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  1. Hey! A local! I shoot at PB as well. We may have met but I'm really bad with names and faces, especially when people are in their range gear - so if we already met... or talked at the match... sorry - takes a few times lol Paul Bunyan is mostly my home range (along with Jefferson) even though it's an hour 15 minutes away for me. I shoot at Jefferson, Renton, Marysville, Custer as well for USPSA. Only shot a few IDPA matches, though. Nice to see you go all in and dryfiring and getting some livefire in! We have a lot of people in our area that practice, I know you've met a bunch of them already. You're doing very well for just starting out, welcome!
  2. 4/9/19 Wow, that was a really long off-season for me! It's been pretty much half the year. I have only been shooting the occasional match and did not practice.... at all. This week was the start of training - after a few false starts. I gained 15 pounds Nov-Jan somehow, so spent January and February losing it, again. I'm back to the weight I was before off-season, but I think less muscle mass. Would like to lose another 15 before Area 1 and regain some muscle back, dang lazy winter. I just looked at my offseason goals I had in December... yeaaaaah... I didn't do any of them. Still shooting factory. Shot factory through my PCC and broke it during a stage, so...loading for the PCC now. Still have some issues to work out with it. #dryfire Got a few sessions of dryfire in this week, been pretty hectic the last month. I think I'm going to aim for an hour a day, broken into two sessions. (Minimum of 15 min/day; 5 days a week.) Also gonna be starting up livefire practice again now that the sun is out and it's not raining as much, or snowing. 70 DAYS TIL AREA 1! Apr 3 60 min Apr 4 30 min Apr 5 OFF Apr 6 Match + 15 min dryfire Apr 7 Match , Matches this winter, and some of the videos: 11-3-18 2nd Place Limited 11-11-18 4th Production Vision-X Night Match Classic 12-9-18 PB Outlaw Production Win 1-5-19 Jefferson MATCH WIN #HOA 1-13-19 Paul Bunyan 2nd Production 2-2-19 Jefferson Fall 2-10-19 Paul Bunayn 3rd Place 2-23-19 IDPA 2nd ESP 3-2-19 Jefferson 1st Production, 12th Overall 3-10-19 Paul Bunyan PCC Last Place 3-15-19 Safariland Expedition PCC Last Place 3-15-19 Safariland Mike Voigt Memorial Match, 4th Production & High Lady 3-19-19 MRS 2nd Production 3-30-19 Paul Bunyan UML 2GUN Match, 22/47, 63.16% 4-5-19 Jefferson 2nd Production, 5th/22 Overall 4-6-19 Shelton Series Match Production Win
  3. Yeah, if you are 100% sure he didn't engage it - it is a Mike plus FTSA. But it wouldn't be a "general procedural" for "not following the WSB".
  4. Yeah, it doesn't feel specific enough. They never define "edge"... is it the whole side that's touching? Can you still hook your foot on a wall? Meh
  5. But it specifically says that supporting structures are "not part of the shooting area." So, if you are touching one that lies fully inside the shooting area, are you technically faulting according to the rule? We know what should be... but that's not how it's written.
  6. 10/4/18 I feel like this whole year has been a waste for any improvement. And I fly out for Nationals in 16 days. 12/16/18 QUICK UPDATE #nationals LOL I logged in, and the above is what I started for a previous journal entry. I think i was feeling ready for off-season right around September. Even though I did not feel ready for Nats AT ALL, I went to Factory Gun and Limited Nationals in October and had a good time. I did okay (about what I expected) -- I had low expectations since i had not been practicing. I was happy that I was fairly consistent throughout the match, didn't have any huge errors, and ended up being just shy of 65%. I shot Limited Nationals "for fun" and I had a great squad and really enjoyed getting to shoot with Hwansik Kim, Matt Hopkins, and Ben Stoeger. How am I ever going to go back to my normal B class scrub squads? #offseason I'm enjoying some off-season time just doing almost nothing.... though I have shot 4 matches since I came home from Nationals just before Halloween. Shot the fun 2018 Vision-X Night Match a few weeks ago. I'll probably hit some matches I don't normally shoot throughout the normal season: some IDPA, maybe an ASI or Fun Steel or something. I will also be catching up on match videos this winter, and looking at shooting goals for 2019, reviewing goals from 2018 - what improved and what is carrying over into the new year. Another thing I'll be doing is dropping in my new hammer and disco for the Shadow 2 and seeing if I like that. Replacing mag springs. Testing a new load with my N320 and loading up on ammo. I will also be dryfiring with my new toy....... #new toy Oh.... I got a new toy. I bought a PCC and put the DPP I bought for Carry Optics onto the PCC instead. I am thinking of shooting PCC in the off-season and then going to the UML Safariland match in Vegas in March before I start training for the new season with my Shadow 2. Production Nats is so far away, I don't want to start too early and get burned out two months before Nationals. Master class this year!? So, depending on how I like it, I'll have to decide whether I am going to go to Optics Nationals, and then whether i want to shoot Carry Optics or PCC.
