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Found 11 results

  1. Well, it's a new year, guess I should stop procrastinating and just start my range diary. #pewpew past I've been shooting USPSA since February 2014. Before USPSA I had only picked up a gun a little over a year before. I started with shooting at my range's Falling Plate matches and then Steel Challenge. What looked really interesting to me was runnin' and gunnin', but I didn't feel confident enough to shoot on the move. The USPSA safety class was finally held on a different day than Falling Plate (which I couldn't bring myself to skip) so I took the class and shot my first match with my stock Taurus 24/7, one double mag pouch, and my back pockets - and was totally hooked. I shot a classifier match the following month with my husband's XDm 5.25 with PRP trigger. He hasn't shot "his" gun since. I was classified as D. I made C class in July - it would have been from my classifier score that month, but I got a letter in the mail saying my Area 1 score bumped me up. I basically continued to shoot falling plate and fun steel and one USPSA match a month until September of that year. I was rear-ended in a car accident that month, which moved three ribs out of place and gave me bad whiplash. I wasn't able to shoot very much for about five months. I still tried and got some shooting in. Around May 2015, I was feeling a bit stronger, and started shooting more matches. In October I made B class. #pewpew goals Now that I am B class, I would really like to be more disciplined. I haven't practiced up until now; I know that if I just go to matches for fun I will be stuck in B class forever - and I really want to make Master! A friend encouraged me to start a range diary, so my hope is that a journal will help me get into the habit of practicing and being more deliberate in shooting. It will also be encouraging to look back on and see the progress that I made. Another goal is to get in better physical shape and strengthen my back. Keeping track will help me stay on track. And always.... #aimharder!
  2. Working on my live fire practice plans. Recently added much more accent on Blake drills in dry fire and saw a lot of opportunities to improve: over/under transitions, vertical offsets, horizontal instability and reverse pre-transition swings. Basically all the problems I’ve had in Blake drills in live fire. Some context: My recoil control approach was functional workouts and just precision - doubles cycle in live fire. Precision: 10 shots from draw on 8” plate at 30yd, doubles 20yd IPSC target. Functional training: shooters elbow recovery exercises and hammer levering. Complete brute force, but works. For now. The perception gap between live and dry fire in actual stages is slowly but surely shrinking. So my question is: do transitions behave differently enough in live fire to dedicate time/rounds for them, like more than 50% of rounds per session. Or is 10-20% per session in the end of it enough? Outside of actual/simulated stage runs and specific skills like reloads/draws/unloaded/oneHanded/prop/whatever - what is/was your most productive schedule/plan for live fire? Thanks!
  3. I got tired of dryfiring my draws, reloads, etc. And i was itching to go shoot a match but schedule did not permit it with daddy duties taking priority. So instead, i took some leftover scrap and made a stage at home! Its not the real thing but its definitely showing my weaknesses. I also have my wife and kid create the stage and rearrange the targets for me so I can practice mental preps.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm Stepan from Salt Lake, UT (Richmond, CA previously) - Limited B, USPSA RO, shooting mainly from appendix holster, cheers if we shot together before! I've been thinking about building Dry Fire Timer for iOS for a while, and making other stuff (IT related) that could help people progress. Most useful thing that so far came out of it was dryfire.ninja - this is simple static JS website, that allows you to build a dryfire stage on your PC/Mac/iPhone/Android/whatever and practice. It's basically a few files sitting on S3 and there are no plans to monetize it, so: 1) I hope this is OK to post here and it doesn't count as advertisement 2) If anyone wants to download the site modify it and send me a github link - I would be super happy to add your changes After shooting Dixie Cup (super fun technical match BTW, huge props to organizers!) I feel like I might be able to add swinger and Max Trap to it. What else would you like to see in interactive dry fire stage? Timer? Ghost Runs? Library of USPSA classifiers? What current apps/timers/tricks you use for dry fire / practice, that programmer can help with / improve / scale for more people? Thanks! Stepan
  5. I have a pretty big L- shaped basement that makes a good dojo. Can get up to a 10 yard shot in there but need to improve array variety. Typically put three targets along a big TV stand and then use blue tape to scatter scaled down 1/3rd targets to create the option for longer shots and various arrays. Anyone have good ideas for cheap / adjustable full sized target holders? My kids plastic music sheet holder is great but I only have one. Was thinking of making some out of wood with dowels and clips or something. Ideas and pictures are appreciated!
