first lap and 8th lap, others I jogged half, walked half. Laps 9-12, 1.5 mile: 2:06.48, 1:27.28, 1:50.79, 1:04.43 = 19:00.57 It was slightly under 19 min, I just couldn't press the lap button at the same time. On my last lap I noticed I had a minute and a few seconds to get it under 19, so I jogged the the whole way with my side hurting, last corner I noticed I had only 10 seconds left and wasn't gonna make it, so I SPRINTED to the finish line and made it. Then I almost threw up. I'm looking forward to seeing my times for this a year from now! #livefire 8/18 ~175 rounds Dot Torture targets for group shooting at 5, 10 and 15 yards, 45 rounds. Untimed Headshots at 10 yards, Groups at 25 yards, 24 rounds. Untimed Draw to One Shot, 10 yards, 12 rounds - all alpha except where noted 1.37, 1.43, 1.45, 1.45, 1.45, 1.48, 1.48 D, 1.49, 1.52 C, 1.66, 1.73, 1.74 Draw to One Shot, 7 yards, 12 rounds - all alpha except where noted 1.10 C, 1.16, 1.20, 1.22, 1.22, 1.24, 1.29, 1.30, 1.34, 1.35 C, 1.44, 1.48 Draw to Two Shots, 7 yards, 18 rounds 1.36, 1.37, 1.38, 1.50, 1.51, 1.54, 160, 1.68, 2.13 4 Aces, 7 yards, 64 rounds: Total time - draw to first shot, split to second shot, reload to next shot, split to last shot 3.96 - 1.58 0.40 1.75 0.23 3.90 - 1.45 0.25 1.97 0.23 4.24 - 1.63 0.22 2.17 0.22 3.39 - 1.34 0.21 1.63 0.21 3.38 - 1.21 0.18 1.79 0.20 3.36 - 1.26 0.15 1.77 0.18 3.29 - 1.25 0.16 1.68 0.20 3.70 - 1.23 0.17 2.10 0.20 3.64 - 1.28 0.15 1.98 0.23 3.23 - 1.23 0.18 1.65 0.17 3.31 - 1.33 0.17 1.61 0.20 3.88 - 1.26 0.17 1.90 0.55 3.13 - 1.24 0.15 1.55 0.19 3.11 - 1.27 0.18 1.44 0.22 Fastest time, fastest reload 3.60 - 1.17 0.15 2.09 0.19 3.35 - 1.15 0.15 1.88 0.17 Fastest first shot
  5. 8/16/2019 #dryfire Some basic drills last week. Session 1 was 8/8, 30 min and Session 2 was 8/10, 45 min. Indexed to various targets at different angles, so it wasn't always the same target and body position. Session 2 did reloads and transitions off par time as well. ...eek 6 days since my last dryfire?! Refinement & Repetition Drills 1. Sight picture confirmation - draw and establish acceptable sight picture on lower A zone, finger on trigger, don't pull trigger, 5 yards. 10 slow motion to start, practicing perfect reps. Session 1: 10 @1.2 sec, 10 @1.0 sec, 40 @0.9, 20 @0.8 2. 10-Yard Index - like drill #1, but at 10 yards. Slow motion to start Session 1: 10 @1.2, 10 @1.1, 10 @1.0, 20 @0.9 Session 2: 10 @1.1, 10 @ 1.0, 10 @0.9 3. 10-Yard Surrender Index - hands above shoulders, establish good sight picture on lower A zone, finger on trigger, but don't pull. Start with slo-mo perfect reps. Session 1: 30 @0.9 Session 2: 20 @0.9 4. Turn and Draw - hands above shoulders. Start with 10, no par. Worked on getting out of holster as soon as it would be safe to draw. Started having a habit of turning completely around before drawing, after drawing a little early at a match last year (RO didn't see, but my video of the stage did!) Session 1: 10 @1.6, 10 @1.3, 10 @1.1 5. Strong Hand Index Session 1: 20 @1.1 6. Weak Hand Index - draw, transfer to left hand. Felt this was getting a lot more smoother, getting sight picture quickly. Session 1: 10@1.5, 30 @1.4 7. Burkett Reloads - Gun on target in a freestyle position, drop mag while bringing up new mag, just tot he endge of the magwell. Start with no par time, 10 reps. Session 1: 10 @1.0 - stopped after this drill as it was super late that night. Need to start dryfire before midnight! Session 2: 20 @1.0, 10 @0.8 #conditioning Tracking calories, goal is 1200/day - usually eating around 1500. I'm adding a lot on exercises to start so I have a record of my starting point to compare to later. I'm using the 5K Runner app now, because the knockoff Couch to 5K one was messing up. Started on Week 2, Day 1 because it was approximately the same times where I left off on the other one. All sessions started with at least 5 minutes warm up and ended with 5 min + cool down. Most days I also started the day with a Yoga class and/or weight training. 