  7. Awesome! Looks like DukeEB covered everything. You don't need to be a member of any of the ranges that hold USPSA matches in this area to shoot them. And since you've shot USPSA before you can just show up day of to register and squad, no safety check needed. (For new shooters, the MD likes to have them schedule a time to come the day before the match during setup for a safety brief. I think people usually just schedule that through the WA State USPSA shooters Facebook group DukeEB was talking about.) A few weeks before the match they should have the Practiscore registration available under NW01, as they have been doing online registration for most the summer. Hope to see you up shooting at Paul Bunyan! We have a good group and a lot of fun stages.
  8. 8/11/18 Columbia Cascade Sectional - 6th Production | 2nd A Class I did a little better at this match at calling my shots, but still suffered occasionally on looking toward my next target before I was done with the one I was on. I did a lot of popper stepping at this match! I'm usually really good with steel, but I was just rushing off it today. First stage was rough... my worst stage of the day. Overall, the match was really enjoyable - especially since it ended up being overcast and the weather made it so much easier to shoot in! Stage 6: 6th, 67.95% Weak hand, terrible run! Stage 7: 6th, 77.33% Unneeded pickup shot because I looked at the noshoot, saw a staple and thought I hit it cause I wasn't calling my shot Stage 8: 9th, 74.60% Prone Stage 9: 5th, 92.09% One charlie, needed to shoot faster - felt reaaaaally slow Stage 10: Stage Win! Long distance, poppers from both sides of stage, liked my stage plan Stage 1: 8th, 73.84% 2 mikes on the headshot just barely in the black! If they were a mm and cm higher this would have been a stage win! Stage 2: 5th, 69.70% Gun pickup, hardcover donut, swinger Stage 3: 2nd, 97.11% Memory stage, going left then cutting across back to the middle, spent a lot of time day before timing 3 different stage plans (well, used Nick to time it) Stage 4: 3rd, 84.02% Running from front right corner to back left, inconvenient round counts for reloads Stage 5: 7th, 79.11% 3 per target, kneeling in last position
  9. 8/7/18 Mt. Rainier Shadow Series Match - 2nd Production Stage 6 - 3rd, 76.80% (49.53% of PCC M) What a DISASTER. Shot at the swinger before it was even there. That was a first. I thought the swinger was faster than it was, and I was so ready to shoot it. I should have passed off the score pad much earlier because I did not have this stage memorized. The rest of the match I was sure to pass it off right before I was in the hole. Stage 1 - Stage Win (52.02% of Open A ) I forgot on my second reload that I shot to 10 twice on an unloaded start, was thinking I was going to have a round in the chamber on that reload and forgot to rack it right away. Need to remind myself on unloaded starts that I only have 10 rounds. I also missed my position and was a step back too far and had to waste time stepping forward and leaning to get the last target. Stage 2 - 4th, 77.16% (67.25% of CO A) Weird trigger freeze and had to jump back in the shooting area. Stage 3 - Stage Win (70.68% of PCC A) This stage went pretty well. Stage 4 - 2nd, 94.85% (67.33% of PCC A) Classifier "On the Move" - I never know how to shoot this one. Had master time with not so great hits. GRIP! Stage 5 - Stage Win (62.04% of PCC M) Pickup on the headshot, almost ran the RO down, forgot to shoot the poppers from my other position cause I didn't want to shoot to 10, and ended up doing a standing reload. Should have just reloaded and shot all of them straight across.