  6. Hi there guys, I am relatively new to USPSA, and am looking for some resources to assist in stage planning. On the short courses, I am keeping up with top of the pack in my local matches, but in the more complex stages, making and executing a plan has been a bit harder than expected. I can clearly see stage planning in the upper echelons isn't a part of the game, it IS the game. Aside from just setting up courses and running them, what do you guys do to drill it ? I've heard a lot of good things about Ben Stoeger's books on the subject, any other reading or viewing suggestions ? Thanks for your time, have a great day.
  7. So yeah. Basically I'm trying to get more serious with my dryfire and find that a lot of the time I let my finger out so far as to have the trigger reset and go into DA mode (glock trigger habits die hard). I don't have a practice gun yet so dry fire with another gun (without the super tuned BOLO) is no go. I was thinking about just throwing on the safety and dry fire 'cocked and locked'. Are there any mechanical things I can do to the gun to help me with this problem? Thanks.
  8. Anyone have any experience with the iTarget laser system https://www.itargetpro.com/collections/frontpage Thinking about using the laser/target, but use Stoeger (sp) dry fire drills
  9. Hello all! Thanks for taking the time to check out my Training Log! I got my Carry Optics Nationals confirmation email today! Time to create a log to hold myself accountable and hopefully get some feedback from time to time. A quick about me: I'm in my mid-30s, I've spend most of my adult life shooting guns in some capacity or another. I joined USPSA in 2010 after while living in Hawaii, but only shot a few matches before life issues required me to move back to mainland US and forego any hobbies. Fast forward to the end of 2015, life has finally settled and I'm in a place where I need a positive outlet to focus myself and I decided that I want to give the sport a real go. This journal will serve as a place to discuss my training, match performance, and mental management strategies as I progress. 2016 Performance Goals: - Be able to consistently shoot 90% of the available match points - Make B Class - Shoot in a major match 2016 Training Goals: - 3 hours of dry fire per week - 1 live fire session per week - 12,000+ rounds fired I am currently shooting a G34 in Production, Unclassified. I've shot 3 classifiers that are not currently in the database and should make me a middle-C when the numbers are run this month. I have a Carry Optics G34 slide and RMR on order which will be here sometime around the end of April or early May. My RMR'd G19 slide should be here within the next 2 weeks. Over the next couple of days, I will provide a few summary posts of my training and matches to date, and then I will start giving regular updates about my successes, failures, and lessons learned. I greatly appreciate feedback from the benos universe as I progress on my journey. - Alex
  10. So I'm having a ball, dry fire practicing with my SIRT (awesome!!). For targets I'm using my iPhone to project on the wall different target configurations I put together from one of the PPT/Keynote stage builders. (and with a portable battery powered pico projector, pretty much can do this anywhere indoors, or outside on a wall if not too bright). I'm sure I'm not the first that has thought it would be cool to have an iPhone app that would - project target scenes (drills, classifiers) - have a shot timer and use the iPhone camera to track laser 'hits' from SIRT or any laser dry fire cartridge - be able to score the target(s) as configured - minimally the targets, but no reason it couldn't also score misses, no hits, etc - (and not sure if useful or possible, but maybe even compute a simulated hit factor from score/time?) - shouldn't be impossible to then also seam together multiple systems, to allow real distance/movement between two sets of projected/tracked targets, and aggregate time/score for both (or more). So I'm curious -- why isn't something like this out there right now? I am aware of the following - http://www.predatortactical.com/cart.php?m=knowledgebase_detail&id=5 -> nice targets - computer displays target with par time and a few moving targets, but doesn't 'see' or track your hits - idryfire -> iphone app takes a picture of one shot and time for that shot from buzzer for $12 - imarksman -> computer system that's about a grand for software and camera - not really something for most folks - lasershot -> another high end system And I've seen a basic app for iPhone where a red laser pointer can shoot against projected moving targets, and the system will react/score the laser pointer hits. So before I start seriously thinking that maybe I'd tackle something like this, I'm wondering if there is any common (or uncommon) knowledge I haven't found via search on the forums about why this isn't out there. My guess is smallish market WRT IPSC/USPSA ( 25k-ish US, 80k-ish total worldwide ??), where only a small fraction would buy it. But any other issues? Is IPSC/USPSA hardcore against someone using the metric or classic target in software? Is it not possible to track multiple laser hits (.15 seconds ?) with the iphone camera at the speed folks here can do double taps or bill drills with a SIRT or other laser trainer with that has a self-resetting trigger? Any thoughts on any of this, or if there is potential interest in something like this, appreciated.