7/31 & 8/2 & 8/5 - Strength training. Forgot to add these on my last update. I'm starting with machines, but would like to transition out of them once I get a routine firmly established. I'm trying to get 2-3 sessions a week. I am switching off the ab and rotator machine this week and doing ball exercises instead, I feel they do a lot more. Rotator 2 sets of 15 reps, 40 lb Leg Press 2 sets of 15 reps, 150 lbs Back Extension 2 sets 20 reps, 70 lb Chest Press 2 sets of 15 reps, 25 lb Row Sitting 2 sets, 15 reps, 90 lbs Reverse Flys 2 sets of 15 reps, 40 lbs, 35 lbs - I think I might lower this one to 35 or 30 lbs for both Abdominal Trainer 2 sets 20 reps at 25 lb Shoulder Press 2 sets 15 reps, 55 lbs 8/9 - W2/D2: 1.5 min Run (5.3) + 2 min walk x4 (3.4 mph), 1 min run + 1 min walk x2. Hatha Yoga, 1 hour 8/10 - Kayaying and swimming 8/13 - W2/D3: 1.5 min Run + 2 min walk x5, 2 min Run + 1.5 min walk x1 I knew my next session I had to run 2.5 minutes, which I was pretty sure I was incapable of doing, so ended my last segment with a 2 minute run instead of the 1.5 min - and was surprised I did it. Last time I ran for 2 minutes I'm pretty sure was 10th grade. Walking part was 3.3 for first 3 runs, then switched between 3.1 and 3.2, depending on what I needed). - Cone drill (suicides): 2 sets of 15 touches - this was suuuuuper tiring. Actual trying to RUN and be fast, not jog, was exhausting. I got slower and slower each rep. I want to add some agility exercises into my dryfire routine, like ladder drills and cone drills... but I've been procrastinating on this. After I get dryfire solidified into my schedule, I think I will add these more often. - Strength Training Circuit (same as above). I think I will add a third set on 8/16.... I don't know if I'm supposed to be sore at all after this? because I'm not. 8/14 - Hiking, 4.0 miles - climbing through Ape Cave! 8/15 - W3/D1: 1.5 run/1.5 walk + 2.5 run/2.5 walk + 2.5 run/2.5 walk + 1.5 run/1.5 walk. All runs were at a 5.3 jogging pace, and all walking recovery time fluctuated between 3.1 and 3.3 mph. The 2 1/2 minutes of jogging I was pretty sure was going to kill me, but I finished every second! - Had check-in at the Y for weight training, took body measurements. Added triceps press, 2 sets of 15, 45 lbs to my weight routine and ball exercises. Goals Before this Tuesday's match: 3 dryfire sessions, 1 livefire session (and possibly a Steel match on Sunday). August: Dryfire minimum 1 hour on Tues/Thur For this year: Lose 15 more lbs before the end of the year! (Will be under 200!) Lost another pound this week 23 lbs down so far
  6. Your % earned on a classifier (at a local L1 match) is based on an individual classifier - and the % is based on the high hit factor for that particular classifier (it's a national standard, not based on performance at the match.) You need 4 of these classifiers in the same division for an initial classification. Most locals have one classifier per match. You can look up your hit factor on the classifier calculator at the uspsa website if you login as a member and see what your % would be. After scores are submitted to USPSA, it will show up on your classifier record on the USPSA.com website when you log in. The Practiscore Competitor app also shows what the % of the classifier is. Here's the classifiers: https://uspsa.org/classifiers You can also earn a classifier score based on how you do in your division overall at a major match (L2+). Not every major match will be a classifier, as it depends on participation in your division, and how many GMs competed. There must be at least 3 GMs, ending with division placement 90% or higher, and at least 50 competitors in your division for the match to be considered a classifier score. This would count as 1 of the 4 classifiers you need to be classified. https://uspsa.org/pages/about/classification
  7. I wouldn't base the decision on what classifiers are the best right now. Shoot the division you enjoy the most! If you like shooting a dot, sounds like you would enjoy Carry Optics I agree with Burgess, a dot can also help a lot with knowing what your sights are doing and how to correct it - helps make you a better irons shooter as well. Pick a division that appeals to you the most and then stick with it; with a little dryfire and time behind the same gun, those classifier scores will rise.