  10. 8/5/18 First GSSF Match! So, thought about this match a few days before, didn't realize I was going to be around for it. Didn't really decide to go until the night before. Got there about an hour early to test fire my G34 that I hadn't shot in over a year? and also my G19 which I had never shot. I was pleasantly surprised with the stock trigger. Entered 3 divisions: Competition with my G34, the GlockGirls Side match with the G34, and Civilian with my G19. Overall, besides the first stage, I was happy with my consistency and calling shots. I was doing much better with calling shots than I have been doing lately, and will do some more drills this week with that. First stage I shot was "5 to Glock" I aimed on the first gun, Competition, dropped only two close charlies on the back target. 3 strings 7.83, 7.29, 7.94 +2.0 = 25.06 seconds. On my second gun I thought I could shoot faster because the first gun felt so tedious. Also, they put new targets on and I didn't know where to shoot on the tombstone targets. This was my Civilian G19 entry. 7.17, 7.88, 7.45 + 19.0 (7 charlie, 4 delta) = 41.50 seconds. I think I was shooting too high on the target, so adjusted and shot more in the middle for my Lady entry with the G34. 6.94, 8.91, 8.17 +12.0 (6 charlie, 1 delta) = 33.02 seconds. These were my worst runs. #aimhard #nopickupshotsallowed Second stage up was "Glock the Plates" I wanted to #aimhard after the first stage and not rush. For aiming hard, I think I burned it down. I think I only had 2 pickup shots for all the strings. Competiton G34: 4.68, 3.57, 3.44, 3.42 = 15.11 seconds. Lady G34: 3.79, 3.30, 4.64, 3.43 = 15.16 seconds. Civilian G19: 3.47, 3.48, 4.18, 4.28 = 15.41 seconds. Last stage shot was "Glock 'm" Competition G34: 6.49, 6.79, 5.88 = 19.16 seconds Lady G34: 5.91, 5.46, 5.64 + 4.0 (4C) = 21.01 seconds. Civilian G19: 5.53, 6.13, 7.13 + 4.0 (1C, 1D) = 22.79 seconds. TOTAL TIMES: Competition G34: 59.33 seconds - First Place Lady G34: 69.19 seconds - First Place Civilian G19: 79.70 seconds - Second Place (lost first by 4.94 seconds! If only I didn't have 19 seconds of penalties on stage 1 LOL) and High Lady #practice I've had four dryfire sessions and one livefire session that I still need to add to my journal.
  11. 8/1/18 #livefire ~250 rounds I was really tired and didn't want to head out an hour to the range to practice, but I did anyway. Planned on a shorter session and between 200-300 rounds. I didn't plan what I was going to do - but will start planning for future sessions to get the most out of my practice. It will be a lot more exciting and beneficial to target my weak areas. Since general familiarity with the gun was what I needed, and confidence, I've just been doing basic stuff for my first three sessions. My grip was really poor in this session, which seems to be a constant struggle if I don't keep on it. Focusing on that in dryfire, and really making sure I don't loosen my grip too early before a reload, and make sure after a reload I am taking the time to get a proper grip. Seems overall, I'm getting comfortable with this gun and starting to love it. Just sent in my CZ certificate for another Shadow 2! (paid the difference to upgrade). I'll now have a backup gun or, if I get it soon enough, set it up for Carry Optics. Will definitely have to stick with the CZ now that I will have two of them! Doubles (10 yards, Draw & shoot 2) Goal: 1.3 seconds 7/20 Average: 2.06 7/24 Average: 1.71 8/01 Average: 1.57 Draw to One Alpha (10 yards, Draw, one in Double Action) Goal: 1.0 second? consistently 7/20 Average: 1.33 7/24 Average: 1.24 8/01 Average: 1.22 1.18, 1.16, 1.42, 1.12, 1.20, 1.22, 1.32, 1.20, 1.16, 1.21. I seemed to be more sloppy and not calling my shot when I was just shooting one round on the DA. On some of the shots, it was 5 inches straight below where I was aiming, must have stopped looking as I pulled the trigger. On Doubles, I seemed to pay attention better and see my hits. I didn't have a problem at the last