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  1. Are any of the top shooters using sight trackers?
  2. Is it normal for level 3 matches (and others) to recognize class winners? As in of you won all of M class, not just M limited.
  3. @af220wa why is is there such a dramatic difference between the first shot and last? It looks like the first run of 115 grain bullets got slower as you shot and the second run they got faster? Whats the deal
  4. 1. My previous loads weren't, so I'm just checking. 2. I don't shoot MG? 3. As previously stated my barrel is slow. 4. As mentioned earlier I will not be loading longer than 1.150. My gun likes short and it can not be changed easily.
  5. I've never touched my lands, and I've loaded very long. Short story is my gun has a weird stroke and only likes the stubbies.
  6. Got a LSI comp and 2 people's. I apparently have a very slow barrel, 8.7g of HS6 at 1.140 was only 169pf at area 6.
  7. Like the title says, my gun likes short ammo and I'm loading up some test batches to hopefully run over the chrono this weekend. At 1.140 with a 115 JHP from precision delta the 8.9 powder charge is compressed for sure. The 8.7 appears to be just touching if my math is correct. What say you
  8. I agree too. Either they knew the steel fell and didn't care to act like he was gonna possible come back and get it, or they never saw it.
  9. Id have to agree here. Dude was down range lol
  10. I did the last time, lasted a lot longer but alas, it's loose.
  11. I use 680 which is supposed to be the strongest and it still comes loose gonna have to use my set screws.
  12. I also clean and prep the threads and then put the gun together and then apply the chemicals so I can clock it quickly.
  13. Sir, I would never feed such a fine machine cheap powder! I have spared no expense! At $20 a pound HS6 is a king among men! Lol it it is pretty cheap and dirty.
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