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  1. Billet Wide Body will fit. https://infinity.mysparkpay.com/p/144-Billet-Grip-Trigger-Bow-Wide-Body.aspx as referenced in this thread there may be issues. I put one in but there was too little pretravel. I went with one of the guncrafters
  2. You would need a new compete slide in 9mm as well as a 9mm ejector my understanding is Para used the same breechface dimensions on 9/40 but not .45 I have put a 9mm barrel in a .40 slide and ran it for a while after adjusting the extractor
  3. Just a note- the mags linked are SPS version of STI I did not see it on their site but on SPS site there are RIA/PARA specific mags I have 3 from several years ago and they are fine. they use to be about 10 bucks cheaper http://spsshop.es/paraordsps-enduromac/high-capacity-magazine-140mm-p-209.html
  4. Another Option that fits the new Para Mags. Some trimming to the insert will be necessary 21 with the stock Para mag and follower which is quite long, 13 or 14 coils. 22 if you put a grams spring and follower in. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1371120
  5. In Stock here http://palmettostatearmory.com/remington-magazine-rp9-9mm-17rd-rt17743f.html They show 2 pictures of 2 different basepads. The RP9 which will not fitt if you have a magwell and the second which is what the 18.9s came with. on a whim i orered a few and they work. Mine had the basepads in the first image. Not a big deal to me as used some others I have. over in the rock island ection there is thread where one member says they can get 22 with the Dawson Extensions added,
  6. Hey Sean. I did not know that. That pic is mine :-) Several shooting buddies have been saving brass for a while and finally went all in on a 1050 with a mark 7 with multiple tool heads.
  7. If you need any info on local events 3gun uspsa idpa steel or clubs let me know. HTC is really the only option for bay rental unless you join malabar. HTC also has memberships but I'm not up on what that provides you with.
  8. OP There is a Uspsa, RO class this weekend in your area. Should be on the front page of sfpc.org.
  9. OP http://www.sfpc.org/ Every Thur Night USPSA 3 Stages 1st Sunday USPSA 4 Stages 2nd Sunday Steel Challenge 3rd Tue Night 3 Gun 2nd Tue free practice for Members Outlaw Steel on 4th Sunday Markham Park location. Depending on Traffic...... Farther South in Homestead http://www.shoothtc.com/official-calendar/ 3rd Sunday: Alternates between USPSA/Steel Challenge. This month is USPSA Farther North is Port Malabar Rifle and pistol Club. http://www.pmrpc.com/event Used to have really good USPSA matches. I think they still do, not sure. Long running sub-gun match there though :-) Also IDPA, Steel challenge, 3gun Also north is OK Corral https://okcorralgunclub.com/events/ 3rd Saturdays Farther Northwest is Universal Shooting Academy http://universalshootingacademy.com/about-universal-shooting-academy/calendar/cat_ids~37/ USPSA, 3Gun, idpa-ish pistol they just got done with Optics nationals. 2nd Sunday from memory even farther West is Hansen Rage- Lots of stuff over there http://www.swfps.com/?page_id=15 Another Resource for you but some of these may not be up to date http://gunmatchadvisor.com/?f[0]=field_location%3Afield_address%3Aadministrative_area%3AFL hope that helps. if you need any more info, feel free to ask.
  10. OP since they were brits Could the company be http://www.kingcompetitionproducts.com/product/12/msh4g4-king-assm28-rig-for-28-shells They have other products but this is the only company that comes to mind fo specifying which hand.
  11. rowdyb, I will be working the match. I do not shoot much idpa Here is a write up of last year's match http://www.shoothtc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/TacJournalMay16001.pdf The host club has put on the FL state match for several years going back to the early 00's The new owner of the range has made tremendous improvements to it in the last year. Disclosure-i consider him a friend. The owner is also very active in IDPA at a higher level. No idea on stages or what to expect other than the food should be good. :-) If you are shooting Sat Sun be aware there are roving packs of bicyclists on the roads around the range Also there is usually a airshow courtesy of homestead air reserve base next door. Some more info http://www.shoothtc.com/ http://tssaidpa.us/wordpress/index.php/2017-florida-state-idpa-championship/ Any other questions feel free to ask
  12. you did not miss anything. They do not have the tabs. Others have also fit the Wide Billet SVI trigger. IIRC that does not have the tabs either.??
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