match I shot at, in Idaho - must have had better focus then. Will be shooting the Call it and Leave it Drill on Saturday morning. Blake Drill (10 yards, Draw and shoot 2A on 3 targets) Goal: 2.2 seconds 7/20 Average: 3.82 7/24 Average: 3.58 8/01 Average: 2.70 I was kinda sloppy on my grip in this session and throwing quite a few charlies on Blake Drills. I was faster, but slightly worse hits than the last session: 2.85, 2.56, 2.83, 2.69, 2.68, 2.94 (bad draw), 2.38, Average 2.70; taped and shot 3.09, 2.76, 3.06, 2.46, Average 2.84; taped them up cause they were kinda crappy hits and then focused more and shot 2.48, 2.51, 2.64, 2.39, 2.95, 2.48, 3.03, 2.60, 2.64, 2.72, 2.95, 2.43, Average 2.65. Overall Average 2.70 seconds
  12. 7/29/18 Idaho Sectional Championship - 5th Production, 77.44% First place in Production was a GM and second was an M at 93.54% It was 102 degrees, almost no wind all day long and no clouds, super hot towards the end of the day. The last 3 stages were getting a little tough in the heat, especially with our small squad of 9. Even though I would make a mistake, or several, on a stage, I put it behind me and focused on the next stage. Overall, I was happy -- my sights were zeroed; my ammo worked; my gun worked; I shot at all the targets; I carried out my stage plans; I was much more confident with my double action; I tried to keep moving throughout the stage; the gun felt much more like an extension of me, becoming more natural to shoot it; and... I HAD FUN! Need to tighten it up a bit, my three mikes bumped me down two places, so.... going to work on that this week! 1. Visual patience! Make sure I have an acceptable sight picture first and don't worry about the time it takes to see what I need to see. 2. Call my shots! "Call it and Leave it" drill in livefire this week. Be confident in knowing what I saw, don't hesitate to pick up needed shots. No need to look at the targets. 3. Grip hard in dryfire/livefire. 4. Visualize in detail before my drills in dryfire and livefire this week. I only had my phone footage for this match as my GoPro battery didn't hold a charge. Here's the stages in the order I shot them: Stage 6 - Panda Rampage: 7th | 71.07% | 25A, 2C, 1M, 34.19 sec Thought my sights were high right on my first shot on the far paper.... and they were... hardcover hit Stage 7 - Go for Broke: 6th | 73.44% | 26A, 27.17 sec Accidentally tried to rack it from back serrations and grabbed the frame. I do better from the front with the CZ. I don't know how I managed to knock ALL my mags out of my pouches. It was also an unloaded start and I took my normal loading mag out of my back pocket, which I NEVER do - I normally take out the 11th round and carry all my mags no matter what stage it is. So, I didn't have that one as a backup mag and last position started missing on the steel, I knew I had none on my belt and realized I was gonna have to dive in the dirt for a mag if I didn't go one-for-one... aimed real hard. Slidelock on last shot. Almost ruined my stage even more LOL Stage 8 - Triple Tap Nap: 6th | 71.49% | 27A, 4C, 1D, 22.33 Three per. My delta was almost a charlie on the left paper going prone, steered a little too clear of the noshoot. Need to learn to drop down quicker and more straight down/forward instead of rocking back first. Stage 5 - Take a Seat: 4th | 78.58% | 19A 5C, 19.96 sec No video Stage 2 - A British Hawk: 3rd | 78.31% | 23A, 6C, 1D, 1M, 22.27 sec Griiiiip.... needed a better grip on my gun. I was also pretty sure I shot over the swinger on my second shot, and wanted to pick it up... and then didn't. Stage 3 - The Weaver Express: 6th | 62.77% | 23A, 4C, 1D, 1M, 27.14 sec Positions weren't right on in first two position in the back. Fourth shot in the first position, I started looking away before I was done shooting, too anxious on the transition. 