  8. I found with my smaller hands, it weakens the grip quite a bit. Also have heard it isn't a great technique to show newer shooters as it can cause them to pull the shot one way or the other even more.
  9. 8/9/2019 Where has the year gone?! I've been trying to more things with my kids this summer, camping, hiking, kayaking - so has been hard to be consistent with all the things I want to do. Working on better dryfire habits now that summer is winding down!! #dryfire / #livefire I'm going through Steve Anderson's first book to start out dryfire session. Three sessions in this week, need to update my log tonight with drill times. Just finished a 3-day TPC class held up in Custer, WA a few weeks ago. I had a certificate I had won from Berry's Steel Open so I finally got to use it! Got some good livefire in during those three days, around 1200 rounds. #conditioning I really want to be in better shape and be faster. I know I need to shoot sooner, too, which will happen with more dryfire/livefire, but also really would like to improve exits, running, etc. I've been tracking calories for several months now and have gotten a lot better habits, now have started at the gym about a month ago. Down 22 lbs since January ! Doing some weight training and Yoga. For cardio I'm doing a 5K timer app that gradually increases the amount you run. 5 minutes warm up, then the jog/walk intervals, and walking after for cool down. These are the runs I did so far: 7/? : 60 sec run (5.0 mph), 90 sec walk (2.6 mph) x 8 -- I thought I was gonna die and had to add an extra 15 seconds of walking/15 seconds less of running a few of the rounds toward the end, and even rested on the handlebars of the treadmill a bit for the last 15 seconds of the last 3 sets. Heart rate up to 180 7/27: 60 sec run (5.1 mph), 90 sec walk (2.8 mph) x8 Finished everything! Sweating like crazy = 8 MIN RUN 7/30: 60 sec run (5.1 mph), 90 sec walk (3.0 mph) x8 = 8 MIN RUN 8/2: 70 sec run (5.2 mph), 80 sec walk (3.2 mph) x8 = 9 MIN 20 SEC RUN 8/5: 90 sec run (5.3 mph), 2 min walk (3.3 mph) x9 + 60 sec run (5.7 mph) - I had extra energy cause I was mad at the first app I was using not working, so I ran extra lol = 14.5 MIN RUN 8/7: 90 sec run (5.4 mph) + 90 sec run (5.3 mph), 2 min walk (3.3 mph) x 3 + 60 sec run (5.3 mph), 60 sec walk x2 = 8 MIN RUN I tried to bump up my speed to 5.4 mph, but I was feeling really worn out after the 90 seconds, bumped it back down to 5.3. I was also feeling really tired that day and after the run. Did a Pilates class right after and started feeling a better. Matches I uploaded since last time. Also went to Area 1 and IPSC Nationals. We have lost a lot of Production shooters to CO and PCC in our section, so the competition has been pretty slim. 4-7-19 USPSA Shelton Series Match - Production Win 4-14-19 USPSA PB - 4th Place 4-16-19 MRS - 2nd Production 4-28-19 Renton - 4th Production 5-4-19 Jefferson - 3rd Overall 5-7-19 MRS - Production Win 5-11-19 PB - 5th Open [Production Win] BUMPED TO OPEN 5-12-19 PB - Production Win 5-21-19 MRS - Production Win 6-1-19 Jefferson Series Match - 3rd Place 6-4-19 MRS - Production Win 6-8-19 PB - Production Win 6-9-19 PB - Production Win Inland Empire Sectional
  10. Hey! A local! I shoot at PB as well. We may have met but I'm really bad with names and faces, especially when people are in their range gear - so if we already met... or talked at the match... sorry - takes a few times lol Paul Bunyan is mostly my home range (along with Jefferson) even though it's an hour 15 minutes away for me. I shoot at Jefferson, Renton, Marysville, Custer as well for USPSA. Only shot a few IDPA matches, though. Nice to see you go all in and dryfiring and getting some livefire in! We have a lot of people in our area that practice, I know you've met a bunch of them already. You're doing very well for just starting out, welcome!
