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  1. Well the stage description could also state to start empty. That will depend on the match director Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Looks straight forward to me, and doesn’t have any restrictions on length of magazine or capacity of magazine, only the number of rounds that can be loaded IN the magazine. No more than 8 rounds may be loaded into the magazine at any point Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just ran one again this last weekend with shotgun, got 3 doubles, 2 fell off and got 2 hits on the last 2. 5 shots and 10 plates...it was sweet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have read some posts on other forums about this load, it will not cycle an AR, built to shoot on a bolt gun. I am sure you could get it to cycle if you worked it up but like Mark said it will be hard to get enough gas built up before it peaks. It would still be cool to get 1500 rounds out of a pound though.
  5. So i was looking for some data on Hodgdon website for the 223 the other day and noticed that they publish a subsonic load with titegroup. (3.1 grains for 1,064 fps at 4,000 CUP) Here is the question... Has anyone worked up from that point to get the velocity up around where it should be for a normal load? The pressure seems very low at the published load but not aware of how much and how fast it will spike when you increase the powder charge. I know that there is no conversion between PSI and CUP readings but, I have noticed other powders using the CUP measure and reaching 50,000 CUP. (Benchmark at 25.6 grains for 3264 fps at 50,000 CUP) Pretty curious if anyone has worked up a reliable load with this powder or if there is something that is crazy wrong with my thinking haha? Cause 1500 to 1700 loads for 223 out of a pound of powder is way better than 250 to 300.
  6. top to bottom sounds like a plan. Going to shoot the Generation 300 in Rosenberg, Tx this weekend...6 stages and 300 rounds. A Lot of paper and steel going down Sunday. Thanks for the input gents!
  7. What is the best way to attack a Double Texas Star. My thinking is to start at the top and work around clockwise direction and don't miss. What say the masses?
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