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  1. Has anyone done a slide cut for an optic on the standard P365? If so, did you remove the old rear sight or cut in front of it. Which optic did you choose? Who did the work and were you happy with it.
  2. Who makes good steel plate racks, texas stars and moving target stands. I"m looking for a fast swinging target stand for USPSA practice and currently interested in R&R Racing Inc. Does anyone have knowledge of them and if they would work indoor as well as outdoor. randrrachingonline.com
  3. I'm in the same boat and just lost 65 lbs in hopes to improve my speed. For me, now, it's a mindset that I can move faster. Body pains aside, training my mind to make my body move faster is all it takes. That being said economy of motion is equally as important as pure speed. I shoot with guys that are not quick over the ground but can draw fast, acquire targets fast, and don't waste time and distance between shooting positions. When you hear them shooting it is a constant tap, tap, tap, tap, tap vs. tap, tap......... tap, tap....etc. They are always shooting or reloading but rarely just
  4. I've always been one to shoot the gun you want to learn with, not get any gun and learn to shoot. You'll get habits (good and bad) depending on the gun so save up and get the CZ. Keep looking on the forum and you'll eventually find one you can afford. You can also get a non Shadow and customize it yourself and have a great gun. Recommend Cajun Gunwerks parts to get you close to a CZC Shadow.
  5. Titegroup is great for 9 minor. Easy to find, meters great, and good for various bullet weights and calibers. I also use it for .40 major loads.
  6. Ruger Mk III or IV. That is a gun they will pass down to their kids...
  7. Outside of matches, weekly ,however I need to focus on practice that adds value and improvements. Just throwing lead down range only empties your pocket faster. Go in with a plan and measure improvement.
  8. Thank you! +1 for me... Actually I was hesitant to post on topics but found it interesting to hear other opinions. The ones I care about I comment, others are just fun to read.
  9. I'm using the 115g JHP from Precision Delta. They cost about .085/ea if you buy 2000 or more and are every bit as good as Montana Gold or Everglades equivalent. Benchrest at 20 yards in my open gun almost all hits in the size of a dime.
  10. Created: 06-17-2017 01:51:32 PM Description: 8.0g Ramshot Silhouette Notes 1: 8.0g Ramshot Silhouette Notes 2: Berrys hbrn 1.16 OAL Distance to Chrono (FT): 21.00 Bullet Weight (gr): 124g Berry's 124g hbrn Altitude (FT): 500 Temp: 66 °F BP: 29.92 inHG Shots # FPS FT-LBS PF 20 1448 577.40 179.55 19 1423 557.63 176.45 18 1365 513.10 169.26 17 1402 541.29 173.85 16 1418 553.72 175.83 15 1442 572
  11. I'm trying to compile load data for Ramshot Silhouette. I've seen many threads that mention it so I thought I'd start one for Silhouette only to make it easier to follow. Please post your favorite Silhouette loads and make sure to include bullet type/mfg, weight, grains of powder, velocity and any other data you have like temperature as I've heard this powder is temp. sensitive. I'll be posting my first try next week with the following: 9mm (major) 7.8 grains Berry's 124g HBRN, heavy plated 1.16 OAL Velocity: tbd Temp: tbd (outdoor) Chr
  12. I'd like to increase my foot speed and general awareness of where my feet are so I'm not always looking down for stage boundaries. I tend to look down before I stop to see where to plant my feet. What drills/techniques would help me?
  13. I may have another defective unit then. Thanks for all the reports.
  14. Remove the disconnector and install the trigger is all that is needed to convert from DA/SA to SA only. Should just drop in and you are done.
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