180 transition was a little choppy to second position. Cooper tunnel was okay. Almost overran my last position, and acquiring last target was a little sluggish. Stage 4 - Foreboding Ruins: 3rd | 81.54% | 24A, 5C, 21.88 sec Called shots on popper activator and swinger, didn't waste time for feedback or second guessing. Going around the corner, I was going to take those targets on the move, but wasn't low enough and just posted up. Hit one popper twice, not sure if I just nicked it the first time. Stage 1 - Run Amok: 4th | 91.48% | 23A, 8C, 1D, 26.38 I was first up on this stage. I took the drop turner first only because I didn't want to miss it cause I could always shoot the head box if I missed the clamshell. Ended up being A LOT more time and had to wait for it, still ended up shooting too early and hit the delta, then alpha on full presentation on the dropturner, two charlie on the clamshell. There would have been plenty of time for the activator, popper, clamshell, drop turner. Was hesitant on the clamshell, because I didn't call my second shot and my brain wanted to shoot a pickup on it, but only headbox was available, but my body said to go - so that's what that yelp and hesitation was right there. At the end, I called two good hits, but when I was done and looked at the target I thought I saw a hit in the hardcover and then was like... shoot it again... and reached for mag, but fumbled, then it took too long and I was telling myself, "I'm pretty sure I got those hits, though..." and left it. SO GLAD I didn't shoot it again, that would have been HORRIBLE. I'm not looking at targets anymore!!
  13. #livefire 7/25/18 | 15:45-19:00 | ~400 rounds Tapped my rear sight to the left a bit and now my sights are all squared away. Shot some groups. Did the drills I did on Friday, plus a few more. Didn't feel like I could draw AT ALL tonight. Gonna dryfire a lot more this week than I did this past week. Really need to focus on calling my shots, looking away or something when I pull the trigger, the last thing I saw as alpha and then it lands four inches lower. I was successful in calling some shots though. I got a lot of charlies but most of them were close charlies. I just wrote down everything from practice for now... all times / only alpha times [time difference from Friday] Doubles (10 yards, Draw and shoot 2 - 2A, unless otherwise noted) Goal: 1.3 seconds 1.60, 2.25, 1.88 AC, 1.86, 1.47 AC, 1.71, 1.54 AC, 1.63, 1.68, 1.59 AC, 1.63 AC, 1.91 AC, 1.52 CC Best: 1.47 AC / 1.60 [-.22, -.31] Worst: 2.25 [-.13] Median: 1.63 AA / 1.695 [-.37, -.505] Average: 1.713 [-.347] Draw to One Alpha (10 yards, in Double Action) Goal: 1.0 second? consistently 1.29 C, 1.20 C, 1.32, 1.13 C,1.19 C, 1.25 C, 1.20, 1.34, 1.27, 1.51, 1.24, 1.08 M?, 1.50, 1.22, 1.54 C, 1.10, 1.14, 1.16 C, 1.10, 1.15 C, 1.21 C, 1.12 C Best: 1.08 / 1.1 A [-.06, -.06] Worst: 1.54 C / 1.51 A [-.23, -.26] Median: 1.21 A / 1.24 A [-.10, .07] Average: 1.24 [-.087] El Prez (10 yards, wrists above, turn and draw, 2A each on 3 targets) Goal: 5.0 seconds 6.47 ACCC AAAC AACD Points: 46 HF: 7.1097 6.64 AACC AACC AAAA Points: 52 HF: 7.8313 6.69 AAAC AAAA AACC Points: 54 HF: 8.0717 6.26 AACC AACD ACCD Points: 41 HF: 6.5495 [8.21 Points: 40 HF: 4.8721] 5.92 AAAD AACC AAAA Points: 52 HF: 8.7837 [7.39 Points: 50 HF: 6.7659] Plate Rack (Goal 2.5 seconds): 4.94 sec Singles (Goal 1.6 seconds): 2.13 CAA, 2.51 AAA, 2.28 DCC, 2.21 CAA, 2.30 CAA, 1.99 AAC, 1.84 CAC 4 Aces (Goal: 2.7 seconds): 4.08 ACCC, 3.93 AAAC, 3.35 AAAC, 3.70 AACC, 3.62 AAAC Blake Drill (Goal 2.2 seconds): 3.14 CC AC AC, 3.67 AC AA AC, 3.20 CC CD AC, 3.90 AC AA AA, 3.97 AA AA CC Blake Drill SHO (Goal 3.5 seconds): 5.47 CC CC AC, 4.62 AA CC AA, 4.75 AC AA AC, 4.16 AA AC AD, 4.33 AC AA AM Criss Cross Singles: 6.07, 5.61 BA/AC/(C)A Criss Cross (Goal 7.0 seconds): 9.21 B(C) AC / B(A) AA / (C) (C) AA (Was tired, wasn't aiming all the hard, didn't get some of the hits on the headbox, but below)
  14. AlphaCharis


    I know 3 people that made GM without taking a class, and only reshooting their last classifier one time (the one they needed to tip them into GM) at the urging of their squad.