  11. Introduction After a long time off I feel like I am officially back and competing again. My hope is that my range diary can not only help me to document progress and shortcomings along this next segment of my shooting career but that it can also be of some use for others who are also playing the game and looking to improve. Since this is out on a public forum I would welcome any feedback, or questions and will do my best to help others where possible. My introduction into USPSA happened early in 2002, back when Production was still a novelty of sorts. I bought my first gun, a Glock 19, enrolled in a concealed carry class and learned through the instructor that the local range hosted an action pistol competition each month. I figured that since I then had a gun and a CCW license I might as well learn how to use it well. In April 2002, I arrived at my first USPSA match armed with my trusty Glock 19 in a thumb break leather Bianchi pancake holster and two Fobus double mag pouches. I honestly can't remember a lot about my first year's worth of shooting except that I was fortunate enough to meet several other dedicated new shooters that helped me out immensely as we all tried our best to master the game. The local clubs also had a few very knowledgeable and helpful shooters who had been there and tried that at all levels of competition and who were more than happy to help out new shooters along the way. Within a few months I picked up a Glock 34 and retired the 19 to EDC duty. I made "C" class by the end of 2002 and was close to "B" class when I got an opportunity to shoot Production Nationals. I had no problem winning "C" class in Production which is not big achievement. What made the trip really worthwhile is that I traveled and shot with a shooting mentor of mine who was an "A" class at the time and I got to learn about how he approached a major match and how to really stage plan. By 2004 I was a high "A" I attended and won Area 1, beating out a well known "M" class shooter by the slimmest of margins (i.e. dumb luck). I was shooting well enough at club matches that even though the matches were small and dominated by Open and Limited shooters I would generally finish in the top 5 of all shooters combined, generally averaging between 80% and 95% of our local Limited GM's scores. I made "M" in early 2005 and made a conscious decision at the time to not push for "GM" because I didn't feel I had the extra time or capacity to devote to the additional practice and focus that I would need to go those last few percentage points. I got married in 2004 and in 2005 I moved to another city to start grad school. This was the beginning of the end of the first phase of my shooting life. That was somewhat solidified as well when I finished school and took a job in Northern Virginia in 2007. Around 2007 I tried shooting a match or two and I can say I walked away fairly embarrassed. Previously I shot almost every weekend and sometimes a couple of times during the week but after two years of doing very little I was making a lot of errors that I considered embarrassing and on top of that my once trusty Glock 34 started giving me problems. I really didn't have time or energy to even troubleshoot what was going on so I set it aside knowing that shooting would always be there waiting for me when I decided to pick it up again. Since that time my wife and I were fortunate enough to have two sons who have further cut into shooting time and I have tried to always manage my priorities such that my family comes first. I will relay some more details later about gear selection, making the change from Glocks to CZs, and my first few matches back in 2012 and how I feel more humble but more confident as a shooter now than I ever have before but for now I will say that I shot a few matches to get my toes in the water again in 2012 and 2013 but thankfully this year I have been able to attend at least one match a month which doesn't sounds like much but is a huge improvement on where I have been over the last 7 years. Part of the reason for this is that my boys are not quite as difficult as they once were so I don't have as much guilt when I sneak out to shoot a match. The second is that I saw one of my old shooting buddies running and gunning on the 3GN Pro series and decided that this year would be the year that I get serious again starting with 3 Gun competition. I will try to fill in more holes and background as I go with these posts but for now let's get into figuring out what the heck I am doing wrong...
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