  11. 4/9/19 Wow, that was a really long off-season for me! It's been pretty much half the year. I have only been shooting the occasional match and did not practice.... at all. This week was the start of training - after a few false starts. I gained 15 pounds Nov-Jan somehow, so spent January and February losing it, again. I'm back to the weight I was before off-season, but I think less muscle mass. Would like to lose another 15 before Area 1 and regain some muscle back, dang lazy winter. I just looked at my offseason goals I had in December... yeaaaaah... I didn't do any of them. Still shooting factory. Shot factory through my PCC and broke it during a stage, so...loading for the PCC now. Still have some issues to work out with it. #dryfire Got a few sessions of dryfire in this week, been pretty hectic the last month. I think I'm going to aim for an hour a day, broken into two sessions. (Minimum of 15 min/day; 5 days a week.) Also gonna be starting up livefire practice again now that the sun is out and it's not raining as much, or snowing. 70 DAYS TIL AREA 1! Apr 3 60 min Apr 4 30 min Apr 5 OFF Apr 6 Match + 15 min dryfire Apr 7 Match , Matches this winter, and some of the videos: 11-3-18 2nd Place Limited 11-11-18 4th Production Vision-X Night Match Classic 12-9-18 PB Outlaw Production Win 1-5-19 Jefferson MATCH WIN #HOA 1-13-19 Paul Bunyan 2nd Production 2-2-19 Jefferson Fall 2-10-19 Paul Bunayn 3rd Place 2-23-19 IDPA 2nd ESP 3-2-19 Jefferson 1st Production, 12th Overall 3-10-19 Paul Bunyan PCC Last Place 3-15-19 Safariland Expedition PCC Last Place 3-15-19 Safariland Mike Voigt Memorial Match, 4th Production & High Lady 3-19-19 MRS 2nd Production 3-30-19 Paul Bunyan UML 2GUN Match, 22/47, 63.16% 4-5-19 Jefferson 2nd Production, 5th/22 Overall 4-6-19 Shelton Series Match Production Win
  12. Yeah, if you are 100% sure he didn't engage it - it is a Mike plus FTSA. But it wouldn't be a "general procedural" for "not following the WSB".
  13. Yeah, it doesn't feel specific enough. They never define "edge"... is it the whole side that's touching? Can you still hook your foot on a wall? Meh
  14. But it specifically says that supporting structures are "not part of the shooting area." So, if you are touching one that lies fully inside the shooting area, are you technically faulting according to the rule? We know what should be... but that's not how it's written.
  15. 10/4/18 I feel like this whole year has been a waste for any improvement. And I fly out for Nationals in 16 days. 12/16/18 QUICK UPDATE #nationals LOL I logged in, and the above is what I started for a previous journal entry. I think i was feeling ready for off-season right around September. Even though I did not feel ready for Nats AT ALL, I went to Factory Gun and Limited Nationals in October and had a good time. I did okay (about what I expected) -- I had low expectations since i had not been practicing. I was happy that I was fairly consistent throughout the match, didn't have any huge errors, and ended up being just shy of 65%. I shot Limited Nationals "for fun" and I had a great squad and really enjoyed getting to shoot with Hwansik Kim, Matt Hopkins, and Ben Stoeger. How am I ever going to go back to my normal B class scrub squads? #offseason I'm enjoying some off-season time just doing almost nothing.... though I have shot 4 matches since I came home from Nationals just before Halloween. Shot the fun 2018 Vision-X Night Match a few weeks ago. I'll probably hit some matches I don't normally shoot throughout the normal season: some IDPA, maybe an ASI or Fun Steel or something. I will also be catching up on match videos this winter, and looking at shooting goals for 2019, reviewing goals from 2018 - what improved and what is carrying over into the new year. Another thing I'll be doing is dropping in my new hammer and disco for the Shadow 2 and seeing if I like that. Replacing mag springs. Testing a new load with my N320 and loading up on ammo. I will also be dryfiring with my new toy....... #new toy Oh.... I got a new toy. I bought a PCC and put the DPP I bought for Carry Optics onto the PCC instead. I am thinking of shooting PCC in the off-season and then going to the UML Safariland match in Vegas in March before I start training for the new season with my Shadow 2. Production Nats is so far away, I don't want to start too early and get burned out two months before Nationals. Master class this year!? So, depending on how I like it, I'll have to decide whether I am going to go to Optics Nationals, and then whether i want to shoot Carry Optics or PCC.
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