  15. #livefire 7/20/18 | 17:30-19:30 | ~250 rounds Friday became a member at a club that is 70 minutes from my house and went for my second ever livefire practice. I'm definitely a lot slower with my Shadow 2 right now. I worked on the drills from 10 yards - I didn't want it close enough I could be sloppy, but didn't want it far enough that I'd be frustrated. I focused on getting used to my double action pull. After the *beep* on a timer, my brain all of a sudden can't pull the DA smoothly. Used the timer on all my runs, ready to break that mental block. I have been pretty good with it in a match, but an occasional stage I'll take forever for my first shot. Started with groups and zeroed. Still shoots a little right. Doubles (10 yards, Draw and shoot 2 - 2A, unless otherwise noted) Goal: 1.3 seconds First set of the day: 2.05 AC, 2.17, 2.38, 1.91, 2.32, 1.83 AC, 1.69 AC, 1.92 CD (totally yanked and called these shots), 1.97 AC, 1.80 AD, 1.97 AC Last set of the day: 2.16 CD (totally yanked this), 1.93 AC, 1.96, 2.20, 2.38, 2.06, 2.00 AD (called a left C, but it ended up being in the D zone), 2.30 AC (was thinking the C would be a low A, but was on other side of perf), 2.25 Best: 1.69 AC / 1.91 2A Worst: 2.38 2A Median: 2.00 AD / 2.20 2A Average: 2.06 Draw to One Alpha (10 yards, in Double Action) Goal: 1.0 second? consistently 1.77, 1.35 D, 1.59 C, 1.32, 1.25 C (called a delta, but it made C), 1.44, 1.14 C, 1.20, 1.16, 1.18 1.37, 1.46 C, 1.31, 1.26, 1.39, 1.47, 1.33, 1.23 C, 1.23 C, 1.31 C, 1.25 C, 1.20, 1.37 (C's were all close charlies, 2 to the right (called), 1 barely left (called), 3 low (called one of these Cs, missed calling 2 of the right-under-the-A-zone C's) Best: 1.14 C / 1.16 A Worst: 1.77 A Median: 1.31 C / 1.31 A Average: 1.327 Just a few reps for a baseline for future practice comparison: Bill Drill (10 yards, Draw and shoot 6A) Goal: 2.2 seconds I just did a few because I wanted a baseline to compare in the next few weeks. I only had one successful Bill Drill, which was my first run. Need to grip harder in dryfire! [Bill Drill at Open/L10 Nats in 2016 was 2.74 sec, 5A1C] 3.51 6A, 3.25 3A3C, 3.73 3A3C, 3.22 4A2C Blake Drill (10 yards, Draw and shoot 2A on 3 targets) Goal: 2.2 seconds 3.82 4A2C El Prez (10 yards, writsts above, turn and draw, 2A each on 3 targets) Goal: 5.0 seconds 8.21 ACCD, AAAC, CCCD, 7.39 ACCC, AAAC, AAAC - yeahhhh need to work on griiiiip. My second one was better, though - I think my third would have been all alphas #dryfire Dryfired three times since my range practice on Friday, just some basics, gripping hard, calling shots. Looking forward to some dryfire tonight and more livefire practice tomorrow!
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