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  1. Has anyone done a slide cut for an optic on the standard P365? If so, did you remove the old rear sight or cut in front of it. Which optic did you choose? Who did the work and were you happy with it.
  2. Who makes good steel plate racks, texas stars and moving target stands. I"m looking for a fast swinging target stand for USPSA practice and currently interested in R&R Racing Inc. Does anyone have knowledge of them and if they would work indoor as well as outdoor. randrrachingonline.com
  3. I'm in the same boat and just lost 65 lbs in hopes to improve my speed. For me, now, it's a mindset that I can move faster. Body pains aside, training my mind to make my body move faster is all it takes. That being said economy of motion is equally as important as pure speed. I shoot with guys that are not quick over the ground but can draw fast, acquire targets fast, and don't waste time and distance between shooting positions. When you hear them shooting it is a constant tap, tap, tap, tap, tap vs. tap, tap......... tap, tap....etc. They are always shooting or reloading but rarely just moving. This is my goal and what I try to practice... I'll never be as fast as someone younger and lighter but I can be better.
  4. I've always been one to shoot the gun you want to learn with, not get any gun and learn to shoot. You'll get habits (good and bad) depending on the gun so save up and get the CZ. Keep looking on the forum and you'll eventually find one you can afford. You can also get a non Shadow and customize it yourself and have a great gun. Recommend Cajun Gunwerks parts to get you close to a CZC Shadow.
  5. Titegroup is great for 9 minor. Easy to find, meters great, and good for various bullet weights and calibers. I also use it for .40 major loads.
  6. Yes, download to start and depending on who is running the classifier they may allow full mags above division capacity to expedite the classifier. It really depends on who is running you and whether it is part of a match or an all classifier event.
  7. Ruger Mk III or IV. That is a gun they will pass down to their kids...
  8. Shoot the classifier like you shoot the match. If you just try for a higher classifier score to get a bump you may end up with it but then have to compete with people that are legitimately in that class. I'd rather be shooting a high C score and be beating low B shooters and take home some wood from time to time than shooting a low B score with some C shooters beating me.
  9. I like the 650 since you get more of a feel for when things go wrong. The 1050 is the best however you lose the ability to know when a primer goes sideways. I may upgrade someday when I have nothing else to buy (never) but for a new reloader the 650 is affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Dillon is great in responding to replacement part requests and has never refused a request. Tons of videos on how to use them and many after market accessories the enhance the 650 experience.
  10. Outside of matches, weekly ,however I need to focus on practice that adds value and improvements. Just throwing lead down range only empties your pocket faster. Go in with a plan and measure improvement.
  11. Thank you! +1 for me... Actually I was hesitant to post on topics but found it interesting to hear other opinions. The ones I care about I comment, others are just fun to read.
  12. If you can, do it. Even if you don't use it you can trade for other things you need or even better, give it to a friend that reloads. I collect a lot of brass and give much of it away, especially calibers I don't shoot. If you don't use it or give it away the price of brass will eventually go up again so you can always sell it. I've even heard of people keeping spent primers to sell back. The one thing I'd advise is not to shoot any loaded ammo you pickup from the ground unless you know where it came from.
  13. I'm using the 115g JHP from Precision Delta. They cost about .085/ea if you buy 2000 or more and are every bit as good as Montana Gold or Everglades equivalent. Benchrest at 20 yards in my open gun almost all hits in the size of a dime.
  14. 1st match use what you have then decide what you like. Outside I prefer plugs and are typically enough even for open guns. I've got some Howard muffs which hurt my ears after wearing them for a few hours. I switched to the MSA gel ones which cost about $300 however even those hurt my ears after a while. I've switched 100% to the Sound Gear sold by House of Hearing and even use them indoor with my open gun without issues.
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